I Was Sent A $1400 Nintendo Switch

 this is a nintendo switch 400 this is a nintendo switch pro 1400 well like and if you're having deja vu it's because we've been here before

when we talked about this thousand dollar nintendo switch pro this is a fly in the ointment and we already talked about it once it's a console that was designed

to be a nintendo switch pro they also said it in their kickstarter for the console but thats gone and thats gone and we talked about it when we talked about it then we heard about the steam deck which is steams answer to the switch nintendo and i think at that point a neo said hmm well now we need to do something else to compete with that too so they decided to release a very comparable neo ayan the next advancement and that's what i say comparable

because it's very similar, maybe a little more powerful than what the Steam Deck will be, it has its gimmicks and fun features and a couple of

surprises that it was customized just for me apparently but before I dive into this too much unboxing thing this was an experience [music] ok so I assume I already submitted this video so I don't have to say hello again goodness this la box is heavy, I guess about the same size as a switch

again maybe not a bit bigger honestly and they sent me a dock but apparently this dock needs to work with this in you and they still haven't sent the dock for it please wear gloves to open wait what kind of surgery the process is like this, i don't do it, i'm so glad i recorded it all right, alright, it's a very expensive machine, so i guess i have to be honest, i'll probably end up playing it on the toilet with my poo-stained fingers, so im really not too concerned about that oh this oh damn i think this is where the 1400 goes i dont think its on the console i think its on this i have never seen a nicer box i am beside myself with this box its glass thats why they want me to wear gloves this is the sleekest console i have ever taken out of the box i had a terrible

camera angle here i apologize oh my lord this is not fantasy oh they went out of their way to impress me this time oh my god they saw my last video had a million views isn't it saying my name are you kidding this is it nice i dont know why i am trying to show the camera like i am not getting the b-roll
oh my god [music] okay i have to be honest i haven't seen a picture of this thing yet okay oh oh oh oh okay alright this is very different from
the latest model oh they customized the console thanks what the heck alright well i think from here i will mainly be me you know setup a windows device and install steam and download games sometimes my job is really fun [Music] before we talk about any other thing one question you may have is how is the audio quality on this different shirt and i shaved well we can talk more about the quality of the speakers later in the video but first i mean when you start playing games like sea of ​​thieves or even red dead 2 the built-in fan starts moving like a jet engine and sometimes overpowers the game volume, the good news is that I don't hear the fan at all when I use my raycons, I mean that 'As for the sound insulation, i have had my raycons for years at this point and they keep going into clutch every single day using bluetooth, they can connect to something like in neo next of

consider clicking the link in the description box or buying raycon dot com forward slash beta mob to get 15 off your pair of raicons sorry i uploaded sea of ​​thieves for this ad read and im always amazed how much it is cool this the game looks like uh ok now i said it last time and i will repeat it this time this video is not sponsored at least not by a mole thanks reikon they still sent me this unit for free as a product or review just like them i have it done but just because they sent it to me doesn't mean i'm going to lie or say something i don't believe in just like i did in this video when i said i liked it but it also sucks still prove i wasn't told to say anything or hide nothing I will let you know something

more condensed than what the heck was the billions of buttons on this thing, i like that this is just simple enough to start the selection on the left normal button controls and then just two buttons here so this big brings up the quick tool of a neo and if you hold it down it shows a neo home whatever but i really like this the first one doesn't have it whatever games you install wherever you install them steam game pass whatever they show here and you can always treat it as just like the menu of the home screen, I like that there are also some options here that you can take a look at

password the only way i could fix it is to get my real keyboard to get a step down converter to make it usbc connect it to this thing and literally use a
keyboard to type which is not ideal for a handheld console, although I will say I got that step-down converter from the aneo box itself inside the bottom of the box is actually like this chocolate box guide that tells you what flavors do you have underneath and once opened you have the power cord, the charger and a bunch of other converters and then it has two of those usbc converters and then there is also this base with commemorative plate which i never took off oh ok i mean that's alright alright let's talk about some of the games i once again tried my best to record gameplay of this thing without having a dock i still can't natively record anything from this thing so i am still using this 20 amazon dongle i want say this honestly everything looks better than what you will see you can only get so much atmosphere from a screen shoot so you know play it before you know i had to i uploaded cyberpunk cyberpunk is uh notoriously terrible jus t really badly optimized in general which is why it doesn't work great on anything other than especially older consoles and we tried it on the old one mole and yes it worked as junk as 15 frames and tu wasn't playable a bit of an improvement i would say it looks a little more stable uh but still very, very unplayable and fun i actually haven't played this game for over a year since my review crowd still disappears en masse when you shoot bullets like you don't want to get into a cyberpunk review but thought they would fix some of this by now a game that really impressed me last time on this alias was red dead 2 and once again it's awesome too on this thing i was playing solo single player as well as jumping online 25 to 30fps so we're not yet i wouldn't say we're still at low settings i feel comfortable in di re that this is a smooth experience of Red Dead 2 which is so close to Witcher 3 fun because we have it on the switch n d while it works smooth it is still a very bad game on the console i mean it just looks like an oil painting so its fun to upload to this because here it looks awesome really nice consistent at 30fps crisp graphics great looking looked really cool barely any compromise here with this like i could play

through witcher 3 on this thing perfectly and something i think is also worth noting its really nice with something like that with steam and game pass and a lot of those services your saves auto upload to a cloud i mean i'm diving in in my doom playthrough that i started on my xbox and i'm half way through the game but i can jump straight to where i was on this thing just cloud saves so no i didn't just have to log into my account this is gta 5 it's still a standout, i mean the game is very well optimized, but now back to knowing 360, but you can still run this game on high settings at a fairly constant 60fps, i wasn't actually getting any dips in that either, while playing games like call of duty warzone is terribly optimized terrible awful game ok first day of neo was unplayable visually looked terrible and frame rates were low and inconsistent but on this this next new neo was one of the biggest improvements i have seen you t of all these games i am comparing the visual fidelity is much higher and the frame rates also hover around 40 or 50 but there are dips in the frame rates which make hard to play and maybe because i play it a lot shooters on pc but i really struggled to enjoy playing this portable gentleman should it have an impact i really wanted to try this time it's a game we couldn't wait to change so it's interesting l I've got the idea of ​​being able to get a handheld console and do it yourself, you know, do it yourself and I did, of course I struggled to log in like I said, but once I logged in I wasn't navigating smoothly it works really well even at 60fps on medium graphics settings i have to say as far as off screen portable handheld gameplay the camera doesn't do it justice it's so clean and vibrant and sharp let's talk about some emulation why this thing i mean i think when you get a console like this one first thought a lot of people have is emulation it does a lot of s sense i mean why not uh but i had a hard time with emulation and i and it wasn't for lack of trying this time i spent a whole day trying to get some of these things to work i'm going to start with project 64 because that's a well optimized little program let me tell you its great to throw a game into it and play it's done

you are playing so with all these emulators you have to configure the controls yourself and with project 64 it was fine and i played games like mario 64 zelda ocarina of time and they look great so good i mean zelda has fog back that nintendo online stripped of the their weird emulation version, so technically it's still more faithful to the original version of the game, but when it came to the dolphin emulator which is for Wii and Gamecube games, I've spent hours trying to configure buttons for this thing and i just couldn't do it got into the button layout everything registered from the d-pad analog sticks triggers start selecting everything even the a button but for some reason b yex just shuts down in dolphin it refuses to work that's the weirdest thing and despite my best efforts and hours of trying i failed to map x y and b so i mean i have the games running i can load smash as C aptain falcon but i can only do smash attacks i cant do any special no falcon p unch for this guy so i mean buyer beware if you are trying to emulate gamecube and wii games i dont think you may never know in what will you run into, some things will load like a lot and be fine straight away but then i have like a dolphin where the buttons don't work or i have two red deaths every time i open that game it pops up in a weird corner of the screen i found a solution alternative if i turn on the screen and rotate it then hit full screen then rotate it back to normal it will be full screen but

ironically, all game pass won't recognize an xbox controller, which is why all those games i'm playing on portable steam seem to work fine with it, but the witcher that's steaming won't recognize the controller i wouldn't mention it because I figured out who will use a

the resolution is when you only have a seven inch wide screen to say their halo was very reproducible the only thing was extremely long low times like
The game takes several minutes to launch, although I want to clarify that literally everything else I've played loads surprisingly fast it's just a halo for some reason Sea of ​​Thieves is a point of reference for me when I try something just because that game is gorgeous and safe enough yeah it works really well on this thing actually i even cranked up the settings for sea of ​​thieves up to the max they could and was still getting 30fps locked if you can
Believe us what you are seeing right now is a video recorded from my PDA not like an Xbox One so I wanted to do a couple of games that were on switches that were running terribly on switches I thought it would be a fun experiment so the first one was apex apex in my opinion it is not reproducible on switch but more than
everything is horrible and i really wanted to test it on this i was blown away by the fidelity again about how good the game was and the fact that
it was running at 30 fps really locked extremely playable much more than warzone and certainly more apex on switch and then obviously
outer worlds which is another game that looks like an oil painting and is quite unplayable on the switch but here it looks amazing, I mean for one the sky is back where it should be but everything looks good visually and again I believe it was 30 fps but very stable and yeah fun and since it's back in game pass i can bounce between my xbox and this thing anytime i want so those are all games i've tested and with two terabyte internal memory
every one of those games is still installed on this as all at the same time and i think i have almost a terabyte maybe a little less left but still
it's crazy and if you don't like installing games that take up hard drive space you might try streaming, maybe so i thought it would be a fun experiment to try cyberpunk streaming from my pc so my rugged pc runs it at 60fps in streaming on this i used moonshine for that and i have to say so

it was amazing i was streaming it at 60fps the visual quality was really great i honestly mean it looked very comparable to what i see on my pc screen and the input lag was minimal yes yes i liked it the fact is i don't I'm worried about testing too much more because it's also something moonshine

their playstation great feel xbox sticks the d-pad is nice the buttons are great everything about it feels and plays quality and as long as this thing never actually breaks i think its a really cool unit if you're willing to persevere through the problems you'll have whether it's trying to emulate games and find the buttons don't work or the games you try and play don't allow the use of a controller or many games load and weird aspect ratio and you're looking for of figuring out how to scale them, I have to say that after playing this thing for a few days straight and going back to change I realized how much I've assumed games load and work the first time you try to play them if you're willing doing all of this and you have the money i see no reason why not buy one um personally i wouldn't because i don't have 1400 to throw at this i am very happy i received my free ok thanks for watching this video i really like this oy making these um because for me it's so much fun to see again what is possible for the future but i also like how good it's cool how the video uh comment down with i your thoughts and subscribe I appreciate it


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