Mario got a Cat Suit_ and Bowser's


he's dead oh hello ladies we should just go fast i think he looks a bit deer i think bowser found the oil oh my god that's ok fast how can mario

the cat shines it shines the lighthouse it's godzilla it looks like this why is it all cats it's just it's just the theme of how the 3d world don't ask questions oh that just popped up hello bowser jr how are you brush bowser oh menacing psychedelic bowser once again da thing mention if you share two i have no friends happy valentine's day it's all about cats yes yes absolutely everything in this world is based on cats oh

he's cute the bushes have cat ears they're obsessed he's a big cat bell i gotta roll around on him you gotta give me a moment a super saiyan cat fight him come on mario well he's not that impressive he's just going for a walk oh the we beat the game it's over he just died like the rainbow won't come back [ __ ] that's not how light works oh hey mister missing a cat here it is come with me let's get you reunited

lost kitten on the shore yes there is your bow ball you can't just slap it so what is that it's a shadow louis i was there if i could hit it thanks louis i'll be with you in a moment no need to taunt me so back here

[Music] I just killed him kill steal the key up here cat might you want to move I'm so sorry oh that cat didn't need to die that's I'm surprised the water doesn't have cat ears it probably does if you look close enough like the map is in the shape of a cat i'm already putting that prediction out there i can't see it going to be any different if you are a dog loving person you don't like cats you [ __ ] will hate this game this is inevitable they are everywhere they do blow up the fury block so we just have to go back at some point i should just sit a while and wait for bowser to appear but can you

call him if you have his amiibo I actually have his amiibo give me a second you know it's times like this that I'm glad I invested my life savings in these uh little plastic toys there the amiibo paid off hello sir please kindly long term investment because i was going to buy that amiibo like the one from 2015. seven years ago that investment finally paid off i had bowser fury spawn like 30 seconds faster than it normally would seem it was all written we have a mount let's go try and grab all the coins even the enemies this one we don't need a teardown not where are we going just clean up the scenery a bit strangely strangely it doesn't have cat ears i'm really shocked by this too if the caddy is really unplayable bowser jr doesn't even have any it will be like a final boss sequence where even bowser jr becomes like a super saiya cat mode n why as if they were to let him in [ __ ] the boys forgot to give him ears hey plessy is there something here i dont know i think thats what i should have done i think i should have kicked it yeah i probably would have given a lot more coins if i hadn't just deleted it serena come with me soon we're running out of time quick kitty we gotta get you back to mama oh she needs three well i hope it was your favorite kid i won't look to my right now my left mario is soaked after that oh here's the cat look how he looks these guys are really adorable I'll pick you up yes I can
ok important discovery kittens can't swim i have to stop killing these cats i have to stop killing these cats no [ __ ] bowser is back let's search for plessy here now is a good time you can pass all gates fun plessy course for beginners you know just to ease you into some of the other levels of pletitude you might encounter in your bowser's furious adventure
hurry swim and slide yes no [ __ ] there is a limit to the number of times i can use the amiibo it looks a bit broken if you could summon it at will
call hell on earth sorry mr bowser final belt with cat boom boom so excited to fight to fight this foe definitely what i have in mind right now keep moving okay he will tire soon you may open the thank you just demonic music for boom boom oh gave up gave we're ok ok just real quick uh i know you were here but yeah thanks man

ah foiled again oh that's just a safe giveaway tricky tower so close yet so far oh i see what you're doing here this is a bad place to have bowser oh gee um no he revealed a few things for a moment they say he revealed to you permanently i know that we don't have time to ask these questions they can't escape me forever it's getting close to the ride it's not a cat kill it's okay it's still possible that the cat is here the kitten can stay like a bush it's damn I thought it would work here it's oh you we were looking for i take you by plessy no and mario how does it make a point not to take it in plessy like there's plenty of room let's knock you down a moe you're fine oh no that's fine sit tight little kitty oh he's dead oh that iceberg yeah moves i just hope bowser doesn't spawn i missed the iceberg come with me kitty we might never make it it's us there's no way there's no way alright baby hide here is it's gonna be alright to i'll come back for you let's do some more please try to and do all these levels if we can while bowser attacks us i mean we're going to time this in such a way that i think we'll just get the shine as it spawns oh no we have it we too wait a minute soon the ice sinks oh the kitty could be in trouble tell me i have to go far enough in the trash to take him there let's go poor kitty is fighting furiously he won't escape my clutches what's up i didn't know i would sink there how many cats have to die mario let's take a family picture like a mustachioed man you are also one of my kittens mario is the father if i could please wait i scan your amiibo to spawn just to make my life a little more convenient let's walk past you can jump on that little island we'll stab him he's a vampire oh we just cut we've caused enough damage he's given up he's going to spawn again because And

i literally just beat it i can't [ __ ] see why there are meteors bowser go home go home nobody likes you i just want the cat to shine in peace go bowser it was horrible it was ridiculous if i was a young if do it again i will finish your father and then i will finish you too if he comes back for the love of god bowser isn't cold today jesus if i don't beat louis bowser won't go home okay take him away please how to stay down while this temporal message ringing from the gigabell the beast's fury got too strong the cat's light shines he couldn't hold it off anymore oh great so he's here forever now alright uh people said there was a bunny someone there he saw

ha oh it's [ __ ] terrifying I haven't explored half the map yet it was just very sudden ok so it makes a hundred cats shine right we're getting all 100 so today this is the goal toadette is here oh she's looking for the toad brigade i think their backpacks are there ok well i'll go find them in a minute toadette uh just real quick scott just know we didn't have it enough today ok come on bowsers thanks trees are made of hair oh i did don't think about it way it drives me crazy it means grass is fur too we are just standing on a living cat have already seen the plebs like i'm just a giant it's like xenoblade but mario or are we just like walking creatures the sun was a cat so i'm not surprised if earth is a cat too is it like disc world or does it like the back of a giant cat ok so i should throw a tantrum now like cat ears all the unthinkable happened no one is safe, what is this ta girl coin gotta get hurt up here doesn't seem like the ideal way to freak me out up there at least Bowser seems to be away at the moment he's not chasing us man blessing no plus he's dead oh there's a church oh how did he get out it's far away so can i bring him here just by virtue of me coming here hey toad oh gives you a shine for finding them cuddly code brigade castaway just chilling with the cats ok we'll leave him to his fate there seems to be a spill of oil all around him bowser for god's sake he's a bunny okay let's get him real quick the bunny changed his course and he likes the bunny play tag ok see you later bunny oh he still doesn't like it when you pick up a normal shine like oh i'm going home there's something in there see inside then

what are you doing here the bridge collapsed or something did you get stuck here how would you even get up here oh god i love it toe brigade the lost leader wasn't even that far from the ship oh my god bowser not now i'm just going i'll wait see you later man i'll go home right away ok see you later it was hard oh i misjudged that first time i died i think you lose all your coins i was owed lava mario must have american health coverage maybe yes it was very expensive oh my god oh of course you can't wear the hat like this is it easy for ourselves how can we maybe he's hacking again see if the game lets you it's not cheating it's just called being smart i love how you're always so polite with battles like hello sir i'm going to wake you from your nap to harness your fire breath and kill you gotta be polite you know it costs nothing to be nice uh let's go get some ere this here [ __ ] up real fast bo wser jr i'm pretty sure this is the intended way to get the universe on our side

[ __ ] i'll need them back to me now this is just awkward uh bowser i forgot to ask you something when you were here ok thanks no one is so mad i keep dialing his number like i'm trying to go shopping and i'm like the boy that's like every time he gets out of a car he comes back i'm just like oh but could you get some fries you know what i'd like bowser finally snapping he's just sick of mario [ __ ] he'll be back in two minutes again too like i could just say oh i didn't mean to say sorry come back real quick and the road is clear oh guess who's coming back okay see you later he's doing his best oh the keys don't water and if i had to guess they don't work like the big ones either networks of pipes and simply eliminate most of the challenge element here automatically canceled stop hacking see if the game allows you okay here is the game box she fury oh sp i don't even need to scan the amiibo this time we're just sitting here how are you man we both know the drill at this point this isn't a monday whatever you're ready you can dive into the water dodging the shot is cool know i think you are very progressive hey thanks i try everyday you know when i wake up first i brush my teeth i look in the mirror i look deep side i need to be park champion today ok this is the boss cat bully fighting two boss at the same time right now i feel like bowser is standing here like a very long time he wont be gone until we have this sheen just grabbing endless madness what are you doing here how did he get up there someone stole this kitty like not there were no other explanations there he couldn't have climbed all the way ok a kitten is left and i'll be on that sky island [ __ ] it's not like a place to freaking high last cat was on the dock everything was ok i'll be back soon cat you i guess they were trying to say idiot but they spelled it wrong not to mention also i was in the middle of a time try there uh to try and stay on target for shots fired with coins plesy i'm sick of taking everyone's [ __ ] wait around for these so it's just suck we go there cause you just wait for bowser to spawn i was sick

of your amiibo [__] oh there is also a toad I see it got stuck up the mountain it is the smart toad so which toad did it cut I think it was a narcolepsic toad I didn't see it come back slept during the deployment only explanation oh narcolepsy toad is here purple toad has been cut replaced with toad week moment of silence for purple toad beloved character has been broken purple tip has not survived thanos this is the tradition I like to go let's go let's go and we understand it's l 'last congratulations you have collected all the cat shines a message echoes from the gigabella are you ready go purify the beast of its fury with all the power of the cat shines she looks a little different oh that's because he's different that's how the secret boss was like if you like what you beat as final fantasy 5 and it's like annual or like the ultimate weapon is sephiroth i mean this must be like the coolest bouncer fight who ever pu t in a mario game like straight up he's actually quite involved this is the last hit not really oh he is so he's almost done let me get close to him again just grabbed on his face take his eyes off despite doing all this why is bowser so mad and like how he got covered in the group what's the story there like he's really pissed off in this game take me I don't think he's like mr miyamoto why is this drug so mad he's just a lot of drugs oh lo ago seems to be much stronger here oh my god yeah no that's okay i really gotta focus whoo i'm already like an inch from my life it goes a lot faster i got it that's the first goddess of success let me out of the mushrooms forever my god i couldn't avoid that jesus christ best ending it's the best ending like any mario game i've ever seen killing the cat final count 14 eight kids two today two by bowser jr thank you mill and for this info the real question is what do we get for 100 by completing what is the final reward f i love it is the best character that scared me [__] the first time i thought thank you for playing 100 out of a hundred you have the paint in c 'it's a cat bowser jr oh i knew it happened there he is there nothing sacred anymore you


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