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Elden Ring Pro Plays Wo Long Fallen Dynasty -

 a long time ago we played near two on the channel but before we played near 2 we played the demo of near 2 it was great because you actually played the whole section in the game itself so i had a little peek at what the game it actually will be now there is another game i had no idea existed until recently because my twitter is spam but people tell me to play it before it disappears whoa long Fallen Dynasty i guess its close if close it had too a cousin that [ __ ] this isn't a bit too far off, one of the big reasons I even remember doing this was because one of today's sponsors reminded me of it sort of yo yo play the [ __ ] clip Nick I don't know if you remembered the story arc as I was hacked a while ago it was horrible it was on my youtube my twitch etc etc. I had to do many things to prevent it from happening again and one of the biggest ones was using a vpn i dont know if you guys realize number one this is awesome sponsored i think you know vpf watch it i love you b

Do NOT Skip The Ranni Questline in Elden Ring

 oh my god brother oh that feels so good radon is dead radon is dead and i did it with no summons i need a trophy i need booze yo yo see what i did my boy i did it without about you yes i'm mad like that I've been waiting for you will you pat me on the back the glory of the Clash is shared by radon and you yes and you saw it later bro i did it right in front of our eyes yes man my dad maradon was holding something back of that scale well it was a small Nerf just before I saw one the path was now clear the fate of tanakra irani will be decided wait what meets where the shooting star bit the earth we will take up our swords once again for mistress Rani pick up our swords what are you going on over there overseas in the final act brother why are you scaring me didn't you just see what i just did can we just go somewhere there's a bar here i know i said i don't drink or but we have to celebrate we have to go to the place where the shooting star probably hit and I don

Asmongold Reveals the Mounts He's Been Secretly Farming in WoW _ ft_ Mcconnell

 gentlemen it's been a long journey 445 kills of this boss and no sword today that changes today i got the sword so i think you got it no no no i didn't i didn't get it oh i think dragon flight will suck yeah i i think it will suck i think it will suck it good i was just thinking about it as i would say i think the new expansion is going to be [__] rubbish as if i really mean the game is a [__] joke guys like i mean let's be honest yeah it's just yeah guys i mean it's wow he's stayed out he's welcome the game listen was good everytime you know i was getting the drops the game was good actually wait a second i wanna talk about some of these drops gentlemen i played this game a little bit i did a little bit of something i did some work yeah and i got the family move oh i got the family move well number one i got the number two we'll go down here i got this break the chains finally [__] i completed it i completed that and i'm almost like i passed th

Asmongold Reacts to _How FFXIV Got Me Banned_ by Saxix

 big fans, ladies and gentlemen, we are officially back, okay, the ones that are new, my second channel has been closed, what's the [__] why and what is why you ask me honestly, I don't even know what to say , this is probably one of the most unfair groups I have never witnessed the one that on April 12 Final Fantasy 14 released the adventure okay it was a brilliant addition uh oh I think I know why I got into the creativity and the players had fun with it the next day i asked my community to send over their dishes so i can stream them i think i can understand why it was suspended i don't even think i need to see the whole video yes what could have happened i invested my precious time and I made it a masterpiece the video was obviously jumping out but after two days I got a message brother for a second I actually thought it was me I actually thought it was me so it really scared me the [__] out xena wait that guy is a [__] and it's was true alright guys come on and look