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I Ordered TERRIBLE Nintendo Switch Games From GameStop___ This Is What They Sent

 hello welcome back to the youtube channel where if you sign up you have the chance to win a thousand dollars is a very small chance but you should do it anyway I would appreciate it even if you like it even if the video has not even started yet and you may not like it you can resume it if so long time ago two years ago i ordered used nintendo switch games from gamestop and what they sent was a rough half the games had no cases or artwork i swear they just have like a warehouse full of random carts that kids swapped and what they do with them is that when someone buys the game online they just send the card and they are fine what do you want you to have bought the game this is the game i mean technically they are not wrong i want to try your luck again i mean it's been a couple of days years maybe things got better but i thought i'd make it more interesting this time i really want to buy games i haven't played and revised er them in this video but i want the games to be bad

I Lost All My Friends Playing

 but you can choose voice one to be female or male there is a new voice without a voice I can't not know what it means we can choose setter one Irish you have to say I haven't played your cards [__] really yes me for [__] sake one more plus four I might owl dusty owl who is this oh man if we lose the AI ​​do something jack oh god I turn it over you think he has another you know I don't want the responsibility that the AI ​​wins even though I blame you heard it you know not everyone agrees here it's not fair enough it will never come close damn I'm a good guy if they keep doing it now just because they wouldn't the last doesn't mean you should stop me all and win again goes well but gloating for you waiting for me to slide to shoot you before I even take a step I'm jumping it anyway ah keep jumping he has a green green is what he has to change the purple or something like that nothing people are my who acchiere pointing out that it is a dusty AIA and it i

I Asked 300 Minecraft Players To Build A New

 welcome to canada and this direction is also canada and more canada is all canada for today's building flow we will face one of the largest landmasses i think we will have for a single flow we have not even been able to fit all of canada in i am aware that the alaskan border is over here is just the way we have to do it and cut it because as the construction site is already so huge in terms of stereotypes canada got lucky in the draw because their national stereotypes are friendly and nice do not forget the geese it is like you have just entered canada it is like a flock of angry geese attacking you it is like peck at your eyes it is as if now i know i am home these are the first building blocks of the creation of vancouver and vancouver that you they brought greats like fifa06 fifa 12 fifa 13 fifa 14 fifa 15 and battlefield 3. uh it's amazing that is how the first thing represented some people pot they would not know that i am actually irish half of my relatives are from the

HUGE Sales_ Upcoming Games & WHAT IS GOING ON WITH -

 hi how are you seriously asking that question i feel like i have to ask that question right now how are you how are you coping how you feel i dont know what it is today but i actually woke up feeling awesome i dont know i think the sunshine here in Texas has been in effect last week, I went back out and in my garage and lifted some weights and just tried to pretend I haven't spent the last 50 days eating sugar and terrible foods while hanging around on my couch playing Animal Crossing and not training at all you know it didn't happen i don't know today i feel pretty good but i think it's an important question to ask how are you now that it's out of the way i feel pretty good, pretty good, so I want to spread some of that positivity of mine through this mic and camera into your brain and hopefully make you feel a little better too because a lot of really cool stuff is happening right now in the world of games and you have to scrounge it around you have to look for i

Immortals Fenyx Rising Could Be The Best Ubisoft Game In A Decade - Luke Stephens

the lasting flaw in most ubisoft games of the last few generations has been a trend towards repetitive content year after year they seem to rely on what's already established rather than what's new and new by far have proven to be one of the most frustrating game developers on the scene today mainly thanks to this complacency have also demonstrated their ability to innovate in a select few versions where they showed their imaginative abilities, namely Assassin's Creed Origins from 2017 and far cry 3 from 2012 to name two, which obviously makes their lack of ambition nowadays even more frustrating than far cry 3 pushed the narrative envelope beyond what anyone believed was possible at the moment is easy to forget, but vos and all of his antics were beyond anything we have seen before even today he is commonly ranked as one of the best villains of all time at least in the video game space, plus the storytelling of a first person perspective when coupled with the darker topic

How to Exploit Youtube_ _ Asmongold

 don't export youtube don't upload you know how all the great creators are now making bogus guides on how to become famous online and charging you thousands of information to be said right today well the thing is like you go and sign up for one of these like [__] classes college cheats or buy ninja lessons in streaming i don't know i mean like you probably shouldn't have done it already possible i mean it's true even if just give you my best how in the end i will do my guides on how to stream ok guys and they will be [__] free I will only put the most absurd yet completely legitimate strategies on youtube using the youtube channel today we will discover how to grow youtube without ever posting a video welcome back to all of you majestic sausages to another classic spiffing bread video in which I use with condescension all the tools of the platform to do the exact opposite of what the developers intended today I will reveal to you as strategy i have perfected on yout

God of War Ragnarok is a Bad Game

 it's about time oh wait wait tell me about the boy i've been waiting for this is why you're not from here from my family hey bro get [ __ ] off me fat [ __ ] where are we going where are we going why did you do that let's say no well we could have thought about it you don't even care show me this god killer oh you wanna see it ok you wanna see it yo you move slow man yo yo you meet me there boy my insult you me just oh wait ok so you can't see the block ok ok Parry These hoes bro don't i didn't either yeah i don't want to make a deal either bro ok so so thor thor is a bit belligerent to say the at least okay let me just build this real quick ok well i thought i earned it oh i was still playing it so yeah oh give it to me come on give it oh damn so how did they hear about the smartest ghost is your skin oh no thats not cool cool i was worried for a sec i want to beat your ass but not like that its kinda disgusting its fine and uh who needs this alrig

Elden Ring Pro VS Malenia

 i dreamt for so long my flesh was dull gold and my blood rotted corpse after corpse left in my wake as i awaited his return heed my words i am melania [Music] and i have never known defeat while i'm going through this dungeon i like to add a few things i went back because everybody in the video was talking about uh how i walk past patches yeah i handled that what the heck you again what's wrong with them a shame you had to see me like this oh i i had a bit of a slip up that's all i'm so confused you better not die before i can kill you bro you better not die before i can kill you no thank you now i feel good in the second i explored a little bit and i got this night calvary outfit because someone also pointed out there is a better guts looking fit and this is definitely way better than the one i used yesterday i'm pretty sure i have like a dungeon and i have to go through to get to molina so i'm gonna speed a lot of this up just until we get to this person bye