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ah before we start let's get the elephant out of the room yes i shaved, i cut my hair about three inches if you don't know why
then you clearly don't watch my other channel so thanks thanks for your help this channel is actually on its way to a million that would be great i can't do it without you guys know that elephant left the room let's kick this other elephant out from the room because i mean this video right here
right now today are my very first impressions dragon ball kakarot and fire emblem mirage tokyo sessions going on something long title the reason
because it's first impressions that many of you, some of you I'm not interested in, may remember in December that Kim and I should have gone to Australia for I didn't have
I've been coming home for about six years it's my problem not yours I was really excited about it and then I had some medical issues on one side
about my body which I mentioned in a video in a very awkward way and I had to cancel the trip I rescheduled it for the 23rd it's the 21st at this moment that he sneaked in
on me really fast these two games came out on the 17th i really tried to play them as much as possible i feel sick again i usually try i mean finishing a game would be nice but i try at least get as far into the game as possible until is the game still relevant before reviewing it wait so instead i will rush to post this video for views sorry so if you guys are ok with it i am ok with it still i dont find it amusing to entertain exciting video to watch and i do it seems i have played and experienced enough on these games to be able to give you a good first impression of them and you will be able to tell if its a game that interests you or not and if it does you might just need to go research further information before making final purchase as i am not far enough into either Do i really have to say yes oh and if you sat there thinking to yourself or h what was not needed

a haircut that didn't have to cut like 2 inches of her hair look how messy and tangled it was here hello welcome to chile what's hanging out of your ear holes er earphones are you still using wired headphones in 2020 I'm sorry if you i interrupt, i should have paged your pager first or maybe even faxed you ok i found it funny right or wanna double check with ask jeeves first they are those connected to a walkman brendan frazer blast from past looking guys watch I know you're here to sell me something how about hurry up already you have it break the best and wireless earphones

right away button I still love this game and I think it's a huge step in the right direction for the Dragon Ball Z game franchise it's just oh boy
I wish they would have at least taken liberties with the story if they were going to tell it again for the millionth time I mean we have Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit, we have Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2, we have Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 1 which I can't find right now, I probably should have planned this jump ahead of time and of course they've eliminated a lot of the filler which you might think is a good thing, but honestly with all these games recreating the same story and always pushing the filler further like they don't if it existed this might have been the only time i would have agreed with phil oh well luckily i'm not the only element within dragon ball kakarot you also have combat combat and exploration so dragon ball Kakarot introduces him
more open 3D feel that moves to your heart's content fighting that we've experienced since 360 ​​games like Dragon Ball Raging Blast 1 and 2
however they condensed it a lot in dragon ball they made it a lot less complicated which is good because it was pretty complicated before there were a lot less options available to you both in the amount of attacks you have and how you execute yours attacks and then also the way you dodge and deflect all that has been changed and simplified a lot you just hold the left trigger you can parry anytime and if you want to dodge it's the left trigger and then much easier and i like it and i think which will be much friendlier to newcomers, but sadly that's the way it is
it leads to very repetitive gameplay that wasn't a good mix and what I already felt was stuck in the same story over and over everything
felt very rinsed and repeated and was just going through the motions as the game progresses and you start unlocking things like transformations and you can go super saiyan and kaio-ken which is probably my favorite move in the dragon ball franchise starting to open up and the battles start to feel a little
a little more different but if you are strictly going from battle to battle I feel it will get repetitive however thankfully we have a third element of

this game we haven't touched it yet and this is exploration, something Dragon Ball games haven't really dived into as GBA games were a more open world RPG experience and I really like what they have done with the open world in Dragon Once again Ball Kakarot, I can't help but mention that almost all of the elements they have included in the open world and RPG mechanics all look very halfway and not unfinished, but don't go far enough in the direction to feel fleshy out i guess i don't feel concretized what i'm trying to say you can find side missions in the world too the characters will give you extra bonus missions to do and then if you complete that mission obviously you get rewards and then if it's a character within Dragon Ball

that same control pattern and they just gave it to you in the open world you still go up and down using the triggers and this doesn't feel fluid in an open world i hate to draw a correlation with a game like anthem but honestly the only thing a therma it did really well it was flying that game it was great if you played it you know what i'm talking about they were trying to do a lot for the first time ever i mean we didn't have a game like this in
Concepts and elements of the Dragon Ball universe such as flying in an open world and then bumping into a random enemy and the battle that starts in the
open world and just being able to fight them right there like that is really cool and it's a step in the right direction all these roleplaying elements are all a step in the right direction exploration meeting characters leveling up all of this makes a game of dragon ball very fun and there were enough new concepts in Kakarot that kept pushing me forward and kept making me want to explore more of the game, it's just that there was so much of the same and so much wasn't really embodied out that none of that actually kept me engrossed in the game and engaged in the game, it's not a bad game and honestly if you haven't played Dragon Ball to death like I did and this could be one of your first gaming experiences of Dragon Ball and you have seen the anime
and you think it's a bit okay, this might be an awesome game for you, but for a diehard Dragon Ball Z fan who has played many of the games I don't think it's a rush and spend $ 60 for the Dragon Ball Z fighters title it's still the best i think we've ever had, but for a 3D dragon ball fighting game this is probably the best we've ever had, just not that exciting for me but maybe it is for you i don't know it goes well going on i think i've been too negative about that i didn't want to be i just have more complaints than good things to say about it i didn't realize until i started talking i don't write them down by the way i i just blab from my hole in my face i like the game i can be critical of a game i can point out its flaws and
tell him where he needs to improve while i still enjoy it and enjoy it because it's dragon ball whatever fire emblem let's talk about this later and i hope i'm more positive about this i have a few things to say although amazing none this was a port from wii u one of the few left wii u games that nintendo hasn't yet crammed under the switch somehow i'm actually all in favor of this because no one has played them when no one has played wii u games so give us as much as you can in tendo i didn't think this would be arrived but I was wrong it's always good to be wrong and I played

honest with you for a game that was supposed to be a collaboration between Fire Emblem and shin megami I hate myself for a game that was supposed to
be a collaborative crossover between Fire Emblem and shin megami shin megami what's wrong with me i know how to say this s / m ok that sounds like something else but that's ok Fe and SM ok doesn't really feature much o neither of those franchises again just some characters that you don't
it actually plays as most are just there and blend with your real playable character and then the game itself takes inspiration from the SM style games setup actually the setup in the story and the way you play it looks a lot like the 4 person 5 character I'll be honest, I've never played a SM game before, but I've played person 4 and 5 and this looks like a light version of that game that I really like as person 5 apparently never will come and change I don't know why, so if you are a fan of Fire Emblem or SM and that's really what you want to get from this game
I want to see those universes come together in this awesome Smash Brothers style RPG collaboration that's not here for you it's not what it is and it's not what it's about anyway if you like gameplay in SM style games and Crom really does it for you then this could be the story for you
the stake is you and your friends who are talented singer artists working for this secret organization that disguises itself as a talent agency to try to
you understand what is going on with all these people disappearing and being warped into these other 5 person dimensions by style and it is in those dimensions where the Fire Emblem characters can turn out to merge with you and then you can enter these battles and you can start killing the things
and i really like the way they set up turn based combat, obviously this game is heavily influenced by performing arts by singing and
dance and all, so when you are in the battles it reflects that aesthetically as while selecting an enemy to attack a
studio light on them as if they were on stage and suddenly they are the center of attention the attacks are all very short bori and if

can you actually hit an enemy's weakness, it will trigger a combination of moves between all characters that looks like an elaborate dance
performance and it's called a session those are sessions where you get to string attacks together, they look really cool and you can deal a lot of damage this way especially since it's triggered by a weakness so you're really going to stimulate him inside that enemy's weakness and by attacking him you also have performance attacks and those are the real flashy thats where chrome will come out and start slashing these swords around you you can even chain them into session attacks and have your other characters follow up with even more damage my biggest complaint i guess its not really even not it's not even a complaint it's just that I'm a little disappointed that there is no English dub and it could be controversial how to play as JRPGs
with japanese voice acting like whenever i say i prefer english dubs many people like it a lot but if there is option i speak
English I can get more out of that language I can tell more about the emotions behind the characters when I can understand what they are saying e
I'm not reading something that can lack a lot of tone in the text and I always feel like I'm really lacking in tone when I can't understand what's being said and
Just reading, I think it would have been nice for them to include an English dub for those who prefer to have it there and it wouldn't be
big deal if there was subtitles but strangely there aren't and of course during the game everything still has text like it's showing on the screen regardless and you can see what people are saying but during battles there is no text there is no text it's nothing and the characters are talking to each other they yell things when they're attacking sometimes if it's a boss fight the boss fight will literally have dialogue and say things and there's no option to turn on subtitles like if there were no subtitles there is no text to back up what i'm saying i don't know that's a minor gripe that maybe it's actually a big gripe i don't want to make a big deal because i don't want to sound like a noob a random noob but i would liked it talks about a lot of cutscenes even though they are very well animated, there was a lot of real anime animation throughout the game for the cutscenes that look great and

and there are also some vases that mix anime with 3d and it ends up coming together really well and looking awesome and then the music
which of course you want it to be good in a game like this that is so heavily focused on music and performances the music is so good at the start
on this big performance in the middle of shibuya where the star is hoisted up on a stage and it plays and it looks really cool now unlike dragon ball i am actually able to take it with me to australia because the switch is portable did you know it is been rocked and plan to continue playing it but right now i'm kind of loving the game i'm not gonna lie because last night i was looking to play it more i sat down and had an hour session and a lot of the stuff what i talked about today what i did in that session i met new characters i learned about my mission i went to shibuya i
i explored i ate food i bought items i trained my singing talents they gave me tickets to see Asher i saw the show all hell broke loose i found my way to a new dimension i killed things i leveled up i explored i leveled up again and about 50 minutes into this session i was introduced to wild enemies i was told that wild enemies are stupid hard and hard to defeat so you better run but you know me you guys know me big and hard
Waterson I don't run away from a fight ok I wanted to at least find out what these enemies look like how tough they were so I gladly opted into this fight and they totally blew me in their first turn I didn't even get to attack ok okay a bit i should have if the game tried to warn me i finished the game it kicked me out of the main menu so i loaded it again and thats when i found out the game doesnt auto save you ever have to save
this game all the time constantly all the time i talk like after every fight unless you just wanna risk cause you never know when its a death
around the corner and for me it was an hour into a session very frustrating i can't stand games that don't autosave what it saves only very ok it saves everything
time always and you will have no problem and the game is fun i really like the game ah to recap i would say again if you are a fan of dragon ball he hasn't

played many Dragon Ball games then Kakarot might be perfect for you and if you just played Dragon Ball to the death then definitely don't tell
it's not for you, I'd just do a little more research and delve deeper before you spend a whole sixty, but I'd say it's worth it
almost any kind of price drop below sixty and I really hope they flesh this idea out more into a sequel because it could go someplace really cool
is there right now its really ok and fire emblem tokyo mirage shindig and whatever you want to call that game its a very solid game and if youre really in pain youre really begging for a person like experience on the switch its the closest to you we'll get and it's a game that stands on its own while not being better than any of the parts it's supposed to be made of and it's actually not even made of them, but it's still a solid
game that it seems to me most, if not all, JRPG fans will love and enjoy are the most exciting releases for 2020 nor were they the first there and for that they deserve [Applause] neither sucks and both are much more excited for things like cyberpunk last of us and so many more games coming this year Final Fantasies so hey if you want to see me talk about those and i hope to be nicer to him ah you need to subscribe please help me hit that million i really appreciate you i love it so much you are all amazing thank you jordan for editing this while im overseas in australia i couldnt do it without you you are all amazing amazing people subscribe button its not cute its not sweet get it outta here and spin half the again subscribe button like this video because it seems to help i don't know i asked you to challenge recently and all those videos are doing better er than my regular videos i didn't think the likes did anything anymore but apparently they do so they hit like please go god please why are you still here why are you still here the video is over i'm already gone i'm not doing anything worthwhile anymore i'm popping my fingers and i'm dancing on the floor this is actually quite relevant now i think about it for the topic at hand because its a dance game i just reviewed and now i'm dancing a bit but i sing more and the only thing that makes it would make it better like I came AMA ah


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