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 a long time ago we played near two on the channel but before we played near 2 we played the demo of near 2 it was great because you actually played the whole section in the game itself so i had a little peek at what the game it actually will be now there is another game i had no idea existed until recently because my twitter is spam but people tell me to play it before it disappears whoa long Fallen Dynasty i guess its close if close it had too a cousin that [ __ ] this isn't a bit too far off, one of the big reasons I even remember doing this was because one of today's sponsors reminded me of it sort of yo yo play the [ __ ] clip Nick I don't know if you remembered the story arc as I was hacked a while ago it was horrible it was on my youtube my twitch etc etc. I had to do many things to prevent it from happening again and one of the biggest ones was using a vpn i dont know if you guys realize number one this is awesome sponsored i think you know vpf watch it i love you but ho only accepted this because its something i have actually been actively using since all those things are going on one thing you need to understand about using a vpn its the best way to not get traced with any other site to browse the web freely you can even use it with you can download other games or movies, whether it is from different Japanese or other IP areas that you know be able to make it look like you are there to get it because some websites are just blocked on that nordvpn is what is common in my group of friends that's why i joined it it's actually one of the fastest vpn's that are currently available do you have a dedicated ip to keep your online traffic private and what do you have and what do i do i like more you get Advanced anti-malware features to block intrusive ads and web tracking as i mentioned before threat protection reasons is why i b If i am using it then i cant just get ripped off like that again why this is how i got hacked right i went the wrong way i guess and all my stuff leaked if you are a content creator like me and just want to try it out and see how it works its pretty simple um i got an exclusive 30 day free trial with your money back guarantee with you guys in the link in the description below you also get a two year plan with four months free with the

link and me and nordvpn have also teamed up for a tournament this Friday at 5pm BST 30th September hope to see you there too be sure to follow me on my social media to get more info on this as there is a chance you can win a free paid trip to the eu so if you win of course um anyway oh yeah we made a character yo this motion blur pisses me off bro thats why i hate console games why cant you turn this out but its initial drip is in actually kinda crazy normally i actually with games lately i picked a few email characters to start how can i not look at the little girl no no no no you know a dude will take much less time than to decorate the female so just let me do this really fast okay nothing crazy just kind of something to start the game it's me stealth oh ok ok ok hey this is a high key that matches my real tang and I'm really curious to see what stealth would be like in a neo-like game because we had I guess there was an element of stealth but it wasn't like built around it or whatever damn expect a game of role what does the [ __ ] do the wall oh weapons oh this is my little x or square attack sorry damn i'm swinging for real wait it's also a hard game because i'm doing a lot of combos here and you can jump ok ok ok true except two of the web melee don't talk to me like that oh here we go here we go this is the Neo shadam who was fine with it but then I the Pompadel uh which one will I wear even if I really will wear this stuff what is it who knows oh so I can oh okay okay so i have a duel that comes in pairs then i have a sword i'm the black zorro for real what [ __ ] how did that happen oh look god oh this is a bonfire this is a bonfire okay talk to me right hello oh that's not mine f love me co see its not cool cuz i still got the crit baby it was actually a lot more me hitting him than i expected i thought he was going to do something to get out of that combo streak what is this real tail flag uh i love that song skip what you want oh my god its ok

alright alright the combat is fluid and i actually like the pace a lot more than neo i'm here i can help you whoa man uh what are you doing are you doing oh one more thing i learned i didn't show off i got these little spells yeah pretty cool i only have one that oh he is blocking what do i do when he is blocking the hunk wait wait till oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa man whoa whoa whoa whoa i didnt like any fights i got him for the most part but the block wont i know what to do against the blog like how i do oh ok so it looks like when it's blocking that bar it goes up and then when it goes completely red oh oh but i'm in danger too much oh my god my leg wait wait can you please complete get this oh my god complete so all right okay no no we're coming we're in there we're in there i think if i can't oh god i've got it ok ok then one last one the last yo this fight ok ok i was from low pr ofilo to start talking about how i got it under control l it's pretty simple whatever but if you're not paying around or paying to play paying a tent yeah i don't see a squat function but maybe i like to walk real slow uh-oh ok can't you hear me maybe i can walk real slow instead and i have like a back shot on this guy i'm gonna try it all good great great the only problem i have is because there's no button like crouch like this looks crazy you know what i'm saying oh it will be down what are you doing this is like a new type of enemy we have like what ocarina of time zombies what this attack does oh i have lightning step only risk if it hits me right it doesn't matter it doesn't matter yup yup what are we talking about i'll risk it all right it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it doesn't matter hell it's alright hold the doggy weight anything that isn't cute because i can't summon the turtle ok hold in a wait it's ok you're a little tougher just a little just a little bit chatty a bit useless your friend too friend it's fine we're fine we're fine just me

I need to focus on what he's doing and I won't even need to you're not really worried about my health oh that was new okay they're hitting me oh [ __ ] I'm dead wait drink drink drink drink drink drink now drink now okay fine if I haven't been drinking don't [ __ ] tell me my brother why did the turtle fall to the ground [ __ ] brother oh the turtle is still hitting them ok you know what I have to do I just have to be here by the wall oh no I'm dead again wait I'm alive oh i'm alive i'm alive drink drink drink drink okay okay cool okay it's not like that oh wait oh i'm peeing crazy oh oh no brother i'll be brother what's going on [ __ ] ah i'm just beating myself brother this is so sad this it's so sad oh what if i did oh no no no ok ok i did something cool i did something cool and i couldn't even drink my [ __ ] juice oh no no just die i need to make a break I'm getting angry I took a break sa one day um i was just getting a little mad and i just really can't a allow myself to get so mad over a demo um i don't know what it is but when i take some time out of a souls game or a hard game like Solo i forget the patience that is needed how it went well we are running the patience needed to progress and not die back to back its like that experience i gained hardening a whole [ __ ] game Elden's ring disappears when i catch a break without playing another game just as hard hold on i'm lost again i'm so pissed what is this enemy defeating players on battlegrounds it's up here a revenge oh this is literally [ __ ] okay hey hey okay it's not that not its like Neo why cant i fight that thing can i or maybe i might when i do deal with this thing uh okay mating gotta remember i gotta remember the perry um the only thing i gotta perry is here ndo rushes me oh that's a long long i lived stop i died okay i'm back again like i never [ __ ] let die back to back to [ __ ] Tony the D emonic tiger is really robbing me of all my [ __ ] money what is this mister beatdown playing yahoo just gotta beat this pack keep swinging right ok ok i remember the block remember the block what you wanna do what you wanna do what you wanna do alright alright this is life that's life and he just dodged

monsters too all right that's fine that's fine that's fine over here do this okay that was a little that was a little nice for me it was a little nice for me got a little damage in back up back up oh here we go here we go again I didn't know I have only fans guess I have one now I want to see it oh my gosh all right that was the rush that I oh okay he stopped that was what I have to worry about oh one more healing this is just not where I kill him this is just not where I kill him because watch this no healing no healing is a skill issue it's a skill issue oh my can't I can't this is so stupid Oh no why the oh that's why you can't jump over there oh here I go I'm dead here I go I'm dead here I go I'm dead oh I'm alive oh look at God look at God I'm going back in baby going back in back goodbye everybody oh I'm just stuck in the corner okay okay hold on I got two more drinks two more drinks a little bit of that I'm gonna get a little bit of this get my turtle oh okay please do something good do something good I need I need you fool no damage okay A little freeze in action it's the lowest ever got his health oh oh no oh no bro look at him look at him look at him I can kill him I can kill him oh no the [ __ ] hit once oh I did nothing no no no no no no no no no no no no no no please please right there bro why my turtle is gone okay okay hold on like this like these odds a little oh here we go nope nope nope nope nope nope nope did all right okay wait half Health half Health looking Hannah looking kinda be serono Disaronno looking kind of Disaronno oh not the wrong oh I hit it though oh not what I wanted to do and now I'm gonna die oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh in the corner no no okay okay I'm out of there I'm out of there never was in there in the first oh [ __ ] is this good or bad hold on what's down there let me look bro how can I get it how did you do it how did you do it okay okay I see there's enemies down so you just made worse for no [ __ ] reason you know how upset I am by this this is the most progress I made on my solo dolo and homie wants to make it look I gotta kill these dudes first before I can even attempt because okay they don't have bows all right you know what you know what that's what we're gonna have to do that's what we're gonna have to do I guess I guess I'm here for this what

other options i have i cant put them back [ __ ] to the point where it was uh ok all that ah bro i cant even be mad they let him fall why cant you cage your friend on the [ __ ] cliff so i have a better chance to fight [ __ ] boy brother what is [ __ ] that game is bad game is bad game is bad I'm dead game is terrible I'm broke again I'm more broke than I've been in the last second I'm under 100 little things now what [ __ ] can I do with that white man with that brother what the [ __ ] okay I think I think that the reason the W reason here the W reason is I don't know I don't know oh here I am here i'll be the one i got here i'm just an idiot if i get half health i'm not just the turtle he'll be the turtle push the turtle button turn the button turtle button turtle button he's not ready he's blowing why the bang ne of the turtle is off Turtle button Turtle ok see look look at this turtle do the thing do the thing spin I'm holding them while I can yeah baby yeah baby eat my apples oh my god oh my god another turtle yet another hit that hit that oh protect the turtles protect the turtles brother so sacred and beautiful creatures oh i can smile again well i took a minute to raise my money a little and also get mine uh i don't know my levels i just wanted not to be meaner so get used to the combat i'm telling you right away this game definitely looks like something i mean maybe the enemy needs to be upgraded for sure as you progress but i feel like you can get a weapon or maybe how to figure out some strings where did i get to because in a loop they wont be out of anytime soon i dont know its definitely a good game but i think um or i can see you going crazy overwhelmed faster than like other games overall great oh come on bro i just fought [ __ ] tony the tiger hold well waiting for those 20 on you looking evil i can get away with it so fast i'm out i'm out i don't have to fight you i'm not going to fight with you [ __ ] you and yours

boy get me outta here where's the boss it looks like i was abused by setting this a boss on fire yeah yeah okay how bad can it be to see i might regret it cause that footage got a little crazy oh this headpiece is ruining my whole the vibe oh ok wait a minute it's that dude Nelda ring bro the first Elden Lord whoever stood up to us oh he's talking so not just the end of our blood now his nipple is high def i've never seen him i his eyes look crazy there's a lot to choose from here okay what do you want to do what what are you hitting that garbage come on now that's ridiculous oh i stopped seeing only if i had turtles if i had turtle this would be crazy right now oh he gets blown away by too my hits was unexpected i didn't even expect to have this time for power wait wait wait wait wait ok i can't pause wait wait wait give me a second okay okay t hold down answer answer hit the drink real quick i hit the oh by chance by chance on the man brother by chance watch this while he's doing he's not nearly dead he's not nearly dead no no no no no stop playing it's phase two me up bro phase two me up bro yeah there's no way you're easier than everyone else bro hi Sage Mentor who are you talking to like that oh okay face chewed on me, actually he didn't betrayed my brother's trust okay hang on bro it's a little different now that you look like that okay so the first one was should be great at you to be honest with you what's that okay okay man i don't think i should be drinking now no now i got it now i have no choice wait for me let me see my brother cocola i thought i got you i thought i did bro i thought i did bro this this below me this is below me checkout ok ok i have the my other flash that I realized that i have to use it for this guy because its oh my gosh please yeah yeah i have to use flash that

Brother i gotta use the flash step ok ok hit that Olay hit that Olay hit that old okay we go back go back flash step saving life right now oh the delay we are playing a fighting game right now with delays okay okay i understand i understand no ok ok ok i understand i have to start anticipating the laser level oh that was hot that was hot all in one breath i thought i was i thought i was just i thought yes and here I am so um listen to me uh I accidentally hit the mute button on my audio for most of this so let me explain to you what I went through in the final fight I had with this guy now keep in mind this is at two hours okay mine dress is different my attitude is different you can't feel it the first stage is not even nothing bro i learned a lot just for this stage this is the stage that pissed me off re just me maybe i can exp i put some of the tactics i learned here but thwarting in the lightning step is the biggest i am not good at thwarting a lot so instead of relying on those two i like to raise my meter to a manageable point so I can also block attacks figuring out how to use that meter under the health bar was all now this little anger thing i think it was my first time i mean it was my first time to say it and at this current point look at her health in those two hours this is the maximum I brought him yes, I am fucked up [__] on Turtle he arrived even if he had to save me if he hadn't stunned him there I would have died I would have had to heal I had drink a turtle very fast doing with Turtle [ __] brother, mind you, I don't know if you are frustrated by this, I hate comments on posts, but I am very irritated to have to break it down like this, I don't know you know what I did because my fingers are fat because I have this space bar when I don't mean what it's doing or what I'm doing

ok i did a little bit of plot i just remember at this point i was so zoned it wasn't even funny i had a healing potion left every shot counted every shot counted i mean i thought i was going to die because you know L 'i took it as low as i ever had before there was no health but i'm still freaking out baby sekiro counters on the way [__] hot right now i'm getting horny watching me go watch me go and the blocks i'm doing great on blocks I'm doing great on blocks i Dodge Perfecto our health looks pretty much the same until I use my last item of the Health option excuse me now we're a little stressed my heart was definitely racing this is past the lowest i got i'm starting to believe in myself you know crazy nice little dodge of the rocks i can do it again yes i can oh what am i doing here ah no perry i perry the second part but damn in that first part now our health really looks the same oh i can't block that block oh me i feel like i am watching a football match what will i do next yes sir swing yes sir okay i think I'm dying drain no i okay I hold on I know what's up but he says I was so focused it's crazy to look back okay health is looks the same right right oh here he comes I remember now oh man again I want you to know that I screamed a lot I flipped my controller yeah throw the good tune i know i'm still screaming around this point i think i'm saying something along the lines of what what the leap what the belief what how how how yes here i go here i go i don't like to be like that but it's really crazy looking back


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