Asmongold Reveals the Mounts He's Been Secretly Farming in WoW _ ft_ Mcconnell

 gentlemen it's been a long journey 445 kills of this boss and no sword today that changes today i got the sword so i think you got it no no no i didn't i didn't get it oh i think dragon flight will suck yeah i i think it will suck i think it will suck it good i was just thinking about it as i would say i think the new expansion is going to be [__] rubbish as if i really mean the game is a [__] joke guys like i mean let's be honest yeah it's just yeah guys i mean it's wow he's stayed out he's welcome the game listen was good everytime you know i was getting the drops the game was good actually wait a second i wanna talk about some of these drops

gentlemen i played this game a little bit i did a little bit of something i did some work yeah and i got the family move oh i got the family move well number one i got the number two we'll go down here i got this break the chains finally [__] i completed it i completed that and i'm almost like i passed the 36,000 target point i was alone i came back for three days three or four days i came back i'm already working now guys what are some of the other amounts i received honestly i forgot oh oh oh oh well let me come back here the mount tazer vest so actually i got eschmann taz from the head of the lens from the boss i already have the goal yes that's true yes i [__] l 'I took so I went further and I took this mount and I thought to myself you know what I have to give viewers something special I will learn it right here in streaming oh, I will just let you know what we did t we int intention to work holy man [__] [__]

here guys [ __ ] is look at that look see i told you guys nice little silver surfer mouse yes you are damn [ __ ] right god damn i look good didn't you accidentally get another one in fact i did did indeed got another one got melee the wanderer farmed this [ __ ] for a while and forgot about it but I have two [ __ ] mounts and we'll do the other one right now we have melee the wanderer in top of that

here you guys [__] is look at that look look you see i told you guys a nice silver surfer mouse yeah you are damn [__] right god damn i look good i didn't get another one by chance in fact i did in fact i got another one i had melee the wanderer i cultivated this [__] for a while and i forgot about it but i have two [__] mounts and we will do the other one right now we have melee the wanderer in on top of that

there see look i'm looking for uh sell see everything ok there's no support yet it must be there i don't see the support they took it they took it out of the game no it's the vambada bomba bomba bomba vom but like the [ __ ] how do I do it to not have the but what the hell [ __ ] what the hell is not going to beat the ninth row ninth row in the bags I bought it I did I did it [ __ ] buy it I forgot I forgot I forgot I bought it l 'bought i got it there are guys and we have another sir if i go and farm and try this is what happens yeah ok this is what happens to all these doubters the fact that i was able to get 10 rides in three days i hope people can see it yes it's ugly like [ __ ] yes it's [ __ ] stupid i will never ride this piece of [ __ ] again but i have it now yes yes but but yes i have the hand the hand is much more beautiful brother the hand is really as beautiful as show me show me guys the handle with magazine look at this chat look at ab out why look at this [ __ ] like oh why do I have this right here look oh oh oh here it is oh here it is guys look I'm looking at [ __ ] good it looks real [ __ ] good man it looks like the dog is shut up [ __ ] [ __ ] looks fine what are you talking about okay let's go here um okay okay sounds good jibu okay jibu is uh he's uh ok you can do group jibu and we can start the gmod run we will so i want to tell you guys i worked hard on these mounts i didnt play for fun or anything like that i actually worked my [ __ ] ass to get these mounts and its not over yet like i have to keep farming and keep winning and that's what a lot of people may not realize it's like if i did it for such a short period of time they may not realize how much if i really unleashed my third eye of the potential of existence i will get instantly nte all this stuff f done

gladiator still no i didn't if you get gmod today it will be from lydia [ __ ] i want to tell you guys razer told me if i get gmod i can give away a laptop i need if i get gmod i can give away a laptop right away [ __ ] up right away can i really gift a laptop i am shocked i am just as shocked as you but i am worried our boy will lose his job after this because i will take this support for a fact like if it will happen then no chance then uh-uh no it will happen like dont worry uh we wont have never that laptop no it's gonna happen right now what do you mean you know the same thing about me about what's a transmog man what [ __ ] what's that okay okay okay that looks decent yes it looks pretty good no that yes it looks good yeah but notice something though uh helmet pretty low res no not the mog uh what am i what i'm okay so you got it you valencia i got it dude okay you know what's okay yeah you h mcconnell actually got enuto the velostrata he actually i don't have it you got champion of azeroth why are you asking we put it together in streaming it was like one of the best moment i was like yes i like it i couldn't remember it yes you are [ __ ] right goodness [ __ ] man oh wow okay let's see here i completely forgot there is no purifier anymore well now it can do both i'm surprised so mcconnell you get it all how long it took how long you've grown that uh two months three months jesus i have to do this now oh my god you must be close enough right uh let's see um so this is my progress right now this is my progress i have right now on it just click ok where did he come back from afterlife okay so i have almost all of these yes i dont have them all but i have almost all of them i think if i keep them

farming i will be able to get them no big deal ok imagine if he gets them out yes i will get them out no big deal guys i'm not worried about that at all okay let's go ahead and get this it's started guys listen up get called in please and uh we are going to have this mount i spent i think like 230 tries on gmod 230 dicks in the ass and today its gonna end today i am getting the [ __ ] mount i have been horny for a long time since i want to ride y'all don't get it but like i want to win a ride

like me the thing is man how look that's the way it goes that's the way it goes yeah flight of the dragon will suck guys it will be like this guys it will be a [ __ ] l which part of the dragonfly do you think it will probably suck everything ok so you can't point one specific thing about the dragon i just can't there are so many things that will suck there are so many things or just the fact that you don't know anything about it Dragonflight because I think it's a bit of both like you know nothing so nothing you don't I know there's probably a reason why I don't want to know and the reasons why yes but you don't know anything why they don't have why I didn't want to tell us because it's gonna suck let's make another amount well I want I want I want g boo g b let's make another one let's make another how i feel like i'm so close i go up to my hunter my hunter is lucky uh i got it i got famous my hunter we gonna do it another one like jus t one more i make one more about what we do transmog comp ok guys i'm sorry i've [ __ ] been joking around allow me one more are you really kidding me you've been real i wasn't that dumb but i've been a bit dumb i've only been joking around a little okay fine well whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa a buck donated a dollar donate a dollar and he said a buck donated a dollar he donated a dollar yeah i [ __ ] remember you did it you did it yeah i made him wait real yeah oh my [ __ ] i was the one that did it [ __ ] man oh my god are you playing it [ __ ] like yeah man cause you had a buck to make and then yeah and the the fact is you know i had dollar donations and i went and looked at the revenue of [ __ ] and division they were charging me 30 cents yeah like i was charged 30 [ __ ] cents and so i have [ __ ] upgra i increased the minimum donation to two dollars you can only donate two dollars or more and i had or scruffy people like brother it's too much for you changed you changed man now it's all about the money was one of us now it's all about the money man yeah that's what it was it's kinda true why

you had a donation goal right over your head i put funny things in there like a t like a new one like a sweatshirt or like yes like a pizza before yes snack pizza food i mean we haven't pulled out the box for years snacks i don't really use it i only used the chair next to me because it's actually because the snack box was on the chair and then i forgot why i moved the snack box but it's no longer on the chair so i'm not handy like if the problem was if there is no food at hand i will starve that's just what happens ] great oh my god but i have to take so many mounts it will be brutal i am worried that like i only need to spend a week breeding mounts and it's literally like going to work every day breeding mounts which is co yes back actually i'm not as far behind as you might think yes i know there are some people who think i am not there are only a handful of them i don't have because most of these are just as easy as this is going to be hard for me to get this is going to be hard to get uh but let's see how not this one giving a [__] on that vengeance uh that one won't be so hard to get you to do just the mythical sylvanas do the pact mounts go through the characters uh yeah they do it now uh they do it i'm just trying to stop reacting no i won't stop doing react people love react i will do i will react and maybe a little more horse breeding ok what i did before was what i had to do is create groups to have slaves and cultivate genesis boats for me as I react to the videos and so I will keep watching the videos but I will only have slaves in the background who are cultivating genesis moats for me you all time it's a good idea to react yourself by getting mountai nn yeah yeah go for the mush from the auction house yeah but you can't buy genesis mounts here's what's the problem uh you guys can start summons whenever you can ok and uh remember the dark moon slaves that was one of my best ideas i ever had that they actually were like everytime i really think about it

it was one of the best ideas i ever had it's indentured servitude no it's not that they don't get paid they don't get anything out of it they are slaves yes they are slaves let's just be honest here ok oh actually you know what we do call it an unpaid internship yes it's one unpaid internships they are not really slaves and uh they are yes they attract attention what do you mean yes there is really true yes it is an unpaid internship it is a little better than being a slave although it is more of the same thing uh let's see here what else is keeping going what have you done have you seen james webb's telescope pics uh i've seen a handful not all though oh what do you think i thought that um i mean like what's there to think i mean its crazy like i don't even know like it's amazing to me that it's so big you know what i mean like it's just like i can't move my head like what's up oh my god no aliens well how do you know aliens don't have given that the You were taking a picture and walked away like that's why people can't get bigfoot pictures like i think unironically there's probably a smart wife somewhere in the universe yeah i find that is probably so now it's a guarantee no it's not a guarantee but I find it very very probable that I will do another one of these then we will do the transmog comp ok there was this um there was this Australian physicist and he right review that yeah i find it very likely yeah uh of course we are arrogant we think we are just the smartest species in the universe and if we find aliens and they are just stupid like yeah they are really really really stupid like its like we start you know doing alien stuff And

all like that and you know we bring them down to earth and all they want to do is watch like reality tv and they have really strong opinions about what happens on as a survivor and stuff you know how to keep it with the kardashians yeah i like that yeah they are really dumb , I don't know man, I think it could totally happen, I tried, I tried to show Grayson, yeah, some of the pics I linked to him and he didn't, he really didn't give a [__] but I think you seem like the zoomers really only care about watching tick tocks and playing sai donkey kong on their [ __ ] mobile gaming systems or whatever [ __ ] they do i think that's true i mean you don't know anything about yourself anymore, you know plus the real world man you even love to play games like they're just real games they play these fake pay to win games all the time and you know all this [ __ ] how world of warcraft ginge and the impact of lost art like it's just crazy with their joyful i cks yeah exactly here we go well could get a razor laptop you have to view support wow two of them


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