Do NOT Skip The Ranni Questline in Elden Ring

 oh my god brother oh that feels so good radon is dead radon is dead and i did it with no summons i need a trophy i need booze yo yo see what i did my boy i did it without about you yes i'm mad like that I've been waiting for you will you pat me on the back the glory of the Clash is shared by radon and you yes and you saw it later bro i did it right in front of our eyes yes man my dad maradon was holding something back of that scale well it was a small Nerf just before I saw one the path was now clear the fate of tanakra irani will be decided wait what meets where the shooting star bit the earth we will take up our swords once again for mistress Rani pick up our swords what are you going on over there overseas in the final act brother why are you scaring me didn't you just see what i just did can we just go somewhere there's a bar here i know i said i don't drink or but we have to celebrate we have to go to the place where the shooting star probably hit and I don't know where it would be but before we do there are like few other things I really want to do number one I have to use these souls I have like 7 000 souls I don't i'm going to do something stupid and lose them because i would hate them and you know what self love is best love second thing most of you may have forgotten but i have amassed a very small list of items i have left live and i'm very confident with the kill we did it now must be the time i get my W's because they've honestly lived too long and i'm not going to be all right as of now as of now die ok there is one piece of advice i have definitely forgotten and i should definitely do now if at any point i put the big room i have now but its not activated so i think if i am not mistaken how to use any of these things the ACT has activated if i'm not mistaken wow that's what i did it now i guess we'll see what happens um actually i'm just going to do damage oh ok i'm lost if um ho i got convos

what could i do but look what damage bro if only i could find a way to only focus one boss down and i can only this light i can only this light easy easy jump ok ok i can take i can take hella hits so what i really have to do is raise heels i have like few hills to spare if i die i will change all my mana into a healing flask my mana flask and storm bogart my way for swap attacks for where you stand for oh thats not smart its not smart what i just did well oh look at that look at that come here come here come here come here come here come here young man young man i'm comin' back again brother comin' just give me just one more just stop playing put your cap on i'm i'm going there inside myself i'm going myself i'm going there you'll be sorry you'll leave oh oh ok hold on wait sit sit what's about to happen now it's your fault just know that oh come here come here bring it back to me bring it back to oh come here come here come here oh oh say good night stupid stupid ass little pumpkin ass oh my god bro what's in here actually i remember why i did it in the video of my friend Dion in his game he didn't do it in mine but in his game we killed these things together and saw this was a very bad shield if I'm not mistaken the poll went well wondering if you thought I forgot what you did to me you thought you could come here and be a fake god Rick the second and really embarrass me in front of my audience and live to tell the story that's the craziest thing that's the craziest thing for me hang on you're gonna have to get caught these licks my boy you'll want to take these oh two hits okay hang on it's getting a little skittish it's getting a little skittish but these jumps attack it didn't happen

loaded oh my god [ __ ] my timing is kinda weird there but i ho ho ho i i have something i have something i have something i have something oh my oh my god i did it too soon uh uh i'm still going i'm still walking in i'm still walking in how are you going i need to heal even if it comes back and we go back oh dodge oh oh i still got it i still got it i still got it come on now baby okay let's bleed it real quick i know i know yes it's building up a bit i know it's building up a bit let's stop playing these games let's stop oh oh um you know i won't heal jump attack oh you're stupid oh you'd think so it's a scripted movie how it played out like that oh my go good look at the save ready it doesn't matter one that's good two that's good the dodgers are much better i like it i like to go back okay what's he doing let's jump it's a jump all right below take some swings take some swings something like something light ha a little s blood and now come on now baby I may have a bleed number two this will be three actually okay let's talk too soon oh too late wait wait wait wait oh right right right right smart to Margaret wait Godfrey God Roy that's you I don't understand the lineage here i had a drink wait oh i didn't do what i was still drinking this is no good hang on we're still good i have three left i think i can jiggy with three i'll go in and switch weapons and i should be able to do it oh yes i'm forgot to do a little hand uh in ok and duel ok ok wait wait wait again up we're good now we're good now we're good at Swing now Swing is like a bow tie exercise you know what I'm saying hold on one two watch look to look at the tech it's okay it's okay it's the third one that takes me the most more than the others I've just had a problem with that one but his health is in a good margin Margaret If I focus I can make it, look at the Dodge, it's okay, I want to ge t some beefy

on boy if i can't yet though let me drink before i start thinking about how to start styling a little here get some i feel confident with that i can kill it i can kill it i can kill it so you know what i'll get a little nice after whatever what it is, i'm gonna have a little hit i'm actually going to kill if i can and you will i felt like it was coming soon but here's how we gonna play it i'm a dodge back put my hand in and then i'll kill you alright with your edge uh god roy hang on and then die and then you die and then you die don't go with the market what's your name bruh there's also one more thing i started but i wanted to wait to register it before going any further i ventured here into this area this person here is this someone who is in the roundtable who is like the hub I guess he has a quest or something this village has problems these people have problems w hat is this what the heck please no whoa okay no n secretly lie to me not one oh please leave me alone ah what suits you you're not one of them well what a relief how you talk when your mouth is just your lips you don't touch very well your spoken words not at all whatever you would you take care of this locket uh thank you oh i think he's dying damn bro it seemed like that guy was the only one who had sanity left while these others are just mindless the guy hinted that there is some kind of boss , so alright alright, hey, hey, big head, stop it, okay, you don't know where where where where end of the dog, alright, you're not playing well oh oh and the dogs get Bleeding get me out get me out get me out wait wait I'm ready now i'm ready now i'm ready back the [ __ ] up jump it's okay you're really attacking me now brother brother oh he's bleeding okay okay wait wait wait wait wait the dogs gotta go first if i can i'll die i'll die okay okay heal get well dog dog please please oh my brother is the door [ __ ] close oh my god oh my okay okay dogs where dogs first dog no die i'm pissed i'm pissed

ok it does three times oh oh there's just no way you take so much damage oh i'm bleeding i'm bleeding i'm bleeding i'm bleeding alright shoot a little this ain't bad okay one two three dance a little let me dance a little bit let me dance a little bit let me dance a little bit but it was a good dance it was a good dance it was a good dance goodnight oh my god oh my god man what do i get that nothing tripled not talisman well i completed where did your research go what the heck i might be a little crazy about this i dont know if i can do it but out here i noticed there was this guy who was honestly very rude i felt he is very hard to fight probably one of the most hard to fight like melee build what i'm hitting for we find out oh i'm not him okay wait wait maybe we can somehow do this oh whoa whoa i can survive a hit so it's no good no good okay m to everything he's doing like it doesn't seem too hard for me to learn the pattern of so what's up if it's okay no no no I think it's okay I had to do a little so if not I'm like somewhere here in this area one here in the beginning nothing is over there in a way i went all over this area nothing um so i decided it had to be somewhere this way cause there is really nothing up here where i can go so hoping i can find whatever this thing i went to uh what was west of this location and i'm seeing it now this may have always been here i'm not too sure i think i can get off this i think i don't die okay okay this is a job for these crystals hold on to Rainbow can I can live this poll says ok I'm trying yes sir the poll says I can't let's jump puzzles like crazy bro I'm a little stressful right now hold on uh it's the enemy it's okay so it's uh nothing to worry about cool thing [__] uh you dance on you very fast don't mind me uh down here i don't know exactly what these skinny gs are he has a bow and he's stupid too so it's good to know you have a bow but you're also stupid uh uh there's always a boss there's always a boss

whenever what what what what what what what do you want oh do you have a friend what are you it doesn't matter it doesn't matter you'll get well isn't it yes yes no no no i won't let you take your chance i won't let you have the chance i'm sorry well this will go in one either way i can die i could live i'll tell you now whatever i'm doing the chances i'll be able to figure out all this alone is low so just to make sure i don't miss anything i'll probably take a look at where i need to be but is it if i really need it i'll let you know if i do where's the boss now alright we're playing one of these games huh this is this is the one uh what you're trying to get into right now is that i i look good oh that's a bit i should have had a different weapon oh this is no good this is no good this is no good okay well let's see how this goes come on oh you staggered oh that's bad luck for me brother that's really bad luck brother I'm scared okay I Aspe tta that bleeding sucks it's crazy scene with the beep hey like see what the beep can do about how my end that Bleak go crazy stop drinking stuff now in danger in danger in danger wait wait wait wait i don't like what are you doing stop you get it too jump attacks go crazy you didn't try oh we respect we have silver level masks oh we have money we have money baby okay die easy so why something like that when I die bro shut up i'll double down and say this is the direction I need to go for that guy and Randy I guess I remember people talking about Randy's quest line and I can only imagine I'm getting into it now that she's asleep since I last remembered and I think we're just doing things for her while she sleeps that is important we don't know yet you have to say something of value

what uh blood lord you are imminent please give me a seat at the dynasty table one more if not this is the last one ok one more oh no that was the last one ok cool cool i will do something i haven't done and since i started this game and this is i turned on the music if it's something like this it was the last time i left these fires uh i was told there was a song that was very cool and the music is this uniform music i didn't realize how menacing elder music i like is alright okay how good this talk is how it was I was so oh I was like the beginning of a movie you will keep fighting like you did before okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay music is beautiful I'll give it to you come down here come on what you do w ant to do now what is it that is dead yeah you just know let me weave this in there very fast this ain't bad but i like my music sorry i only got one last heel this doesn't seem like a clear i 'i'll be honest with you but maybe it will go oh i hit it twice i knew it twice bro alright uh i haven't had a bleed yet one shot back alright uh only if i can bleed and i can keep it consistent for a while 'alright go here come on come on come on come on here good deer bad deer I'm dead alright okay come on come on I just have to do it before it heals this healing no it's dying brother that's so [__] stupid brother why can you heal whose plan I have questions about the disease

if this is anything like this was the last time i left these fires uh i was told there was a song that was very good and the music is this even music i didnt realize how creepy the music is elders i like it's cool okay how cute this talk how was this i was so oh i was like the beginning of like a movie will you still fight like you did before ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok the music is beautiful i'll give you that come down here come on what do you wanna do now what is it that's dead yeah you know let me weave this in there real quick it's not bad but i kinda like my music sorry i just got one last heel right uh me only if i can get me bleed a blood and I can keep it consistent to some extent okay go here come on let's go with me here good deer bad deer I'm dead okay okay let's go on let's go I just gotta do it before it heals it's this healing no it's dying brother it's like this [ __ ] stupid brother why can you get well of which i have questions about design disease projects doesn't make money money money money up no no no no no oh my god man oh my god okay i can't run there because he put off the wall of [ __ ] my asthma In feet oh ok just be smart as he heals again as he heals again what me what what's the point [ __ ] why did you raise this out of five Locker inside I don't understand stop stop stop brother come on come on come on give me some blood no this wall is specially erected to block my ass of course not if you run and heal from all the way no no no no no no oh he will fight he wants to fight i like that i like that picasso no no no come here this is new what stages do you have what is this damn attack stop come on give me come here come here watch the dodgin g die now die now

now die oh my oh well tell me the reasons why this game doesn't die tonight I don't know what's wrong [__] with that deer but if I try more times I'm deleting the game and said I wouldn't do it so I have to what is in my best interest and letting whoever designed that [__] deer to cure it can heal multiple times I don't know what has happened since this time the last time could be because I "am not using the Moonlight Katana and now I am I realize when it's just me and Dodges there is a certain level of UPS I need to get and I cut corners with that weapon I am disappointed in myself I have to apologize to my parents for giving birth a failure I just hope not alright let's try oh oh my god who are you gonna die and face the wrath of everything i just lived in this moment say good night oh you'll heal if i don't do it again eh no silver tear though because your name is red you are approached somehow uh oh you got a sister wait as petta is the same i'm not really sure she'll do it again no that was your part eh you're a person hey what's up oh you'll get hurt for what you did to me hold on wait wait dancing on them dancing on them they yeah and that's why i get an Ashes imitative tear oh i heard the imitations were really really broken um i don't know if it's still good or something but let me know under the big ball stairs i have questions should i touch the ball yeah i will touch the ball is rolling like this oh my god the ball is alive i was probably wondering how i got here he will come back me no no no no no no no I can heal before you oh he can't he can't reach me well that was a good point cheesy i like that picasso grub tier yo i've had objects of respect for days no what are you doing what are you doing my boy what are you doing my boy come on we're getting strong here actually there's something here that I have to take and take it back to Randy, this could be it, I think it's a little bit

information i gleaned from uh i guess the little cheat code i gave myself to figure out where i should go there the secondary quest for randy is important to create an ending i remember in sekiro i worked hard to set the perfect ending and i didn't accepted if i could go back in time and not do it i would because i really want to see the best ending and i haven't done it yet so i guess i'll make sure i don't here i don't think this is the best ending i don't know if it exists but i am even more anxious not to skip this question even in my sleep i felt it's possession isn't it knockrun's hidden treasure okay so you want this juice finally all the pieces are in place what do you mean by this i have to start my journey the journey on the dark path only I am a tread what should I do only [__] myself before leaving I will entrust this to you what you have oh oh I understand thanks I always wanted it ok but a thought or rare as a if you would appreciate it, I'm sure now fate has guided us to our reunion, I have to thank torrent for his part too, my horse can we leave now, she was a new wife who did us a great service, well why do you say how i finished it too i did not finish grandma uh well what do i do now


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