Asmongold Reacts to _How FFXIV Got Me Banned_ by Saxix

 big fans, ladies and gentlemen, we are officially back, okay, the ones that are new, my second channel has been closed, what's the [__] why and what is why you ask me honestly, I don't even know what to say , this is probably one of the most unfair groups I have never witnessed the one that on April 12 Final Fantasy 14 released the adventure okay it was a brilliant addition uh oh I think I know why I got into the creativity and the players had fun with it the next day i asked my community to send over their dishes so i can stream them i think i can understand why it was suspended i don't even think i need to see the whole video yes what could have happened i invested my precious time and I made it a masterpiece the video was obviously jumping out but after two days I got a message brother for a second I actually thought it was me I actually thought it was me so it really scared me the [__] out xena wait that guy is a [__] and it's was true alright guys come on and look at the fact is watch my editors are doing the work for the awards ok guys they are doing the work of the lord is not that bad yes please this had to be a mistake what could I have done wrong my world of warcraft content the next expansion is going to be crazy these are the only games this is the music that played every time you fought in the final solution by braley in the msq you got the mail and a robocop damn letter was generated youtube themselves [__] them this account was closed due to multiple or serious violations of youtube nudity or sexual content wow i think this had something to do with adventure points what experience played in Final Fantasy 14 Adventure we go there yes oh sir this is what i thought i was kidding surprise [__] how can it be is is ta the cat girl the dragon girl beerus no no he was the YouTube killer himself he had to be that is the guy holding his [__] stick and he looked like his [__] man fuck oh my god I remember because i showed zero nudity and zero sexual content youtube must have thought this man in his plate was showing his huge pp is a chicken well how they get brown fryer no i mean before the fryer they changed color i thought the chickens were sacred [__]

that's a holy baby nugget [__] man who ain't can't believe it oh my god she's a nasty she's a little girl no that's a version no it's that i like these things they don't make much noise like a chicken like if i bought a chicken it wouldn't make a lot of noise they do it yes because it's like my mom once showed me there was a post about like it's a similar neighborhood site and there were these people and they were trying to sell two chickens or two roosters and they were as if we will bring you the roosters are free please can someone take these roosters as if we will drive anywhere in austin anywhere in the vicinity of austin i am a rooster delivered for free straight to your door its a trap was and there it was like a part of me that was like maybe we should take them man it would be a little cool we like two chickens right but oh my god they are so cute wow i will think of him every time i go to the mcdonald's plate he was showing his mas sive man surely this is a mistake no doubt i knew i was going to get unbanned so i sent an appeal explaining the situation as a gentleman denied uh welcome maybe i wasn't clear enough so i sent another appeal stating all the facts of how i was not wrong oh i was starting to sweat holy [__] I am for real I am banned permanently without receiving any notice and for what a still image of my imaginative characters shows I could not bear it I sent it another appeal and Jesus denied every appeal has a time of wait a week and have just been dismissed its like a raid block it also came with the consequence if youtube were to find out my main channel they would stop it in a heartbeat oh my god a situation 50 50 has a man called and i fought many of those in my story and in danger by putting both of my channels online or to forget all of this and move on and walk away taking the risk from my main channel was a difficult decision as I have already fooled and three tries

however i would say [ __ ] it's like a brother like that [ __ ] got banned for no reason like many of these companies never look at your situation it's like y'all remember every time i got banned so i got banned on twitch this was like maybe uh three weeks ago or something i got banned three weeks ago because some [ __ ] [ __ ] typed something in diablo immortal chat and i told my chat to ignore it no big deal he l 'he typed like the n word the f word right he typed the bad boy words i said don't [ __ ] don't pay attention to him like who gives a [ __ ] because if you do then they will is how you create the um the right ecosystem it's like now they're getting a reaction and then like they keep doing it and so someone from twitch bro about 10 minutes from that time they [ __ ] banned me they banned my channel and I was out of the platform, qu i send an appeal to twitch and i'm like brother like what the [ __ ] and so i told them and they denied my appeal i make a video the video becomes very popular and within two hours my channel is no more banished can you [ __ ] believe i was like this [ __ ] pissed man i read paladin the best paladin in the universe obviously he did nothing wrong this was no justice with all my holy strength i tied in my final message this is our last step what happens here will echo through the ages regardless of the outcome they will know we fought with honor we fought for freedom and security how many times have i heard it remember heroes the year is your greatest enemy at the beginning how to clean the mirror rubbish yes it will shine oh my god this video is outrageous ok now what oh [ __ ]

brother for a second you actually got me no he did everything right ok very funny very funny [ __ ] funny i get it i'm just [ __ ] with you the letter had finally arrived and it said you should sign up now saint [ __ ] jesus christ in all frankly the true letter here was the moment of truth playlist savage i remember here was the moment of truth i can't believe i did this i really can't [ __ ] believe i did that [ __ ] hi playlist savage we are pleased to inform you that we have recently reviewed your youtube account and after taking another look we can confirm that it does not violate our terms of service Jesus we have lifted the suspension of your account and it is back up and running here it is guys there it is wow this could have been a great final for this story but you get it man let's look at the results we should first get banned permanently no warrant yes number two my appeals are turned down kicked out three times yes number three i get my account back only to find there was nothing wrong with the video maybe no one gave me a little oops sorry number four youtube uses to restore my band however it has many consequences i lose a whole month of videos i posted the subscribers i gained and my income turns to dust oh my god youtube wouldn't let me do what [ __ ] and to wrap it up youtube bro how i feel like its not really one slap wait look at that like he hit him with his brother this is the palm of his hand this is a cheater he [ __ ] is cheating [ __ ] uploading content for two weeks a cheater [ __ ] sorry if I may to be completely honest i really don't care about any of these except to lose my videos i spent a lot of time on them and to lose it all just re-upload channel hits i guess the result of this This video is for creators out there be ready for youtube slap me in the face anytime and save your videos cuz i usually delete mine after i post what hi what are you kidding me delete them man i have all mine videos i have all the videos i have ever done on like five different hard drives and i have videos since 2001 as soon as i started doing them i found them online i got it all man but back up your videos yeah show it all yeah

i have a lot of stuff i hope you had a good time i think you are so embarrassing i haven't seen savage in a while but i haven't had a chance to finish it really till now uh i was in a really really once upon a time in who i was playing uh he was a warrior priest warrior in arms in the legion and we queued up savix on the last day of the season and beat him to 2.8k rating and he put us in a video about how bad wow pvp was it because i yeah we beat it it was so [ __ ] it's daddy the fast way oh my god it's really not like really mean what oh my [ __ ] man that sucks i had no idea how i think actually wait now what i think how i think i actually saw something like this on twitter wow man [ __ ] that jesus christ that [ __ ] sucks i know how much it sucks like [ __ ] man tough situation yeah and i'm getting better now thanks for the very kind and supportive messages in my latest video which i have pretty much read all of them n tears and my sad moments so thanks for that yeah and i will finally post more free prints so see you soon guys stay strong stay healthy and see you next time wow i'm glad he's back man i really am the thing is like a brother you know how he is see how smart this cat is he puts his head to the side so he can open it more easily his brother would do this

hey hey where's the food is there a fruit food here's what he would do dude that's how it is my cat is so stupid brother like how do you learn that I don't know I don't know where he learned like that it's just stupid as hell that's what it is yes do the meme tag yes sure ok by you never done this before i'm so happy to see savic back doing content i think his videos are [ __ ] hilarious i love them and uh glad to see also like again one of the best things about uh about like wow like people who walked away from wow uh last year is like now we have more content like more memes i think its the main thing that like it a lot but i wonder what happened to it yes exactly the apple doesn't fall far from the stream no it's like that cat man like i told you once like my father that cat was sleeping on top of the garage door it was him you know how the door is open garage door, so it's like because it's so good and so he was prop rio here who's right here my dad pulls out why he's driving my dad pulls out [ __ ] turn on the radio he's listening to [ __ ] you know the rocks rolling chilling in his [ __ ] it's like a muscle car that he drives honestly he too [ __ ] dead fast get out of that car the garage door go down crush the cat and you know what come back and he had like an eye exam or something that the fire department was at home the police department was home animal control was home and we had it

fetch brother from animal control because they couldn't remove him from the garage door because he kept trying to bite everyone so they had to bring animal control to tranquilize this animal to get him out the garage door and finally we go to we go to the [ __ ] vet and and they take him out and it's just like it's like it's so right he's like stuffed animals oh there he is and it's like his brother is there and then I see him and I'm petting him and he's not trying to make you know he's not trying to roll over and scratch me and i'm like [ __ ] worried i'm like he's going to die he's not attacking me this is not normal how is there wrong with the cat like there's something wrong with the cat why how it will happen and then finally i like to scratch my belly he tried to bite me i was like i wish i was like dad that would be nice that would be fine yes it's fine it's fine don't worry this is not normal yeah yes he's still a live yes he's still fine yes he's relaxing yes no belly animals exactly they gave him his meds exactly man that [ __ ] was [ __ ] yes it's like they gave us the wrong cat all right all right


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