Elden Ring Pro VS Malenia

 i dreamt for so long my flesh was dull gold and my blood rotted corpse after corpse left in my wake as i awaited his return heed my words i am melania

[Music] and i have never known defeat while i'm going through this dungeon i like to add a few things i went back because everybody in the video was talking about uh how i walk past patches yeah i handled that what the heck you again what's wrong with them a shame you had to see me like this oh i i had a bit of a slip up that's all i'm so confused you better not die before i can kill you bro you better not die before i can kill you no thank you now i feel good in the second i explored a little bit and i got this night calvary outfit because someone also pointed out there is a better guts looking fit and this is definitely way better than the one i used yesterday i'm pretty sure i have like a dungeon and i have to go through to get to molina so i'm gonna speed a lot of this up just until we get to this person bye i okay i wanna add real quick i know her name is melania and i call her melina i don't know why i'm like this i just do it i'm stuck on a name it's it's in there bro okay so ju st gauging off of this area i gotta be close to molina now or melania i respect a bit uh whilst getting through a majority of this with the guts build i realize don't like it and if i were to lose a good handful of times the millennia with it are you know i would have changed it anyways so i just skipped ahead and just did it myself look at the fit with the pole blade i'm just looking crazy right now it looks great i got the dragon spells as well this this is just it man this is the in-game fit this is the end game build now we just have to get to the end game he summoned to assist melison what is this he summoned to challenge melison bro what is this two endings to the quest i started oh this threw me off so i can either be good or i could be evil i don't know if i want to challenge meli bro i i like her bro there's no reason to kill her or do anything like that but i don't know what i'm assisting her with exactly uh who are these people i don't have that much help oh melissa okay oka y let's go let's go

so let's go then oh oh okay
ok take that i take this i have her uh okay melissa never mind hey hey give me a second come back maureen it's giving me anxiety alright we're fine i'm on my way i'm coming whoever you want first uh you're pop damn where did you go even though melissa we made a good team it's you melissa what happened hi thank you for lending your hands to no brother i couldn't beat that quartet i feel like i was the reason i go from start to finish thank you with your help I was able to live like my person even if only in passing but this is where things end I don't understand why I tell you too but I removed the needle myself tell me why I pushed you to this that if I have to blossom in something other than myself i would rather as confused as i am please let me go through the scarlet rides alone cause we are having such a dark ending for you i wouldn't want such a thing to take you home plus Cola, let me save you where I started and came back, no, man, it's so dark, oh my, why are you whoever directed this specific part of the game is really [__] about brother this hurt me we just helped her to make it happen didn't mello didn't listen to whatever no not millicent melania do it brother i think i just have to kill molina brother, i'll blame his brother this place is a little confused oh so i didn't even really need to do the search line of melusine, this seems to be not related to it at all but as melissa died in such a way okay wait brother if this if this is if we are really here wait gotta gotta soup not that will do something but I might as well be at my best it's her oh we have a clip oh this is her oh hope i get an idea why or what she is in this clip uh is she too is she look normal what happened to your scarlet rot face is dead sorry man uh oh no she's waking up to something she's waking up i'm not fine no i'm fighting her i dreamed for so long what my flesh was dull gold and my blood rotted

oh [ __ ] oh you think you think you're crazy huh what the fuck whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa yo yo i need you to chill okay wait what's up what's up do something else bye i'm feeling inferior it's okay if i damn madam if i dare i would be sore oh oh oh oh so this is the kind of day i'm about to have a pinch ok she doesn't do that everytime its just like the first intro i still do damage and oh she would still be blown away bro come on it hurts me so much uh okay okay my damage doesn't really matter i don't think uh what is okay okay oh it's over with okay she still gets stuck by bro come on bro this is really embarrassing will you let me do so much already frame run george oh thats her move she just healed wait wait wait wait wait wait wait done she does she heals when she does that move but i still have the stagger for sure uh yeah the stagger is like a big part of this oh my god man oh my god a okay i'm running away i can't i can't run away fluently i can't sway myself i can't what i was i just have to watch out for that one move everything else seems pretty free okay um dodge two attacks all alright alright cool cool last light that's light that's light that's light that's light when it hits me she heals that uh ok i can't trade blows with her like that i see it but while she's got this chill i need to get by some kind of damn Bro this is definitely my time to kill her oh [ __ ] ok she's backing away uh dodge dodge she didn't do that move she kills me every time so i'm in

have health even if right away that's good that's that's the danger one ok i just need to go back in a pattern and i just got his health back interesting interesting all good jump attack awesome awesome awesome awesome uh oh ok ok nice nice nice boom yes sir what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing sip i'm going to that i'm going to what's up how's up skip attack oh let's just stop everything you do i love it i love it i love it what's next oh my god bro every hit every hit she heals not i like it i don't like it don't attack uh ok ok ok i'll heal again oh my god oh my god ok i'm going back oh lovely bleed lovely bleed tonight i might have frost oh no alright alright i need to stop trying to heal and focus about mechanics and healing when she does nothing dodging i'm swinging no i'm not slow and steady ok this is a leap for me oh here we go we have to get back in the pace no no no no no no no no no no oh what do i have to do to avoid it but i just don't do it why why look this iq is low bro please oh look good jump attack so when he does that move i don't like to stun her with something so i have to watch out for that if i can catch her before she does ok no that too i have to catch her before she does anything so it doesn't matter i just won't be able to live to tell the story i can't process a scheme to get her constantly low because she's constantly ignorant hey just stand there just stand there wanna play wanna play your game wait bro she's scaring me oh bad bad bad bad we can all pepper day baby oh i bet work hard work smarter not harder what are you talking about a void i can here you go now falter now you wanna be alien ok ok now it's backing up this is a lot of progress let me not why does it come to come so close what will it come so close ok ok i'll just have to catch it when it happens i don't question it if i question it that's when it starts to go astray it's only me only you know what to throw a stroller luckily wait hey they have that one

that darling no no no no alright come back go back uh go back in the rhythm and the rhythm and the rhythm ok it was still good even though this was still a successful dodge oh drink oh drink that drink no no no I hate it there I go brother i died you probably wonder how i got here i tried to fight i tried to counterattack i tried to counterattack i tried to counterattack i thought i wasn't going to be bullied so i resisted an intolerance in the system so i veil nothing oh sure obviously i couldn't count it it would make too much sense oh bad bad bad my turn is not my turn i'm sorry i will ask next time i'm sorry look here where you run yes what's your name oh my god scheme scheme scheme scheme is the last the last one has like a difference it's like I have a boom boom boom boom pattern and the last one is what the [__] I do against the boom in the middle of the boom uh I'm dead goodbye goodbye everyone arr goodbye everyone goodbye everyone i d i d don't know how you would avoid it regularly so i learned if i hit her enough i can stop her next action is someone want to rely i try now i can get you out of the air please oh guess don't dodge it doesn't matter i can't dodge if i'm dying it's my fault alright you know what i can do one of these cause it will start to move well start sounding very different when a bullet is thrown here i go i came back oh brother ok ok i saw something that it wasn't what i wanted to drink bro it actually hurts me a lot i saw something even though inside that uh altercation i saw a subtler hope and it's gone and it's [__] gone gotta stop being greedy with these moves for now goodbye everyone goodbye everyone as I said to run but I have not been able to put into practice none of this goes away it is as if everything becomes [__] white here ndo I'm in this room with her and i can't think of a pro i can't run even if i can't run i couldn't run i couldn't run i couldn't run i have to be able to capture that frame one to avoid it i don't even know if running would work i don't even know when it would work

I work but my options for dodging that are not circle I press circle then I have two swords in my back but ankles and achilles and I am only disabled I think I have to play a mixture of cheese and aggression brother or at least cheese from what I consider acceptable not i am doing any summons that is not part of my belief system i have a level 10 hawk. maybe its not too crazy to try very fast in the sasuke build i encouraged this bird from birth right i dont think its even that strong in the first place i will only use it once i just need it to part very quickly i need to see exactly what it does more i just want it to make a move and i want to try if it is able for me to dodge it running make the only move that's all that I want to see let's go there go ok let's see, I can get over it ok here's how I can dodge no no I don't understand I don't understand I don't understand I'm officially confused I don't know what to do i do against what i am maybe if i step the hound at a certain angle at a certain time i have never seen so much progress in my life brother wait wait wait i will not summon anymore i know this is partly due to this summoning why not no i'm not ready oh ok ok just one run brother will you start to move a certain way i think here we go all the bugs the bugs bugs brother so she can get knocked out when hit a certain number of times no way plan the bugs ahead to do this though because it's just too fast it's just too fast uh i have more ok i have one of these but i got a bug out for a shield for that just in case that's the only thing i could think of blast oh double double double double I can catch the frost oh oh oh wait waiting waiting on bug bug alright alright alright whoa whoa whoa whoa that I might as well no I will oh I didn't switch to my thing i haven't changed my thing wait wait uh ok ok bet let go let's go swing what is this come on have ever had a cut scene after their death before i am anxious i just had a huge sense of anxiety she will have like a dramatic ending give me the screen of death I already don't like this feeling we're done wait no absolutely no it's no run away oh that move comes from her

what should i do give me a reason give me a reason now i want to hear it for me to carry on like this i have to walk my dog ​​i'll be right back after two hours i mentally dodged but i'm actually i'm actually i'm [ __ ] bad i'm actually just [ __ ] awful holy [ __ ] dude I didn't even [ __ ] touch it I just don't have enough heals for next fight I don't have enough heals for next fight I don't have anything for [ __ ] next fight but for what but for what but for [ __ ] oh my ok oh we swapped why why oh there is so much for so little so much for so [ __ ] little ok ok patience by now no i don't i didn't i didn't had need some r and r this is what i need i've been walking in real life it's not working oh wait waiting to find good stuff maybe better walking in the game than in real life touching the grass i'm going to touch the grass right here so this was official and what is the [ __ ] this brother not right now brother begs if brother please brother brother please moments later what the [ __ ] what the what there is no science there is no system i did it too much early i did it too early i did it early now i'm panicking now i need to save my magic now brother come on come on come on it's not over it's not over oh ok i just done dodge the first move gotta understand dodge it step down bloodhound bloodhound boom boom awesome awesome awesome awesome i'll drink to measure it's bloody rot wait for it to go she's done herself crazy damage why did you get yourself damn damn she's still stunned we're in there we're in there oh you're weak what's this what's this what's what's what's okay okay i don't know what i don't know what's all right this is all ok i remember i remember no not why do you have it again why do you still have it what should i do at this point in the empty game i just die uh time staggering i get hit oh oh oh my god oh my god

i can't see clearly i can't see clearly either i do what i had everything [ __ ] perfect i had everything perfect everything was aligned the stars were aligned the stars were [ __ ] aligned she went stupid from [ __ ] nowhere then all 'sudden he took everything away from me please heal this hill no no I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done done i'm done i'm done i'm done get me out get me out get me out get me out oh


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