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 hi how are you seriously asking that question i feel like i have to ask that question right now how are you how are you coping how you feel i dont know what it is today but i actually woke up feeling awesome i dont know i think the sunshine here in Texas has been in effect last week, I went back out and in my garage and lifted some weights and just tried to pretend I haven't spent the last 50 days eating sugar and

terrible foods while hanging around on my couch playing Animal Crossing and not training at all you know it didn't happen i don't know today i feel pretty good but i think it's an important question to ask how are you now that it's out of the way i feel pretty good, pretty good, so I want to spread some of that positivity of mine through this mic and camera into your brain and hopefully make you feel a little better too because a lot of really cool stuff is happening right now in the world of games and you have to scrounge it around you have to look for it because even in this case the situation in which we find ourselves is all quite calm but if you look for things you can find them and even in places that are a bit negative they are a bit disgusting and between all the leaks, negativity and disappointment, I still think there are ways to find positivity in those things to look on the bright side of those situations and be confident why i dont do this ink we should all be desperate and dismayed and just accept that things are as they are and there is nothing they are - today it's all about fun carefree positivity let's start with some fun stuff because they may not be as boring as do you think it might be impossible to stop having a lot of games coming out this month that haven't gotten the edge yet and I want to look into them because let's get excited about the new games actually and I know I focus on switching, but this month is good enough to pass a little everywhere

quieter so starting may 12 actually in a few days star wars episode one i will stop clapping straight into the mic podrace i of this game i have memories playing this game as a kid on my n64 and then starting from the end of this month we have a lot of games coming out, actually there's a lot more than that - i just picked the ones i'm interested in mother saints row three remastered may 22nd wonderful 101 remastered may 22nd and minecraft dungeons i don't know y'all dungeons it actually looks pretty fun that ninjalah game no one actually got to beta test recently comes out may 27 Bioshock Borderlands and XCOM all of those were announced at the same time recently and they all come out same day may 29 a bunch of games 2k I'm actually really excited for everyone I'm playing Gears Tactics with right now and I'm having a lot of fun to with what is really really good and then of course the biggest game of the month Xenoblade chronicles define tive edition on may 29th and then uh for anyone who cares more furious crossroads was supposed to come out this month is yet to be confirmed but that had to be done game is fine looking on the bright side i got

on the eShop why wouldn't he have to wake up one morning with people congratulating him that his game was on switch and he was like oh so this would be a great game to try and if you like it support it actually don't l 'i didn't buy it yet my fault but i'm going to i don't have it i'm trying i'm trying to finish the games we fixed this game for 4 sets it's a poor game so i don't know i won't look into all of this right now or i'll be the whole wacky video but you can only see half price already 80% 90% i know a lot of them ok they might not look good but i guess its good any quit assignment but south park was official again at the 75 percent go check out always look at that great deal card actually check it every day to see if there's anything I don't have already so good do it right last good vibe I want to put out there in the world Mi i feel like s and nobody did shoutouts on youtube anymore nobody saw risky shouting a channel th These days because you never know what a channel did in the past or what

stuff to give him even more stamina to be able to get to this damn tower this is a forty minute video and i sat here watching the whole thing is so its really positive in the video watching it try to get to all of these towers without touching the floor with these crazy crazy tricks is not
exactly one mod video but that's what it does on this channel anyway you could go I leave a link below if you want this is my little shoutout of the day because I find it incredibly interesting to see him break zeldor in a way that it isn't should be broken let's get into the part some news about the games of this video oh by the way if you like whatever this video is to start sign up but I already am I may already feel like I am enjoying this video this wit like roundup of how sales and shouting a channel and then joining in the news i wish i could do this once a month at the beginning of the month it looks really very funny oh and my video yesterday legitimately didn't get sent because just the kind of video i was missing go watch it i would
i appreciate that it was a really funny video ok before we had the xbox series x event half the time i cant be bothered talking about xbox and microsoft because i dont know i am really excited about the new xbox, actually i am a great one Xbox fans, as many of you will know, it's not something I talk about a lot because only people across the board don't really care, it seems to me that up until now Microsoft has done a really great job promoting and developing the X series. this was a full tally of when they were promoting and building Xbox One. making a comeback here this could be their Wii you to change the moment and I don't really feel like this event itself many people act like they drop the ball and it's like ah back to PlayStation but come on let's give them here's the positivity he It is I who look on the bright side, let's give it a second here, it was all cinematic

trailer and I don't, I don't want to be negative, this part was really awesome, I will say this is by far the best part of the whole event, whatever is going on here, I want every single part of it and I can't wait come that game, I'm not even a fan of FPS, but this looks like a weird hybrid of century-old Call of Duty and FPS, I don't know what's going on but I want to be a part of it actually looked really cool but other than that it was like cinematic Oh and this is what I don't understand when companies, be it Microsoft or Sony or Square or Nintendo, it doesn't matter whatever these companies organize an event and then everyone is sure that everything they come up with is a film track I don't understand why it is 2020 we all know that at this point a cinematic trailer means nothing does not mean squash squash squash that here saw the most amazing epic or inspiring cinematic trailer and then turned out and be a mobile game now here is what i will say here i am looking to the bright side of this whole event as they were all cinematic trailers and they were all cute and also somber trailers like all these faded cinematic trailers from doc

i wont even talk about it what i will say i will say my final point which is um the game is not out yet we are waiting till the game is out we are waiting until we played it before talking about it until the game is out Animal Crossing Animal Crossing is the game that not he's going to be gone which is great i love it the app i really love it i want to show you something i found two days ago. the games kind of get like a bump but when they get announced it's a little bump but when they come out they get this huge spike you can see here but then almost immediately within like the first week they drop we're like over a month into release of this thing and at the point of the month it actually started curving and

for Animal Crossing it's also crazy something that I find pretty funny because you're not going what we go back ok yes so Washington that's where most of these people in Washington love Animal Crossing but what I think is so cute Hawaii is number two people at Hawaii they are over there living the real island dream and they are trying to get their dirty hands off of all the animal crossing to play with it and live a great island life that i love i love

and show that's one i mean what happened to those gods and monsters could you correct me if i'm wrong but i couldn't even find a wiki for that game all i could find was like fandom wiki and there's hardly anything in there like we really don't know anything about this game but it was supposed to come out in February on Switch and everywhere and it didn't happen and that's all we know about it watchdogs who also just got retarded where is the dog from Legion guard, which is like the first thing that came up when I googled which is fine, so this game was initially supposed to come out on March 6th 2020 and then one October last year they announced it would be delayed until the year instead physical of 2021, then it was announced that it would be out on the next generation of consoles, so a game that was supposed to be out now won't only be out until the next generation and that was before the whole crown that's all this anyway is before the corona virus started messing things up, this is literally all cancellations and pushbacks before the corona virus was in play and once again a game like this being rejected is something but like all their games they come rejected and then announced Assassin's Creed Valhalla which is okay, I'm sure this is their main focus right now and it's coming out, but that's what they're showing here, but then you have to start thinking beyond good and evil , so this was announced III 2017 and has no winter release then you start thinking about Skull and Bones skull & Bones was a Ubisoft game that they announced in 2017 I was really excited about this originally slated for 2018 release then it was too late to 2019 then again for 2020 and then on a call with investors in October 19 they confirmed that the game has been postponed from at least April 2021 to March 2022 p And expect it to come out every year after he tells me that in 2017 when they announced it and I saw the gameplay it looked like it was getting there and they thought it would get there for the year after then the year after then the year after then the year after then the Euro I am

you will absolutely move to rant now this is literally the rabbit hole i fell down but heres the thing i find the craziest about it all ubisoft is such a huge company they have so many different branches how do they work like why all of these delays because all the games I just mentioned haven't been announced in the last four years but then you look at everything else that actually has a set date the only thing that

things to release things window this feels like the year and i feel that that was the plan but metroid fell short and they had to make it again bay and seems to be lost in the echoes of space and time right now just like all the ubisoft games i have i hope nintendo will at least drop some sort of metroid prime trilogy this year to hold onto metroid fans but we just need to be incredibly patient right now as we can question many things, many other things are


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