I Ordered TERRIBLE Nintendo Switch Games From GameStop___ This Is What They Sent

 hello welcome back to the youtube channel where if you sign up you have the chance to win a thousand dollars is a very small chance but you should do it anyway I would appreciate it even if you like it even if the video has not even started yet and you may not like it you can resume it if so long time ago two years ago i ordered used nintendo switch games from gamestop and what they sent was a rough half the games had no cases or artwork i swear they just have like a warehouse full of random carts that kids swapped and what they do with them is that when someone buys the game online they just send the card and they are fine what do you want you to have bought the game this is the game i mean technically they are not wrong i want to try your luck again i mean it's been a couple of days years maybe things got better but i thought i'd make it more interesting this time i really want to buy games i haven't played and revised er them in this video but i want the games to be bad i dont know i feel like i played all good games on switch i want to find me some bad ones i went to gamestop and straight away i saw 50 off games and definitely see balan wonder world i never played i just heard horrible things so we will buy a used copy for 13 and do ge jimin honestly i dont know how to pronounce it geminis geminos thanks alicia gemino's animal pop star ok instant sport tennis ok oh no don't let me play another one horse game and if you are new here yes i have played many horse games on this channel it is not something i am proud of bb and tina at horse farm i don't like dot dot dot it's creepy bb and tina at shooting range horse farm chicken with joy-con shotgun oh no they don't have it with shotgun well I need it with shotgun oh it's ugly oh no it's ugly I need it ok best buy I will buy the package hetto because we could technically have used it stop garf in-game cart oh it doesn't actually look bad, alright we will add that i hope i get the case for that be disappointed if i take the cart i swear to god i didn't even want to make that joke late night goose oh it actually looks a little creepy alright i'm buying that gigantosaurus the kind of game

cute explore and run oh its a racing game maybe just one way to find out add it to cart oh this is it oh my god this is that youtube guy true ryan i heard about it it has its own swap game i like it like box art for the game its like a youtube thumbnail oh no what is this too theres no pictures or anything but its used so we can buy it and i think its a fair amount of bad games to make this video okay well now we just have to wait for this stuff to get here which for you guys will probably be instantaneous but for me I have to wait for Christmas time to ship so I don't even know when it's okay honey is the number one buying tool in America and I'll show you exactly how it works, then add it to yours

cart and ride with ryan valen wonderland was sent without the box on no it's so upsetting we were so close to perfect score stop game bb and tina
at the horse farm very excited instant sports tennis because if there is one thing more fun than tennis it is when it is instant oh the goosebumps are dead
night so honestly not bad but there is still one more oh no i am really excited about the range of chickens with the peripheral included alright we will have some fun i will play all these now and see how bad they are ok i dont really know from where to start with none of this what about slide stars play the biggest social stars in the world and whiz through crazy water slides oh it's a waterslide game i have to be honest this title screen ain't really bad its a little bit nice visually i'm not impressed well he says it to teen oh kim says join us player two wanna play slide stars okay rewards sick one okay come on oh my god oh it's you that's not me in no one does your little shimmy always do that shimmy because my boyfriend is so awful i'm sorry you figured it out and i got today well there are a lot of characters to unlock but the models are not bad oh and then there are a lot of unlocks cabili

one more piece to complete star in the stars slide oh its like donkey kong its kinda like donkey kong cause you take coins and get similar little items and then you have to replay a level if you miss something honestly we're only after a few levels and i see a lot of creativity in the level design and i bet as you play the levels they get more and more expansive and enrich the ideas and maybe it actually becomes quite fun i mean it has a serious ass kong vibes its not that different love minecart and donkey levels kong very similar, i might actually give this one for its concept a 7 out of 10. there is a very real chance you and i will play this one another board later, i might play garfield car rampage the art again on this isn't bad garfield and friends are back in a crazy no holds barred racing game oh yeah this is technically a sequel because there was another one on something is this okay to is also kind of a cute menu screen global leaderboards have everything multiplayer grand prix cup of lasagna what else is there cup of pizza cup of hamburger cup of ice cream i like it it's cute it's awful oh oh yeah ok i don't know who to be i wish i was john and my car will be dirty and smelly who would drive it well how the game looks a bit i sims i assume i hold a its not a right trigger oh the frame rate is bad oh this is a chunky frame rate ok le lasagna make you go fast lasagna i'm a mushroom just so you know they're doing something they got me from an alien aliens were new it's not a rip off mario kart but so far i've seen a mushroom and a bomb i have a pillow oh and i'm sleeping now and now i'm in the mud oh you get speed boosts oh its just like mario kart and like a spring the sound design is atrocious the music is bad i mean there

ryan was so loud and so low quality too he recorded it on his phone just as an afterthought check out these extras check out these extras whats here i wonder a lot of rewards are waiting for you some guy to want it as a sonic bite to twitch when someone signs up and you feel so many prizes await you

around oh he found it is that green thing over there but there is no indication we should have done it so the arrow on us does not reflect the direction we are facing so it will be fun for us to understand I see it is right there the only one reason why did you know is because we have it on the other screen there was no indication to do it and the purple line is still there yes i cant bear not being able to control the camera i cant handle the fact that the tracker sign is still set on the first thing we should have done this game is horrible and it looks horrible so there really isn't a car game it's just that you can drive a car at some point through the level probably for the progression of the story yes, it sounds like a very boring tennis, I guess it is fine instantly

magic trick where i will look next whoa here we go here go here go here come here whoa honestly didn't think i would find a horse game uglier than literally everyone else i have played but this may require the cake we will play goosebumps this honestly seems a little terrifying careful gamer waiting for you a scary poop cause they will jump scaring you probably don't want to don't want to I'm already scared oh it's like a point and click that's not what I expected it's a universal key I don't think it will be oh open literally everything i will take a book i will not

i expected it to be like a warzone loadout to destroy chickens what i'm sorry wait a second wait what is i haven't recorded any of this sorry to say [music] boy check awfully look where i'm pointing kim i'm like down i'm just shooting on the ground this is horrible i am literally aiming for the ground i don't know how to reset the joycon the control is so bad it's easier to stay in the middle and how to go up and down a bit cause look if i want to go right i have to go all the way so here to indicate that side of the screen so unless you literally want to be like


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