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 this video is sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment we play Hearthstone again as they have released a new solo adventure for the game called Tombs of Terror this is a single player adventure where the idea is to gradually build a deck of cards as you defeat bosses have increased difficulty and transform a bunch of treasures that can be unique to the adventure - if you are new to Hearthstone you don't need to already own the cards to be able to play this adventure everything in the adventure is given to you so it's quite inviting for new players or even those who haven't played the adventure for a while also features dual class heroes where you combine cards from two classes into one deck there is also a new type of boss called Plage Lords where the idea is that they have a huge amount of health and you have to beat them in multiple adventure playthroughs if you like what you see in this video there is a link in the description here below to take a look at the adventure for yourself the first wing is available for free and at the end you learn a few facts for completion, just as one more blizzard actually sent me a mystery box for that, honestly, it's just something quite interesting to receive in the post they sent a signed message from me I'm sure who the Reno Jackson is in real life a bunch of real explorers and equipment including binoculars to sextant of all things rather a camera of the old school some ink pens and some hearthstone swag so thank you for that joy i hope you enjoyed the video and please check out the tombs of terror chapter unlocked the lost city and red hot dunes Jesus was doing great progress already investigates the lost city of the Toa veers to stop the plague of murlocs and we also have the anomaly mode if you want to activate it all 'start of each round deal damage to all minions we have a choice of heroes these are dual class heroes they use for this ok we have to defeat the bosses to unlock them we are going to Reno's lucky hat for now we have not unlocked any hero powers yet but defeating the boss exceed these conditions you unlock more things because

the idea is to replay it quite a few times after the minions invade each deck twist plague of the merlocks surprise the glee well they just drew someone a random amount of merloks so you're telling me i have the least amount of merloks merlock nice good i feel great he laughs that's a good start we also have to give him the hat or he'll die from the anomaly ok and turn oh my god he won't live long well that's good because his boyfriend won't live long Eider Easter Easter even whatever moment in me playing these guys because this guy will die at the end of my turn and this guy will die when he comes back to my turn ah let's steal a weapon sure yes we will get another one identified plus oh that will be great for my lack of minions next turn ok correct ok oh my god in the end your turn someone a female merlok but that's ok because the anomaly kills her automatically we don't have to worry ok let's get hers get a spell imo we have a combined hero power so i will only face him and now the books will die this will summon a murloc totem but then he will die too this is just to heal so when he gets wrapped up on his next turn he is already dead so this anomaly is completely clear on the board if i play this guy he will really live like a turn or two hopefully i drop him well as cleverly knocked there minion off the board and i think we won just like that now you guys will be able to start making decisions ok haste discs passive your opponent has to go through the first two turns passive your minions have more water they will hood taunt or enemy minions will have less one attack i think it's slightly favorable for the disc ok so they don't get their primes two turns think they are secrets honestly ok ok this one we have some secrets in their current deck no ok well we figured it will be c like one out of five five shape so it's a great trick give it does so we actually don't have anything yet that can survive I don't know actually why we chose it because this too will die the anomaly will only like a board that will clean it all up so like we need to focus

about building a deck that hardly plays minions oh and that's also just more merlocks in our deck someone a random item the airlocks give us something it seems to me it's not a very random amount of merlocks my board is now cleared it's just immediately gone thank god skip his first two rounds just let me draw a card some here attack someone to one one silver hand recruits which will be great considering they all die at the end of the round here is the late game windfall in the eighth round addict this will live really a turn never cast a spell you gain +2 attack this turn and i can combine it with the flurry of razor petals to really do something this would die at the end of my next turn but that's ok because this will soon die too ok i can really make sure this dies with me so its perfect and build carrots here we go its not a very random amount of murlocs its true i mean that i can make a sick combo of wombo here aha now this will be dead at the end of your turn which was a random number between 1 and what looks fair honestly alright most of this board will be dead when its next turn so this is great for us we can play a 6 minor 5 5 that does not feel good i will be honest yeah we got hauntings that just destroy her board maybe you cast a spell draw a minion from your deck i mean , this won't die in a turn, we'll just drop you, you'll take a while to die oh but no he was really trying to get it that's a good thing man oh we won race easy game oh no had a secret hoo is me my board is ruined if there is anything we have learned so far it is like the less servants we actually have like it seems to be better cause everything will die anyway why you wanna get out this will die too this will die oh the people one are changing their tune now they want honor

I'm feeling great I'll be honest yes we've had infestations that are just destroying his board maybe you cast a spell draw a minion from your deck I mean this won't die in a turn we knock you down take a while to die oh but no he was really looking to get it is a good thing man oh let's win the race easy game oh no had a secret hoo it's me my board is ruined if there's anything we've learned so far it's how less minions we have actually seem to be better cause everything will die anyway why do you want this will die this too will die oh people are changing their tune now they want honor o I have honors much better even though people are now holy but you guys are so indecisive we started with people saying elements that we honored and no spell in most polls yes we do a straw poll even though the honor just took over that's fine and, let's go with them honor so this is a turn that dies automatically so we have a nice turnt replay here so let's keep it and we have a hash I mean with mana Abuk this could do something and skip his first two turns unfortunately I have nothing to do with my first shift and now my shift - it doesn't look too good but this is almost dead but with the Hat we can make it live just a little longer we discover a weapon we chip them gradually just as I keep biting it the ankles so people want dragons we don't have enough we don't have enough spells alright here, add a minion to your hand, I need to drop it, I feel it but I also want to see what the chat book is hearing six damage to a ok servant we can really power it up a little bit, get rid of that ok we almost knocked it down and it's just someone making single merlok once again just summoned for singles merlok i am not never been lucky with that oh i got two petals actually we could take off the combo i feel like i should just play this guy cause it's like he lives even for one turn let's just win, for sure we blow this big boy try it again you guys want desperately see a dragon before this first kiss game is over just cause we got it all right ok well we can get it this turn it works well we just have to kill our boy with the backstab cause we made it

guys now we can win there are several options here but just based on the name of the first one i feel i know which one is going to win here drawing a two tree four and five cost for you like this its really cool its like drawing the perfect curve but know y'all want the gnomes we have a frost let's go jane if we don't want to play like reno we have the old god can we get it soon ok yeah fine reno is going in a very strange direction wow i feel like we are having an identity crisis with this deck you know he doesn't know what wants to be at the moment it's like you bought a rogue animation you can't do it in world of warcraft also the illegal bundle is on the table so we might be able to do something with them discover a weapon of any class add to your adventure deck with +2 +2 uncover an enchantment pot always starts in your hand choose a minion to remove choose an enemy minion add it to your deck yes sir yes ì you Sarah's joining the gang will be a heavy attack to remove Kaz you to show thomas guys we can't with what like what's the point then okay y'all want to do the spells so let's take a study break so this good always starts in our hand so we can have assassinate five spells turn one create pyrotechnics turn one or effigy turn one all of these are terrible for our turn one y'all want okay we have an eighth cost carrot and now it starts and we're open in great hand we have to do a trick to keep the string as best carrot in our deck because so many people want them rubber oh actually it's a huge favorite for the book it's just a couple of meemer for c'thun ok you guys really don't want see the world burn ok well here's the book oh dear arty it's a book look was it a book burn or tidy up the colt guys ok gotta do what p we think it's right look look at this starting hand we have the power of creation and like a thing that will die and one round ten play i can't use any of it i still can't use any of this great but it's ok because it doesn't get its first two rounds how could we get a Murloc then the gameboard curls is transformed to inflict a cosmic anomaly for damage to his

wholehearted servant who hopefully isn't hurt until then we'll just be hero power literally every turn vs panic spell thank god this has the effect reborn and come back to life oh thank god we thwarted his rooftop rhyme scheme that a tree in the woods one a leprechaun god forbid we let one loose on imps on the board that would have died at the end of the turn anyway jesus may we not have an eraser we will save it to finish it with pleasure with we hold we hold this carrot for now this is the finish line no me oh we really got to the Merlotte is there well thank god all of this he will die by the end of this turn ok give us something good he will die too we need to deal as much damage to him as possible before then and then this is like a two mana pyroblast that will summon a copy of a 2/2 minion that will then die at the end of my turn so it doesn't matter well this guy will just take a big swing and then t all will die oh this is an unstable portal so i will make a run on that doe its not good actually i mean it helps in some way because now we can keep the damage on its face well getting ready for the gnome enters there this will die at the end of its turn so it's awesome it's not that awesome but it's okay he might as well play the thief my father is actually very expensive that this might be the best choice just know already darkbomb it's okay okay this and the mignonette spawns will be dead before that they can accomplish anything so it's okay to play a big guy so we can set the note we can kill him next round oh if he didn't it wasn't a try i can bring you down sarah i guess so i win if we tie if we tie high enough so let's win ok what we got we'll get to know them we just need a prediction it comes on a bunch it's so expensive - alright oh actually gave us two Murloc Ruins

tomorrow we heroically boost we have battle cries with two bartenders and a crow but just add vote clone each other or honor among thieves we have no pack war C'thun unfortunately battle cry for more cook - alright here we go, We don't have the C'Thun plays in our deck right now but that's ok we can copy them and we can get more of them and we're up against a literal chasm now come on that's good that's a good early game charge to keep going I don't even know because our deck is so heavy it could cost us theft please give us a machine that will really help us win the game Danny come back give all the hacks in your hand plus one plus one i mean it will help him live a little longer long say no at home it's too early for the nose that's not very useful spell caster will you really live a turn summon your beasts that died this turn thank god we have the energy pack of the beasts no keep yelling that means i could do some wombo combo here at the apprentice i think i don't knock this guy down because the sooner this guy is down the better it means the stuff in my hand can actually survive a bit let's make it dance like these guys will live longer like keys to let it really alive one turn and i can boost this guy to stay longer ok this is actually really good so lucky hats on this guy the pedals of the razor inflict damage to trees we summon a Murloc we summon an additional marelok bolt at the end of the turn all second to plan uncover our weapon we take a Gore as we will use it on his face later and create the counter spell in case he has an answer for the growing agent of road so things will start to die unfortunately vengeance of nature i feel it wont help me in this scenario yes i thought or that we honestly try to deal with and i'll just preserve this damage here, get in as much as possible, sure i need all the damage i have can so the gnome like the gnome like the gnome dirty a dog or how combo will kill it this is the highest damage we will have without obliterators come on was gnomes ever change an elixir beside your turn friendly minion transformer into one another robe's cost of decrease after you draw an enchantment reduce its cost to zero this turn scroll of nonsense passive magic damage plus ten at the end of your turn this one loses magic damage again thanks to blizzard for leaving me at the mercy of my

chat so passive spell damage plus ten okay people want spells ok so add all enemy minions to your adventure deck they cost one less get the Crockett this is terrible this is so bad oh look we have a curve for mana and five mana so we have just passed our first tree turn our first two turns now won't be able to do anything we have time unfortunately we're also not able to do anything better merlok that's going to die great too oh wow actually fix this thing i mean i just have need him to hit his face a lot and his max is terrible apparently because he didn't realize the anomaly would kill him anyway i want to discover a spell from another class i think it destroys your crystal tree of mana give all madian of your deck plus two plus two ok okay yes chats already talked about this here we go no we will have to rely heavily on anomaly q ui just to keep our face safe because we will still take a lot of damage so most of this will die sooner or later he comes in turn knowledge has erased us sixteen currently we must surrender to madness now he gasps no he no we should have let him in while we could have known when he killed our thing no one will decrease in power i am fully aware of that but like its that or we will die i need to kill this and i cant miss i gotta do it no no no no no hes just getting more stuff here we go theres unknown let's just clarify his board with the anomaly that was was a good passive i mean baxter i am actually still quite skilled but he wont play actually no step back its useless because everything is always damaged what am i talking about everything is always slightly hurt due to the anomaly but that's this is useless i can go bartender infinite in the end that's all we'll have to build towards i think shop five inflict 5 damage restores two health you know i need to catch up on the matter how good is dead oh no wait its ok cuz it's still all dolly's anyway tha thanks to D

anomaly i have more cards in my deck than he has in his so you know maybe this is how we win this one already has eight cards in hand - i don't know why you played it so much yes his whole board will be cleared in a moment okay , we just have to not run out of HP oh and this is actually from the Murlocs oh wait we can make the combo work it gives me more Murlocs my hands full ok we could we can afford the burn Karen I 'I'm sure there won't be many consequences for this i can only get even more merlock next shift with the bartender and the bartender will actually spawn a new bartender unless you kill him here please please please don't kill him here ok right oh and because of the anomaly ok oh I'm lucky let's put it just about tinnitus and we try to keep them alive better we can have a stab in the back i think here we should honestly only use it on such a wild plan tinnitus but it might just work unfortunate or ok we can start fireball and stuff down i'm not too worried oh never mind yeah well i mean at least the nasty plan is starting to pay off cause we're getting all the higher cost cards it would be much easier her deck it wasn't full of absolute garbage there is no synergy with everything I need to see here if any of these secrets will trigger when attack face to face oh great we were done gotta pop the man add it now all this potential wasted attack but as the advice Rob said we will get tired um i think i really get the win in this game ok thanks again blizzard entertainment for sponsoring this video if you like what you see in this video there is a link in the description below even if anyone knows really how to use a sextant that would be greatly appreciated I don't know what I'm doing with it


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