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 have you seen pokemon challenges reviewed your nuzlocke what someone reviewed my nuzlocke what pronoun locker means reacts to the artistic game heart gold nuzlocke wait as it was today takes it so easily wait i got criticized what i got a bad review from mine luck nurse, i stop broadcasting pokemon right now to see someone else watching me play pokemon then pro know locker reacts to rt game heart gold nuzlocke rit game reacts to pro nuzlocker reacts to rt game heart gold nuzlocke ok like va um pokemon challenges i 'I am probably the best nuzzlelocker in the world and today is a [__] that we will watch I did it um I had no idea that russia today had a game channel so stop it I will say that I really like the way in which he immediately jumps into the content no introduction no call to action no annoying oh yes did you know you're not actually subscribed to the channel my best alright cyndaquil in my opinion usually the best starter here um help you with the bug gym of course and [__] thank god for that comment from deanna about not teaching stupid so spread the rules all over the content that is really cool this is the standard rule yeah usually that's what you do so the important thing is to stop mr reviewer here uh something important i was doing in this rush seems so [__] weird to do i am stopping it commenting on me something i was trying to do with nuzlocke run is that i am very aware that a lot of people on youtube don't know what a nuzlocke pokemon is and i was thats why the series at first was also called if mine pokemon faints is dead forever and then nuzlocke I want to make sure I have it is accessible which is why I took a long time to explain what might seem trivial [__] to people who have known what are nose pads you can't lose pokemon like you can't if your pokemon face is so weird that i have to stop him and he stops me regarding gift pokemon, many people play this difference as many people say gift pokemon are as separated for me, i think gift pokemon is your match for that specific area where we broke that soap just for

Interrupt mr reviewer someone in his twitch chat pointed out that they really enjoyed my content and binge watched it yesterday so you know you just have to acknowledge that he's a pidgey trying to think what's not bad that's not surprising I think that rattata is a privileged match here rattata guts is super [ __ ] stoned good i didn't have control over [ __ ] pokemon i met i couldn't pick the pidgey encounter it doesn't do anything very good it's not super offensive sorry man no i know what to tell you like it's a random occasion to remember this fodder welcome to the team alternative name was bird food won't use this is he i did i have the father was the most important member of the team and alone has us won the fight against Lancia it's just that he didn't have many goals in the past that probably the best thing we can capture on that course I think probably is that I don't know what else there's on that route but maripa is a great fluffy evolution early on thanks great mid game thanks good pokemon here's some good stuff from downstairs right now for you as a spectator if you're looking to optimize your game if are you looking to improve one of the easiest ways is to start by actually using these low value pokemon instead of not leveling them up and boxing them or keeping them as an absorbing sacrifice pokemon for such a major hit note this seems to be very genuine serious advice for a nuzlocke i wasn't trying to i don't i'm not doing the most optimal path, [ __ ] he's gonna hate it when i fought blue before i hit the level oh i'm just thinking what he's gonna think when hoho died for a reason by mistake why i forgot the healing how much pp has what is a 10 because we definitely have so the problem whats going on here is pidgeotto is more ve loce, so it's a ploy to lose his flying keystroke which will cause thundershock to do half damage right, so the problem going on here is pidgeotto being a bit [ __ ] was in critical range there for that last keystroke yeah absolutely contrast was doing 10 and was sitting at 17. needed a playwright like he needs to heal like a level above 20 hp is always there but i haven't you i won yet oh hasn't had a fight on this route but okay interesting clear the
trees why i saved the meeting on that path for heracross is what i did that was planned oh sweet we cut our hair it's not really rare yes it's not like a five percent yes it is and I did yes you got it aired twice and two crazy particles okay, I don't have to tell you it's a fantastic encounter it's just a shame that he died after you just skipped the day wait well what happened on the day two of my contents hang from you you just skipped the day what happened nothing happened that was worth reporting on the second day ok alright alright i guess that day didn't matter the third day oh he's just using an extra sensory togetic for this so interesting fight i wonder what i would do but you would have done the wrong thing cause this is clearly the best thing you could have done in this fight sir, don't make me come over there ok, time to sacrifice goal for real, what's up cando this gengar i don't know if he needs to make sacrifice i was scared and i didn't know so in times of panic i kill my fellow pokemon trendy, he would probably be an instagram influencer, however he could also just heal through the story he supposed he was wondering why he's talking about instagram influencers you have to live dangerously sometimes let's go i think a thunder strike won't really kill a great call yes a thunder strike doesn't kill there ok thanks maybe i shot myself when i did um actually it is a pretty good damage radius to judge not bad thank you very much i play competitive pokemon jodo sucks eyes so much sorry listen here baby [__] so that them some fighting words grieve you you calm them there so much i want to stress out anyway i just did all this don't send anybody to this man i hate all of this is pretty funny it's quite funny nte it's just very surreal that someone did it clearly knows what they're talking about alright i'm just having some fun ok god this game is so anti-climatic man thi it's like i haven't seen my run oh no it's coming Jesus and his first level 30. yes it's almost like this game is a team with a terrible level curve alright alright listen man like you're not even criticizing me you're criticizing the game I'm the subject here review me well oh this is it

scary this is gen 4 self destruct so it's still half your defense i think he died here right he might live that's really close oh my god i think he might barely live that game correct probably need to switch to gyarados nothing here is needed a critic self destruct he's also going blind so he doesn't know about self destruct [ __ ] honestly for that i'd like to correct his point i'm not going blind pokemon gold it's the first game i ever played i love pokemon heart of gold this is my second heart of gold nuzlocke i'm just incompetent i grinded everything oh he grinded pog level 50 dragonair saint sh n40 on the other is and wow look at this amazing 6th pokemon you decided to clean up too alright listen, It's been a busy week in my life and it's taken a long time to sort out the team, so don't give me [__] for what's going on in my personal life, Mr. King viewer okay well maybe come over there yeah so welcome back to the nuzlocke it's been two months oh um no it hasn't been a busy week it was just a time in my life sorry just to fix the right one is there a level kingdra 41 i wonder if his 14 higher dragonite levels will do anything about it that's not what happened i think egg this is this is very hard is his face his face like what [ __ ] is doing yes he's doing it is playing so good he's using his assets before immediately switching to dragonite this is actually quite well played thanks yeah i was going to say i didn't think this thing was outraged yeah i had to make it clear i believed him cause i thought he just did searched but yeah i don't think this was outraged so when he says to search for things the only info i had was everything twitch chat told me and a vague fuzzy recollection from the times i played this game and its very important to note wait it has to reload yeah you look good oh i like to see it ok gilbert is just struggling like we need to get gilbert out of there accuracy um i think heracross does really well here haracross is really decent i thought that so too much give back luckily we're risking utility give the choice god takes it so easy it's like it's not even close you say it so easy you'd say he's gone unless he's criticized I guess that's pretty unfortunate I

i actually thought he would take it um yeah me too oh i was [ __ ] devastated man close oh i'm surprised he died for [ __ ] there i actually don't like it man gotta like what i was feeling that moment i been so long like each of those pokemon to reach level 40 it took five to six hours to kill [ __ ] don fans and like the gravelers on the roof below and like i'm devastated okay and the dash of the salad is saying something very bad in his twitch chat he says would you like to see him i will report that man oh jump in the hole 45 oh we are just about to throw the ball master but the music is just very good this is like a box yeah look i was unsure okay from the skills rt games has presented so far in this run could easily beat this nuzlocke without catching him at the end actually we did most of it without ho ho i had very few fights sp ecific places we've used him in we haven't actually trained him that I really understand the shadow he's cast himself in here as I too was unsure about that too I'm just scared what his reaction will be when I later proceeded to capture a level 7 loot 70 lugia and beat red exclusively with that because it looks bad to me i legit think like i'm not i don't know if rt games will ever watch it i can easily have the ability to ah stop it you're too good you're good enough oh he he believes in me oh [ __ ] i hope you look into this video you think he will be another layer of him watching me watch it and then he will pause my video i pause him to say something i pause for say something so ok so listen here what he was doing ok so listen here what i was doing ok so what rt is saying here about what he was doing it's not great it's awful you need to change again it's actually just not critical or stay as brave as you died to criticize now yeah pretty sure you could have played that still unlucky punished is what we say about always punished i'm crazy and a big mistake

it's the floor drag and dance until we kill welcome to the dragon dance and nuzzlocks that's exactly what you do that's exactly why it's so powerful yes if you find a dragon dance sweeper you can win any fight as long as you plan his first pokemon i learned this valuable advice in this fight, i would definitely leave this gyarados alive so it can create dragon dances on it because i think everything else will be harder to set up so i think killing it with ampharos is actually a error is something if you are playing dragon dance and set strategies, this is the kind of mind you have to have in what is his weakest pokemon about what I can set and not kill that pokemon but just set it should be yours mentality yes it seems like good advice god i would like us to get out of the way follow that ok this was the block of indignation now it's a bit inqu ietante you served too father if this ice ray doesn't kill we're screwed i would probably ju oh he knows the dragonite has a chosen scarf because that's the decisive thing in this fight because he skipped some of his parts of the video he doesn't know i have a calf picked right now all that long ago mom was on her side she was always scarred oh i was just not listening it makes a lot more sense oh yeah that's alright it's always fun alright to make sense too oh yes yes no choice dragonite destroys this fight yeah no hit is okay yes it's actually a much better strategy than what i suggested thanks thanks i'll say he didn't even use really ho-oh so much he only used a higher tier dragonite so you know what i'm going to give him this thanks to him nice for having played on the mode set yes I agree

we had a scarf, well they had the massage band, the focus band is fine, alright, it was calculated that it was what he would need us, I mean well with him for the equipment I don't understand why be surprised no, only i was scared for that i was very scared and shattered i was nervous yes someone in his chat says good job beating spears there is not bad thanks lauren this will live well oh he's fine just don't give up he's fine not give up and he's fine no stop and he's fine on this is a fair critic yeah oh god wait is he ain't shit he wasn't even a critic he died for not critical there wait how bad I got oh four levels down no ev is sucked oh it looks like he's lonely up to his dragonite oh no anyway he'll do it right i caught a lugia so we can only talk very fast about what's going on here too man this man beat the pokemon league and wild encounters he's finding s I'm level 22. yes no, it's kind of [__] like it's actually okay now that we have to figure it out he ly has 10 twilight balls that are a little sweaty yes, I forgot to stock up I paid for the lesson learned i think it was youtube oh absolutely not what is this wow like it was actually second ball i guess but in editing like it was just like well we just got it pretty much immediately and it was [__] funny this is a pretty tough gym leader its quite brave of it to go in this way i am curious to see how it beats it is pretty awesome here we go we are very dumb room for errors first things first next special we only use x objects on x with configuration those are like lo advanced object stress which is when you realize how broken objects are so I think this might be the best um run on what we've ever reviewed on this channel to get true figured um what broken objects really are and why you should ban them you can just oh man, you made me hope like you I thought you were going to say I'm like god [__] he's so good at this game at using x objects ah playing with my [__] heart strings man like me I thought I was the best you've ever seen anyway it shouldn't be a problem the p in pc definitely stands for pork chops

[ __ ] I think I cut my camera wrong congratulations you understand the stat increase did not go well good job only brought me 16 badges this guy can't hurt us so we are practically invincible in this fight because we only have is became a psychic that works too this was an awkward moment well it looks like you will have to find another cheesy strategy and i did and her name is lugia good

yes i feel like i intend to stop you just do it with the ampharos just as friend i am having an exciting time alright let me mourn the loss of my pup for two minutes alright oh interesting bait it is the full reset and this is actually so smart knowing i am pretty sure he knew he would reset completely so went to snorlax here take off the eq but it wont kill yes i knew you kill that electric mouse from the donut oh this is a critic currency oh my god is that hail oh that wasn't even a holy crit [__] that pikachu [__] he on man oh i dont understand why he didn't just go to Ampharos if he was going to stall outside i was worried crumpet would die and krump was the running mascot i didn't want to take a chance with him yes he won't kill him i really don't understand i didn't expect iron tail through i feel like he's right anticipating that he heals and then a wave thunder hits Pikachu just sucks to deal with oh no

so much problem is when i have to set with wonka because i was going to set on this i feel like i can just turn it on now right and set thats not what happened no no but you would have thought it would be its that easy but it really wins this i had a different story this is the only other chance i will get well this will hurt why is this because of blaze if this critical anxiety dice yes yes he is on fire now he is super dangerous thats good good nice thought of him he really has thought about blaze there i think most people don't thank you even if i forget oh he's praising me i thought he was just going to say this guy [ __ ] doesn't know what he's doing but he's actually saying nice things and i'm amazed at how it kills it how much will it oh boy you'll have to wait and see that body slamming okay here looks great against that i know how i kill this what if the pressure stole it that's a game yeah tha is valid play i have two pokemon under pressure i feel like rt games have discovered a lot of things about nuzlocks here that make them broken and i think this is like i said in the beginning this could be a rundown on how broken items look meaning that it also takes more recoil let's keep going we have to go fast i'll only have time for one dragon dance that won't be enough no it won't be enough how did that backfire leave the umbrella i think you just shot one stick here with you he's telling me i'm going to lose a gig stabbing impact i like how he has to silence my swearing well he's making his blizzards go away at least that was awesome yes the question is can i call the stall snorlax absolutely can you yes yes how much does this still should being dedicated is crazy oh no he has the critic yes he died no but i wasn't he lives and i lived it lugia is so broken we just gotta get off this thing no i apparently you're going to get the leftovers fr om collect

moves i never thought i would see the fucking aeroblast surviving was insane thanks tldr the item blocks the blastoise i use it the item blocks the venusaur is there less dramatic impact if you skip the video like that and win oh ok okay fine i guess we're honestly to his credit seeing that game and giving it a go instead of having to grind on the cartridge for like seven hours totally fine honestly pretty awesome i'll say in conclusion i think rt games did pretty well i think this if if it see I think this run should be an indication to him that it's time to step up and ban items cuz man did items not really i guess i have commitment issues i have commitment issues you know i die overall i enjoyed watching him enjoy the personality i hope you guys liked it too i hope you subscribed to the channel something and i hope you guys liked it too and subscribed to the m me channel leave a comment to help my video help my live stream which was [ __ ] awesome oh he he l After a good review i was worried he would only [ __ ] talk to us for using lukia oh i am very humble it is it was very kind of him to pass like i'm playing dumb [ __ ] and review it in a meaningful way thank you so much man oh it's an honor to be featured like that oh yeah he was probably one of the best players we ever reviewed on my channel maybe the best i honestly can't think of anyone probably was one of the best players we ever reviewed on my channel maybe the best i honestly can't think of anyone possibly the best possibly the best


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