If I Die I Delete My Save File_ Day 5 of The Legend of Zelda_ Breath of the

 welcome to day five for the ride permit I think most people are surprised that I'm still alive when we stopped last time we went to the final boss we found the Master Sword we climbed - Mountain and defeated an ox that we are doing quite well i want to try to get more hearts i want to improve our armor i want to be the divine beast and i just want not to die because couric got together and paired some tests just for you mr. Hara basically you have to follow this little nucleus Ock and not let him see basically he's a stalker I like to think of him more as a guardian angel we just want to make sure he doesn't die mr. the wolf sees the car is safe the car the hawk is safe i completely lost sight of him no we were right i just need this little [ __ ] to get to the shrine i made it i finished the test oh thank you to God I did the test of I myself am not brave yes you can go [ __ ] yourself ok the hungry trees will show you how to spy their iron to win the day we are using Magni sious and looking for the hungry trees , please put my chest inside my mouth shield eat his brothers stole it from me i got a driver who would eat creeps yeah they don't seem to get along like shit they went down this forest he stole mine valuables is a tree let me steal watch youtube drama you can't escape i was like their bark rubbed the wrong way i guess you could tell they split oh ho and basically there's a lot of monstrous fire of wood in this, this is more a test of combat well we'll try what we have always do it which is get through it all these guys are a little scarier we'll just go fast you can't stay inside the swamp for a long time i heard something with a flaming arrow take shi castle ok get rid of him we're good we're good fool that's a bit of a gauntlet give me the fish we like down on that dude offered in rice flakes so we got him from infiltrating hyrule castle before he's basically a free sanctuary we have a major showdown here we go has three weapons ok hits

pretty strong he keeps accidentally sliding no ok i'm worried about the amount of damage i'm dealing to him i want an attack that's a strong chunk of ice here we are the main showdown is that the strongest level of them - that's nice good sword from 40 damage - you're a coward Artie always runs I think we're doing pretty well I didn't take the sword I have in my inventory oh wait yeah I can take it very easy let's go and this fiery boy get out okay like I was saying let's defeat Crale there let's go slow look at all the elemental weapons we suddenly have our basic equipment is just to use like probably a thunder blade i would say artie is the avatar yeah i think we will try to track around the world today and unlock that perry fountain I just have to be very careful on these roads and we should be okay this is the shrine finished we have to go we are fine okay these can ex evenings all here with magnets not too much to fear here oh oh bad place bad place well ok and i can take them by the balls here we go oh god what have i done this side best way to take this guy down it just takes a long time the limit of the duality a whole point god is a hell of a name that does 50 damage it gets really bad in this go go go go oh no we did it every time this is the big open field like im nervous cuz i feel there must be something here come on Boulder come on oh look that's nice and clean it's nice and okay come on Boulder I'm just about to poke the dick come on but third time it's the charm oh look that's a direct route it bounced off the [ __ ] hole you know what they say four times the spells you don't have [ __ ] there we have to move forward with momentum this is a very special place we have a cherry tree we have a small spring this mountain is called Satori Mountain and this should actually be a tribute to the late satori water i was a former president of nintendo so and there's up it should be like a glowing deer or something appearing in the shrine oh it's a blood moon so we might not go out tonight yeah so the sky is turning - let the

cheeky little easter egg will get what was that Rufus where he came from, oh boy see you were just chilling get outta here may be forgotten ancient tech equipment a horse with this will max out their abilities I think I can get it with a few jumps and this brings us closer to the fairy fountain - oh that's a shame - because this shrine is right here it requires a blood moon and we just missed it I want this away from me don't hit it with the leaf the trouble is stopping Oh come down we're safe ok i can drop a guard spear like desperate thunder on it i could have dropped the leaf not too late now well that's the ferry fan so we took our third big ferry and now can we also upgrade our gear more i may upgrade to 18 oh its good enough we have new gear and protection i cant make it last level 30 tree armor we will be able to fight the bosses with this now its so good we kinda missed the map coming to this its like a big unexplored area in the middle thats ok satisfies later this area its not much great because a lot is just filled by the void i will take the lot we are cleaning up this shop i just bought everything in the shop and left i love the story marty is fire my second ride keeping up with nature called my horse irt i hope you enjoy riding in me lieutenant - don't doubt what you said ok that's the one who named the horse after me oh well some of those arrows we just bought but we have it dbz thanks for a thousand bits i thought that would kill me in the footage make an offer of rupees to the big fairy please don't run away ok well this is big cause i

i already did this research so you know i just got some free money there what i activated wait wait this is the boss music because the system boss music oh is that a Tallis they are very simple Tallis welcome to the fearsome Oh Annie dropped a cute diamond hey dude don i dont mind i'm just coming to scream so jump so here i could go wrong is a divine beast footage here so we stopped for a moment a big sesame street bird is mad and it's killing the locals with the music its quite hard to listen to at night as i think its quieter but its a slowed down version of wind waker's dragon roost island and i love that there is some very useful armor put up for sale here this is cold resistant armor this set us better protection in the sweater they see me like to see you ride your horse up here oh ok they are really trying stan no really looking ok we can take the main source take hold i will just change my melody like the moment before I pull the [__] oh you didn't think i would get this far

Master Sword has been acquired, it deals 30 damage, which is four points more in our current sword, but no, the quality of the master swords is as it breaks, it recharges, I believe in Boston Air: double the damage you can also improve, I believe under certain circumstances and even when your heart is full you can't throw it but you have a sword i'm going to beat our first divine beast oh something's on fire wait now you have chosen now this is not the time the hero friend i'm going burn yes then you unlock the main sword trial which is like a 40 story dungeon where you start with no equipment but if you get to the end the main sword will never break so what I want to do is beat them the shield wait where the threw wait they throw it straight into the lava pit [__] you know boo I have to find them ok so what I can do is detonate a bomb in here I just have to detonate it oh you donate it, yes yes now we have the artillery, which is great I hope everyone doesn't feel too anxious right now because we have to go further into this volcano I'll be away in a moment man I have to help this guy first too the coral because it's made of wood it will burn spontaneously because of the flames like him immediately if that rocket is like oh you released me and he just like he's on fire everywhere

he in the bridge has his shield so he'll be fine but you can also do it you can just throw him in the lava take a nice flight it's time for the first here he is let's make our way so first things we need the boredom and he has a lot of helicopters The guardians leave us clear the way even though you know but you know we always do a piece of [__] watch Mike float is like cheering for me ok oh my god two of them here ok the box would seem like you don't know how to fight these people what's the dollar so opie is the most powerful weapon in the game i think this is the final blow now he is going to the volcano guess what we gotta go here come on and i will get some friendly words i died gora i have to clean up a lot of insides here welcome to the first divine beast and let's do what we gonna do first clear up the dirt we can see there are some treasure chests here i will grab them in a moment i just wanted there to be a way to light this thing up cause i'm at even here I can change my gear I think it's safe once you are inside the divine beast they have air conditioning its a bad time to contact you so we all have to get to all terminals it's 5:00 in here too now yeah it lights up so i think about what's going to happen next i think i have to turn them and thats always a little scary the first time you do it right it's a bit wacky yes it's like i rotate this is what you want i'm doing them all basically yes look what we got oh close them a bit you burn them immediately the moment you get out here we can shoot them here too we have to be very careful how we shoot them here that's not that scary oh oh god there's one below right oh that didn't work in the way i thought uh we might need to leave the area fast come the last terminal is the main control unit at the back alright here we go oh come wait how long tell me she ain't dead well now dont it's time for caution, just keep that we could be kind of

ok he has a face - he has a face look at the master two swords go home is good enough
hit us for six hearts there we got that's our first suit on the beast we did it that's one less and you get a can full of hair for beating one two is here your uncle a hug is probably the most useful power in the game so this will protect us three times from any hit even if we are hit by a laser beam of the Guardians it will deflect it perfectly and also recharges but this will keep us alive to a significant extent now you are the appetizer we still have three more elements The Guardian he's blue, which means he's friendly now, so he's positioning himself here for a pretty big boy maneuver
so when gannon spawns, he'll take a shot you know he was just like mama mama you should come and see this
Erick's protective power contained champion Derek's perfect defense will automatically protect you from all kinds of attacks as long as you hold ZL we have a shield now Hyland you probably already know but apparently a hundred years ago champion Hylian had a legendary blade the plague that seals the darkness you mean this sword again said you caught a mouse a thin blade already does not chew so we have another powerful weapon which is the rock breaker 60 damage two handed weapon


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