I'm Done With This Game

 I don't know the rhythm I'm so unusual it was embarrassing today we are continuing our journey in the quarry now see me the playlist below see we haven't really made the craziest mistake other than the last thing I did it almost did me quit the game just as you see they are coming out in slow portions mostly because i'm busy with real life stuff but the other part is because i feel really bad and i regret everything i do so you know i've been told that what i did is recoverable so [ __ ] will be fine bro ok bro i will just believe him i got a tarot card so at least i could do something here what we got i get i cant tell if i feel with her or not but the star is okay stars stars in the night sky headlights brother what's wrong in her dreams hope purpose i think it's her eyes that [ __ ] me up

i know what maybe i should have seen oh my god no alright alright i'm fine with this if that's what you want i don't want a spoiler i don't want a spoiler alright i don't need i have this myself bro i had the hunch to go back to the hackett quarry hopefully eventually we can see how she walks off oh the fun you'll have because of her involvement in this the bigger picture if there's one i feel like there's like to some extent it was in here but we finished the third chapter it was awful this was it don't panic it wasn't good it was that fast and there was a hunter and it was just i think he's not doing what the title says frame one oh abby but we have the baby brenda what oh try drawing trying what can you draw and stick what the hell what's going to happen brenda will you go in there all right i step in now i know how it looks like this guy is gonna die i should have shot him and his suffering nick and hi man can you tell us what happened idk attached where is he happy he is super freaked out man yes you lost a lot of blood ok there was a guy there but there was some kind of adam what the hell what kind of animal does this at least you I took the kiss away brother can you go out happy abby she's fine man she's right over there you know where you live my teeth are running at me

[__] that black stuff that is this is an infection that is and it is spreading this is bad this is really bad friend is going to turn infection black stuff apply pressure I might as well open the wound just sorry or this might even stop the infection i'm not too sure i'm just going to crush x i think doing something is better than nothing so if you die at least i can say i've tried we should amputate what we should cut it before the infection spreads like we damn so you're an idiot why should we do this dude look at that black shit what do you think it is i look like a doctor yeah that thing could turn them maybe and then someone is watching them now

i see something that doesn't shoot oh we almost killed him i almost killed him it would have been crazy nick is fine nick and abby were attacked in the woods hey someone has dry clothes i am [__] freezing all our bags are still in minivan that and we still miss the girl who was with him just what happened to you where is emma yeah jacob where is emma [__] how did you forget emma so fast brother i left emma on the island and told her i would be back right away brother for real yes because well no i just thought i saw someone over there before someone no well i think we're going to the lodge oh jesus christ i can't believe it i haven't told you yet i saw a [__] corpse in the lake like a dead man no not for a battle i don't know one of the swimmers of the varsity swim team yes a dead idiot thank you obviously you did jacob no for real i did brenda it's hard to believe right now in this environment a corpse in the lake it's the har the coolest thing to understand this is a gang of losers all here the next impromptu pick i get it bro for brenda shit something's wrong what's wrong i gotta go get emma uh sorry hey i need this ok it's not safe out there man we gotta protect nick and abby yeah and i need to save emma alright she's out there alone you don't even know if she's in trouble you don't even know if you're in trouble you're feeling right no i'm trying to save my girlfriend's life [__] not your girlfriend I don't think she's your girlfriend thank you make her shoot somebody brother let go let go of damn shot brother what are you doing next that's not the way i play shorts anger brother stop we're in a real mess here guys you're acting like balls both jacob we keep this nick and abby are hurt we need protection is there anybody around yeah ryan sorry that yeah feel good with that dodge make sure it's sa f and if she's on

on the island he's definitely fine i had to make sure you don't mistake running gun with captain liberation at the lodge he has no protection like nick he can't walk properly yeah i have an idea you want wheelbarrow man we need to cut off his leg i think he's a gaming hobie will turn right into the thing that bit him i think assuming this is fine let's see what he brings tonight bruv what she's safe too ok ok she doesn't realize she's in danger what has two thumbs up and suddenly she's riding by alone on a freaky island in the dark this fool might need to die an inch an inch available i'm tryna save her though let's see and it was here on a strange uninhabited island that this brave young soul found herself at her comfortable. w you guys around so there's a treehouse over there i'm going to see if i can serve up some of that sweet scenic goodness cuz thats the thing oh shut up i don't care about you cuz i don't care but even though i can't because then i'd look like the super needy one when he was the one who stormed off in the first place sorry i'm leaning oh explore the vent i don't care i hope your phone dies at the tree house explorer friends oh yeah ok now i remember when we were brenda we saw someone in this tree house so it was a person though not necessarily like a windigo looking thing we will probably find this island is like an unacceptable i'm gonna give more context to what is happening out here after it floods in the lake pretty good hey you know when i was little i thought islands would float in the middle of the water like a blow up bed but i'm older and wiser now and realizing that all is not always what it seems you thought you were just having a hot summer fling and then it turns into babysitting a big hairy man-child yeah so we are so stable with him and we text him love

letters every damn day we still can't act so you don't mind we're talking about it right cause because it's up to me to justify my feelings when he's a little bluff about it you know you shouldn't have it, it's damn sure metaphor in storytelling by way of a crossroads brother, how do you fit to shut up, here's the big question: do I take the high road literally and forget it or continue on the road I'm walking on and keep complaining about my stupid life I have to choose this it's not living the choice it's up to me brother what's alright I'm not too sure of the high road and forget it I'll go this way we're in now anyway fine and really in the middle of it cause you know what else i was really excited for the next part of the my life you know i want to say summer was amazing but what's next i mean come on i know when i post it hacking his quarry will be just a distant memory and i know that it's only one night and you have to make the most of all your opportunities I guess you don't want to settle for what's around me, you know, I understand I guess Abby sees me as a self-confident person, uh, but I have really scared of desperately wanting to stay afloat in a world where everyone wants to be different, you are really down in the dumps talking so crazy on your phone like I take you a diary like please, it ain't like that, I feel like I have to taking a tarot card or something like that here seems to be the least traveled path because whoever wants to hear her talk about her life uh i don't know i don't particularly cling to characters who are [__] for no reason this is the atmosphere that is emanating so i guess every card okay i should have one by now i'll get one this is actually a little funny tell us who i feel like this is the first time i've been alone all summer i hope you don't come back Imma I think this reinforces the whole Jacob thing, I know it's okay for him to come get me, but now that I'm alone I'm kind

of how jacob if you are looking at anything personal where you are putting it is a thing of me we are in the right place yes you have to take you no let me relax beaten i said i hate him his aggressive brother actually no we are not nice thoughtful is a bitter memory , we think his crazy is the tone no we're not cool you left me here on this weird ass island i'll make you pay for it yes actually let's make this idea time ok what's it gonna be to tie her shoelaces together without two slapsticks i'm not even sure jacob knows how to tie his shoelaces to be totally honest crazy awesome alexis in his drink thinks something bad is going to happen but enough let's go do it let's get to say jot down your ideas in the comments but we'll be all away when this uploads okay wait i heard the vibe could make a bunch of jokes though no no those videos always seem so staged good old nail- modeled authenticity close alright we're alright alright oh my god i don't know how different the high road would have been but it seems all paths are close to one right hold on to error cards don't play with me this is a clue that a fire was here thinking about it how did this happen mr when he got back to the lodge oh yeah it's almost like someone else still let the fire clue get uncovered give me the clue uncovered so maybe i need to go back down the highway now you know what if i look for these tarot cards i will be crazy when i dont find it so i dont care i will not look at them anymore and i will take what i get brother is right where i am where i am going here ok on us go then this might be bad but its the path I chose one-handed huh or you could put the phone in your bra or something but I guess we're just extras it didn't sound good yeah it didn't eh oh [__] vo tell me oh my god here we go here come on i broke my ankle oh please tell me i didn't break my ankle ok nice i do it again where is my phone or ok we are

acknowledge this have you heard what the hell is it looks like we have a choice on our hands stick our noses through someone else's things or open the spooky hatch and die a horrible painful death there are literally no right answers bro what do we open the trap door i'm taking a risk with you i don't care bro what's the worst that can happen goodbye cruel world the final curtain is calling and no time for an encore let's go oh damn did i really kill her wow oh i didn't mean to more play bro no she's dead for real i'm done bro no no no you can't make me like you can't tell me like this was supposed to be a break i was should fight anything else you're talking about [ __ ].


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