Is WotLK Classic Impossible For A Casual WoW

 you can enjoy Wrath of the Lich King randomly ok randomly if you just want for fun the answer is no you can't play if you are casual this is how it goes guys listen I don't set the rules that's just what they're good here let's go let's look a very common question lately it has been worth playing Rapha the Lich King as casual let me call it casual this would be someone who could rarely raid probably most pugs when they do yes they have limited time to play due to all things to adults that people have to do but still want to enjoy the game and all the content it has to offer, we are really into it and with us I really mean me on all min maxing creating content assuming you have as much time to play as a streamer or someone who has so much money in the bank that they never need to work another day in their life and is just plain wrong there that's a lot of you guys and gals playing the game play with a group of friends you love to hang out with and probably have more fun with less progress less gear and probably couldn't care less about your profile on Warcraft Log i was thinking yes imagine there are people raiding and they don't even know what warcraft logs are they can picture that brother like they don't even have a damage meter downloaded like yes like maybe they have a damage meter so you can know put yourself in the test against how they did during the fight last time like it was weird [__] how casual mind game they have what this video is really made me think so much about my personal enjoyment of the game i am a person who can spend a lot of time to play if I want to do so I enjoy the game contained above all in Raph and being effectively competitive on the meters is something that makes me log in every day rno, but just playing this way completely ruins so many other aspects of the game as well by spending every hour in gdkp racing or cultivating golf forays or equipping alt to spli t runs towards

maximize the amount of loot your main Raiders will receive, it's all so time consuming, i think as if you should always max men if you want you should never min max if you don't want the only exception is that if someone is min maxing and then or sorry if someone is not a maxing man don't expect other people to want to play with you if i am min maxim i think thats the difference like it's the only uh the only friction that happens is people who are not min maxing or arm and maxing want to join a group or get involved with people from the opposite side this is the worst part of everything else alright what happened just having fun gathering some friends and hanging around the fact is it's not fun cancel a raid because someone doesn't want to enchant their gear or something or doesn't want to appreciate getting the right talent points or seeking a five-minute guide on how to build their own class is so like there is some element of this is common sense and you have yes it's just a game if it's just a game then why can't you just spend five minutes just being able to play it right I mean why you can't just spend like a little bit just a little I just take a little time so you can know what's going on [__] PVP by getting the beers and leveling some low-level characters in the dungeons together without actually being boosted or worse buy a boosted Blizzard character, one of the funniest things I had in the classic was asking during the hype of the Hardcore Challenge and doing it in Duos [__] because you're not in a hurry actually the game looks right there, I say it's better that after it's the longest intro in the world with absolutely no information on what you're even here to get to the point, you can randomly play in Wrath and how much content there I'm good for you an honest question is abso [__] lutely it is easier to play casually in Wrath than in i s a

playing casually in retail i would say yes if you just want the answer so you can walk away you can absolutely play it casually and i would say all classic so far will be the most casual friendly expansion so far with absolutely no barrier to entry to five heroic men once you reach level 80. and if you've just relaxed the search all the way, you probably already have reputation at Friendly, so you can buy tabards to further boost your reputation with whichever faction you choose where the tab out first really can jump into a group for an hour to do a couple of heroics and feel like you've made progress without trying to turn it into an oh my god Blizzard or a random dungeon seeker wrong in the video this is the biggest kick in the T for the casual gamer actually and you yourself are someone I don't think being able to like I think it will affect negatively nt only people who are on smaller servers like you are really on a big server there will be groups groups going all the time groups popping up constantly as you will probably be able to find a group and exchange chats as fast as you can find a group in the group finder so it's like I don't think it's going to be that bad, I think they are really smaller servers and servers where you are not in the dominant population when we have limited time or just can't be bothered to take the game too seriously yes they may initially think they don't I don't want a random dungeon finder but unfortunately it really saves so much time and when you are limited to being able to queue while you are doing a little something else at the same time, yes it would have been really convenient when it came to TBC you could have even called me casual yes that's the only thing that makes me frank fo is that you have to sit and exchange chats while if you are in uh what you call it if you are in if you are in a dungeon finder, you can just go out and walk around you are business while you wait for me to create a group for you but yeah heroism of five men because i couldn't really be bothered looking at the lfg board or chat window all day to do some heroism if i could queue and walk off and do something else and just wait for a queue of dungeon that I probably would have done

i've actually spent a lot more time in heroics all over tbc stop talking about random dungeon seekers so when you do these five man heroics you'll get 200 eye level gear and you'll also get emblems to spend so even if your gear it will not be Mega optimized you will just have to do heroic deeds for five man as your main source of equipment, increasing your reputation too much to buy some epics too and even some random PVP to fill in other words I have to [ __ ] tell you this oh my god gotta tell you guys gotta let you know this game is so [ __ ] easy it's so [ __ ] easy you will erase yes you will erase you will make mistakes yes we will make mistakes but probably not many of them probably not so many wipes don't [ __ ] try to think that you need the best in the Blues slot to move on to the next don't [ __ ] submit to this [ __ ] if my best advice for r whoever it is to get into wrath of the lich king is to play and do it the way you want to do it now if you want to ke and that's what i like to do you like min maxing and getting all really cool gear and doing all of that and in that way you can just do a big dick the new thing [ __ ] do that one hundred percent man [ __ ] do it but don't go tell yourself it has to happen because it doesn't [ __ ] it has to happen you don't have to [ __ ] do it you can play that whatever you want you can do whatever you want and it's totally [ __ ] okay that's all I have to say I have to [ __ ] say that man doesn't feel obligated to play a certain way he doesn't feel obligated to hold the keeping up with the rat race its like oh its been a week the expansion and you dont have like you know two factions hyped it no literally no one cares what you want to do raids are so [ __ ] easy like literally like one of the main raids is an easy 60 raid. and all the p difficult limbs are gone you don't need frost resistant gear you don't need to do anything play for fun With Honor gear you will still feel it the power of your character increases with every upgrade you get now there really are two ways to look at this, so let's look at the first example where you never want to raid yourself

literally have no interest in joining a guild to raid or pug actually in the grand scheme of things raiding is and should be a small part of your play time because there is so much else to do both for the PVP players than for the PVE players the Achievement The system opens so many people who [ __ ] care to be able to get 100 achievements because there are many from raids but you can do so many by yourself like master PVP achievements of the story where it's okay you're not alone but you can queue up reputation achievements solo collecting mounts and pets and so much more you might really enjoy leveling up and I'll tell you right now that there's nothing more fun than leveling a character with relics that are fully enchanted because it makes you feel like i have god mode turned on so farming all the relics only making five men and building slowly an army of alts this is another option on the other side I will have two characters Emma has one character the death knight and t the other will be the warrior I may also become a paladin yes it will be yes that's all I will have I don't have need no other idiot [ __ ] like there's no reason like maybe maybe a sorcerer or something that maybe but other than that i don't need to play dps just listen we only play the strongest characters you may not be against i raid but your play times are so sporadic that you can't just engage in raid guilt with because you can't be sure you'll always be there when they need you, well, great news, there's a lot of content that's friendly for pugs to file every week on 10 and 25 man there will always be tons of pugs going all the time 24/7 all 10 man raids when you're not trying to push def modes ficils tidy or heroic crusader trial or even heroic ICC a puggable comfortably so you can jump into any of those you'll like of course it also helps keep your gear up to date which is going to be important here let me give you a advice for archiban revolts ok, so if you join a raid and the raid is on the main loot you have to be very alert because there is a good

there might be a problem because remember that people will still expect you to be in a reasonable situation to invite you to one of these pugs, yes, having said that with every new level of content comes an extra VOA boss comes better badge gear and in some cases even heroic dungeons with higher item levels like the champion's trial or even the five-man ice crown that comes when ICC launches there are simply ways to get gear without feeling the pressure to go and do the hard mode Content 25 men rating content or even 25 men rating content that being said the 25 men rating content offers the best game equipment if you want the best game equipment you raid 25 men and it's a fact that's how it works because with each stage it gets better items although they are adding heroic plus due my understanding of heroic plus is that he roic plus will assign raid gear from the previous expansion or sorry for the previous patch so every time all the wire comes out there will be heroic Plus yeah it's the continue as if it wouldn't be equivalent to 25 men raid gear guys also easy to get this will shock you but i really believe you could play Rapha Lich King in full and enjoy every minute of being online just being a boy profession what i mean by this is bring more characters to level 80 get all your professions up of them and just make gold oh you are probably thinking well what the point of gold is if I am not getting the equipment right is another way to equip some really powerful items with gold think about the size of the Dark Moon car l 'equipment created by all we make our speeches and ICC when eventually World drop epops or Boe epops come out of the raids that some of them are absolutely Bonker s actually there are and there are also manufacturable buoys that you can buy there are those that are added every patch like malagos 10 ring, for example this ring falls on 10 man is just a normal mode boss and this ring è Boe oh is pretty much the first stage for most people who can use it by mixing a little inside with some heroic gear for five man and badge gear could literally take you through the whole expansion and honestly the

professions in the game are a game of their own Mining and herbal medicine are one of your characters then sit down and grind all your herbs to try to make dark moon cards and get lucky and send all your ore you have to your JC in Prospect and see if you can make some decent profit there using the green gems then cut some rings and next to De on your spell to get mats and charm your alt and whatever else he has oh brother never have I ever done none of this [__] as if I had never done literally any of this [__] [__] as if all I would have done in the past was just get my character up to 80. I would manage the five men where I would try to sneak a raid and then I would take the equipment, man, no one got fights like no hit, yeah, just go to Susan Express, yeah, you need the gold, that's a problem solved, man, so it's this oh my god, man, it's p azzes see how people do it [__] you did the mining before I hit 80 right I did it I did a lot as well as getting back to the original rage as soon as I blew the cold, went to Icecrown and mined the titanium for about four hours and I got so much titanium that I had enough gold for the whole expansion because I sold everything on some serious legs and if you're not playing huge amounts of hours a week you wouldn't get tired of this particularly fast then one that doesn't it's everyone's cup of tea but the dailies are the dailies in the back i am Basin where you could eventually work to hope to hatch a mount from an egg that I still never can [__] forget my mother took the egg the mount from this egg thought it was a guaranteed drop because it came out of its first egg it was the first on the server to have the green proto-draco and as if everyone was like that the [__] where you got it how you got it took how you took it as what is this nobody even knew what the cadillac was where you can find an epic fishing rod that returns to professional talk also professional daily like JC daily fishing daily cooking jus daily t so much content if the pvp is your thing there are also daily PVPs in Grizzly Hills later, when Trial of the Crusader comes out, you will spend a lot of time at the

Silver tournament camps riding your horse around jousting for rewards yes that was doing a daily quest in storm surges everyday trying to get a mount of a polar bear there will be a lot of stuff i don't even have mentioned but it's just all content to consume and enjoy which you don't need to raid the last one it's not even a fact about content it's more of an advice it's okay find like-minded people yes where not they aspire to be number one in the world they are happy just to have fun with people who want to do the same content as them it is a MMO the experience will still be better if you share that experience with other people everyone knows the most antisocial gamer than Wow in the game because I'm lucky to have at least three viewers watching me times on Twitch and talking to me, so that's where I share my experiences with, but don't go alone, it will get you in five men faster you will make content with people who have the same i would recommend joining a guild as my best advice join a big guild and you know make a name make friends in the guild and play with those people mindset and in the end it will end up being a much more fun experience than getting in with sweaty hardcore gamers in all the best raid gear that wants to kick your ass because you did 10 DPS less than what a sim said you should be doing now. this was a weird video i feel like its not even happening like its not as long as you're on a raid it seems to me as long as you're on a raid you're sure you're not wasting your time uh man i never happened [ __ ] never [ __ ] had this [ __ ] happen what do you mean oh man oh man consistently that's crazy you're a streamer i was i wasn't screaming in Wrath i've never been kicked in none of my bands ever yeah bro when have i ever done that [ __ ] never done that [ __ ] done is done we're talking about 2022. i don't know if it's really that much different i feel like i feel like a person lo I am

drastically exaggerating i think they are exaggerating dramatically and drastically like oh i like it no its not yes mate right yeah [ __ ] right this is classic andes this is very popular no bro like it if i go and watch raids how i see people around they are [ __ ] rubbish they are so bad like most people playing the game they are terrible how look at your character is so not even hard gdkp just too we will gdkp I raid NAX very very soon after me and McConnell there let's loot all the gear we'll start having uh we'll start raiding gdkp but i try to please everyone in the end i want everyone to enjoy the way they enjoy the game and i think i've lost my way too over the years and i want may the RAF bring out my inner casual too so I can join you guys at the Goldshire Inn using the Texas Hold'em add-on for some naughty play sessions which actually it was something i used to do in the beginning wrath after a raid would sit and play poker all night i miss those days however nowadays what i will do is just fly around growing herbs to be able to get 200 potions of speed to use in my raids all week make sure i like it subscribe well if you liked it if you didn't like it let go now sign out but subscribe before you go in case i make a video you will like i'm rolly outro there are many ways you can support the channel keep me here posting world of warcraft content this is a good video for us join the channel as a member you will get access to the remotes everyone will know you will remember when you comment on future videos because you get a nice icon next to your name members only video i will be putting a lot on the channel throughout the year also there is a patreon link in the description and thanks for watching till finish and see you next time i think its a fair enough video yeah i thought it was alright i wa tch this in a sec guys i'm into Max o yeah i mean i don't worry about it [ __ ] a oh man as just my advice know that fights show up at the raid be helpful and do your job if you do those things you will be invisible you will not get kicked no one will get mad at you just do your

[__] work don't cause trouble don't go AFK don't aggro extra garbage don't ask what to do in a fight like Patchwork or like Thaddeus even better so how does it work aha yes you're out just look find it, trust me, yes, don't do the [__ ] I don't follow so many rules, I don't think it's that hard for people to make minimal effort or cry for people who are elite when they are kicked for sucking real dick so [__] true getting kicked out for sucking dick that's what it is fix get good yeah just get good you won't have any problems nobody will want to kick you out nobody will want to kick you out of a group every time you do your job people only throw you out every time you suck cock this is how people are used to to get carried away then they get mad every time some other group doesn't bring them i think that's what most of it is too good i've been playing wow for a long time c ome streamer and as a non streamer man there are some people in classic wow that I think they eat the paint I think they do eat the paint are like you know they have one hand on the keyboard and the other hand in the paint bucket they just eat the [__] paint all the time mate yeah they're lonely [__] bad at the game so i don't really think uh i don't think you need to put in a lot of effort to get ahead compared to everyone else ok yes what's wrong with painting yes exactly Thaddeus back in the day folks who has to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise when our debuff changes yes just remember I would tell people like the way I would always do raid lead is I would tell people how to listen if you need to hear you tell how move over there i will kick you out i will kick you out now like i was probably i was that one hundred [__] percent raid boss it's like yeah if you go and start [__] causing trouble and not

knowing what the hell you are doing asking stupid questions come up with it was i am a very reasonable person nowadays i am an incredibly reasonable person i dont want to hear about it yes gatekeeping elika snobbish yes sure i am probably the most reasonable person there must be a bad employer working because the fact is all i want people to do is just do what they should do is so i take you on the raid you do the thing is i am the most reasonable person let me absolutely see i will watch rookie video VIN i will link of new this video this is the guy who interviewed the blizzard guy with mr gm it's not him i am pretty sure it's him yeah that's what [__] thought fine, yeah this guy was fine


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