Kratos Vs Odin Fight Scene 4K - God Of War


your daughter my son call her friend if you try to hurt her i don't want you to know what i did yes but what you gonna do now eh we can't change i don't destroy us anymore for the sake of our children we have to be better stranger [music] you are talking who told you to do it you do not speak you do not think I think you killed is a simple concept [__] what is this you are broken I am your father take the hammer and kill who I tell you to kill no I did not want this I did not want this no man this was all so they did this to our family [music] [music] so it was all you hoped your plan was really much better than mine hope you got exactly what you want not quite think you are yet the only one that can create a binding point I have spent many long winters thinking about what I would say as I looked at you but now I realize there is only one thing I need you to know that you no longer have a hold on me is the my F rick i forgot how beautiful you are with wings o h a husband you always sought knowledge well now i will teach you what it's like to lose everything bow to your queen i always loved you you know you never loved anyone oh [applause] my god father the you did Loki

he is better now i can know what happens next i will never stop why you should say that soft knife his son has softened so far [music] what do we do with him
stranger I would never steal your choice between life and death I've waited so long for this moment and now that I'm here [Music] I don't need this to make me whole we have stopped his madness that's all that matters [Music] stranger it's here it's time to go you're exactly where you need an exit let's try and things follow me fast you don't have to go well it's time [Music] [Applause] stranger don't be afraid whatever happens I'll do it stay with you but your path is the your follow him and you will end up right where you should be eh the fairies wake up atreus wake up happy that you are back to us ah hello where is my father somewhere here in the hold will be happy to see you thanks his stranger [music] stranger [music] she destroyed her she didn't want us to know her faith Ford's dear path thanks to her she went against her own people our people to protect you don't open up everyone I'm sorry [music] father I need to talk to you about something there s no other giants out there and I have it to find them I think I know where to look but it's my responsibility [music] I need to do it myself I don't want to do it myself but I need it hard to explain it scares you yes that's why as you taught me


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