League of Legends - Katarina DIAMOND PROMO _ Full Game -


hi everyone the danger is over here i decided to record this match since i'm one match from getting the diamond i am two wins one defeat and my promotion

series and I got my main Katarina in the middle so I feel it um uh holy [__] I'm [__] holy stressed [__] that last game I wish I had recorded that [__] we were behind the whole women in the game like the return of [__] but now I have to focus on this game so you may be wondering if you have all Katarina skins why are you using sand this [__] Katarina skin this is a good question but the answer is because this is the only one skin that has a holy flip back [__] that shit alright i mean let's be honest here oh well alright alright like i was saying this is the only skin with a flip back and it's so [__] cool i dont understand why all katarina skins are all reskin if there are no actual particle changes i mean she is different as weapons and [__] but other than that they are all like reese khun so why i dont understand what this is different like I emo it for a while but you know that i will take it because i really really like how the back flip is awesome i want to try a and i get like oh i wonder if i get a dubstep as i go like this and then i go golden in the air the golden dress at night duff living holy she doesn't want to understand it now it's like my first priority after i have diamond oh i have it i will not be stressed my hands are shaking and things will be hard to play my hands are shaking my hands are shaking but i am still shooting i'll still like it boom headshot oh alright Lincoln said i can do it [__] that's just like ah honestly wish i took CP because usually um if i dont think i will have any kill potential i take cp and katarina just so i can help myself with ganking bottom [__] like that, but the thing is you never know how good those players will be, so you never know if it's going to be enough poop to kill him in Lane if a regular player does his job then you shouldn't kill him at Lane but you know that's what it is or at least from my experience I played against the good side of killing unless Katarina is very tough oh [__] we have first blood which is great which is like fake [__] Jarvan they [__] know they know Jarvan

alright it's out it's out it's all guys it's out there alright that's so too Zacks sings the first time that's the first step so win this [__] game and get the diamond i've been plaid one way too [__ ] for a long time it is my fault because I only play as if five champions in the standings can list them all

ganked from there oh [__] oh [__] violin you almost killed me holy [__] that [__] is scary i was like by the way zed was like moving, i knew it was so i will kill him, alright, he's dead yeah , well, he also wasted a dip it was great, okay, you know what I would normally do pink wards and [__] Hannie guys normally bulletin board and health pond let's go now I feel [__] safe if I leave my face without a ward i'm [__] naked i feel so naked and i like to feel naked but it's not that it's scarier and more classified than it is in real life honestly alright alright we know it looks cute [__] alright considering this is our usual i haven't had the best luck in my promotions that i am but this is this looks good so we will put this pink department in the brush of fate that was this brush but I have a new brush of destiny which is this brush right here and pretty much put my P pink rotector right on the edge right there right there then we have permission there red nobody ever [__] controls that bush which means our jungle player is more or less like stealing red from him as much as he wants umm if he's nice and [__] oh [__] use my help alright he said no alright sorry in the chat because i cultivated instead of helping him so yes perma vision there red right there and as i guarantee they will take so long to discover that [__] ping board because first of all nobody wants in that bush unless it's their jungle golems Walking Horses or some [__] who is probably watching just where Jarvan is walking

alright now i have a point another point in my W i feel safe farming with it i feel saved my brothers haven't lost minions i'm not sure but i think they just got the dragon because yeah they're seething is also missed for their jungler and on top Zedd just leveled up and i didn't see it die in you i might have been blind you know but i think they just got the dragon i should time it but i don't want to waste my messages in the chat man i chat is limited

now this is this is a diamond right here this is that diamonds this is [ __ ] diamond please for DFG oh me he left 'em that's quite an honor it's burnt okay okay okay take the next wave and then we have the [ __ ] D di G right there [ __ ] RE F G now with that we'll be hella [ __ ] backflip backflip hard and then Rico cause you know we got a backflip for [ __ ] good measure let's do it [ __ ] alright c'mon c'mon alright death of the my team it doesn't matter it doesn't matter leave it all behind leave it all behind get what d FG do you have [ __ ] G now if you are that guy out there who is watching this as an educational video i know you went to the wrong channel but um if i can give any advice and rank from what i learned i see many people even in similar rigs [ __ ] is that as everyone can only place one [ __ ] please always keep a ping wart on the map if someone brings out your pink ward so buy some a new one c ome pingers is so [ __ ] strong right now oh [ __ ] it's just me and Lulu against the whole team check my warren yeah and when i did it's a [ __ ] diamond with five champions let's go uh heh i wanna say, i know some people have done it with like a camera kinda [ __ ] but i don't care, that's all i mean, i'm not very good at this game, i just make videos about it that's my job go well, we can put it in a head you think irony he sees the shadow first they want to pop up in a hand come puppy shadows then i want to see that shadow coming out i see no shadow so i can't kill you come on use your shadow you want to get me from over there will you give me a blow don come on you want to take a peek at me there you if you turn off your shadow right now you could cover me completely yeah oh he doesn't ruin them he's just clever well there's too much sickness nor jump in it alone I wanna hope for someone who doesn't like how they that after having it done or once they will expect katerina's verse but a tilyyou did once in a game they just don't see it coming because you haven't been relevant up to that point at least not that relevant Zac little do you

watch that shadow come out just i just got the gold oh i'm just gonna flash this is the flash combo and DF g qw r um [ __ ] this is one here we go that's triple that's triple but we'll see quad quad step turn on the court office be [ __ ] joking i had the quad turn on step and that [ __ ] happens okay this is the quad let's see the pencil even if i want i want to take the [ __ ] pencil i do what no pen is really really no pen sir okay i'll say get the official pencil wow open to be a pencil too kill god damn i was really excited about the pencil too okay i'll check it out i'm just going direct damage let's do it [ __ ] okay even if it's a sexy dodge larry i'm like i jumped his cue aniela after he like everything for me huh i thought it was good enough okay now its like he's playing a ram or it's just not random so i'm just for the plas like five and minutes just like running in between and fighting was wo rking pretty well for me they fed us [ __ ] since i said they didn't expect Katarina to be relevant out of nowhere what is she going to do now you'll get it you won't get it by the way in which i normally don't but you know if you want to see more how the full game thomas performs like this contact me in the comment section would be like yo over i want some artists [ __ ] this as crack for me this is double there we're oh i need like seven assists then my ex corey one 337 or i could get um 34 dead and that would be 137 too i'm considering both let's be honest here i mean here we go this is the [ __ ] war oh this is the [ __ ] right there we go let me see let me see let me see

so it becomes [ __ ] real but if they do Baron I don't can't even chat all right I'm fine I believe I believe in Corki Corki and the Louisville hashtag the dream yes yes my hero my hero Karim sensei come on Karim sensei let's see a triple oh baby a triple oh oh oh baby a triple we see let's say a quadruple
also recent issues in a second killing the solution are you ready though we can bring the [ __ ] here i swear to god loosen just a little closer i have to show them [ __ ] number two okay here it is you think about the frame here we go two is two but yeah oh make three make 3 make 3 yeah hold it for sure it's not far because [ __ ] stupid zach has a feeling my pencil from 1995 okay it's an ace that's a [ __ ] ace yeah that's the wind that's all wait no we're so early in the game we probably can't even finish unless we kill them again the set is like out on three Lucien is out now we've got it we've got it this this is the game this it's the diamond this is the voice of the diamond this is this isn't playing this diamond this is the double this is the double diamond Wow oh my god oh my god oh it's happening it's happening [ __ ] diamond [ __ ]


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