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the [ __ ] on nintendo only gives you a secret level if you beat the game as luigi after you beat it as mario we have to do it all over again luigi the only main difference in terms of control is that it's a bit more floaty it's more fast and he can jump higher too he's basically better mario we might even be able to avoid spring louis the rush is really on because we killed our first child we're off to a great start twitch staff please don't flag the stream by killing the baby there's a whole speedrun category where the goal is to kill that kid as fast as possible you've earned an additional luigi now you can spawn several copies of luigi as we go i need to see luigi everywhere just like adding as a luigi jpeg for appreciate the screen every time until it gets out of hand like it's not there there isn't even a screen that's visible anymore we all know you're ignoring red po in the room i will see if i can save any toads no toads run how many toads can we deliberately not save one you know make sure they die oh yeah thats the challenge for the game then we will see if we cant save the bags is there something wrong too in luigi's neck I don't know if you can see that there is like a broomstick or something that is leaning his head you see it now it's like a broomstick that only holds his head up he can't help it the size of the neck not so bad oh come on they jumped on me when i was about to go oh we need to save some bags this one has this one has the power star ok so we need to save the toad brigade sadly i just realized it won't turn off his headlamp when talking to louis like louis must be blind right now i bet louis can [ __ ] no no because someone says i just watch the chat and like that are someones thoughts co me no hey i'm not game theory oh jesus matpat new video is he's kinda wild you know how he was doing like he's plugged dead all the time like who really is purple guy can luigi [ __ ] hi internet

welcome to game theory ok i just saw matpat theory about luigi schlong and it measures seven inches while marios is 2.5 because that exists that's not real game theory it's a risky quest of the day oh no it's game theory measure louis up and he ain't no because he exists today was a bad day to have ears what did you learn on the rt stream today louis has five inches more mario oh god mum sorry i can't wait for these highlights of the flow is just there is going to be an argument about louis penis this is louis penis and how his broomstick nick is like it's all he will lena give 100 to say dad my cousins ​​are listening to the flow look there is a reason why we don't brand ourselves as family friendly on this channel okay it's anatomy is educational you all need jesus this is not what mr miyamoto would have wanted church streaming when super like lu galaxy hygi stream like tomorrow when we finish as if the marathon is how it will be we having mass i was very brave i could just guess where is the layout of this i forget how slippery louis is and now i will be very cruel for the reminder phrase louis is very slippery it doesn't sound good oh no the highlights will just be louis dick ok good night hurt see you later it's like that i'm going out early it was an easier time when we were just freaked out by his neck ok time for one of the most stressful levels simply because i am motion controls we have to do it because we have to do everything the ball is no more slippery than mario so it's at least something but it's still horrible go i hate it don't dare louis

no i hate it i love ball levels you have no good taste sir nobody is perfect um we all make mistakes you know i try to treat everyone with respect in my chat no difference of opinion agree to disagree sometimes you are just wrong louis i wasn't even going that way mr miyamoto i love your job but if you can please stop pushing motion controls in everything you work on the whole planet you will thank yourself you will use motion and enjoy it here is the thing you need i get it guys right, I'm a gamer which means I'm irrationally angry about the smallest of things and right now I'm angry because I had to play silly ball level in Mario Galaxy and that means I'll make blanket statements that aren't really true that don't apply to all video games and you'll just have to come with me for the ride at some point i might say luigi sucks luigi wouldn't be where uto be born i hate the existence of luigi and i don't want to say that you really like daisy you know then no daisy can go [ __ ] herself like she doesn't need to exist apology video hi guys it's me um you know i normally say uh hey what's up gang of players it's me rtgame but you know i'm sorry for what i did i don't mean i don't mean any hard feelings towards luigi i take back a word i said about margherita she can rot in hell but luigi if you if you're watching the video man i'm sorry no deep sigh this is going to be a hard video to make you shouldn't really apologize in an apology video let's just make an apology video but how to hook up some new traders hey this apology video is brought to you by skillhare do you want to learn a new vital life experience could you imagine the [ __ ] balls you should have we are only sponsored in apology video apology video for apology video ok guys i would like to apologize for my last one video where i apologized and i'm also sorry i didn't subscribe to the loot box sooner just a whole channel where every video is i'm sorry and that's just you science would you be a millionaire and then just make an apology video for making your youtube channel million subscribers play button diamond overnight i have i have

i cracked the code i'll be next like i could be the next ray william johnson if i made up my mind if people tell me who like a god i'm old oh no you were like one of the biggest channels on the internet was the vlog brothers good morning john good morning hank that oh no guys dont do this to me vlogbrothers is still a thing like they are still going who remembers game rt is the thing it will be like like 70 years later when the only youtube channel is walmart all you guys will be talking its like god remember game rt and everyone else will be like who someday they will probably be like here when nintendo made console that's how we'll know when we're awake we'll probably be here too long sorry i'm making everyone feel too old right now it's like l last year i was 24 this hero is 25 i don't [ __ ] want to see what happens next year i don't like where is he going god super louis galaxy b but we all have a crisis existential and we realize we are boomers why is the music so intense why is bowser going he is trying to suck the universe into a black hole it's dark souls everything is just dark souls now remember how crash bandicoot remastered games are out anime dark platformers like this game came first stop saying remember what you remember when you were young god a long time ago mr louis look at him i am a male toad and i have a letter for you it is still addressed to mario poor louis god gets no love she includes 21 -up even though in the letter it's quite nice it's not for luigi even though we just stole mario's mail ok so this is actually different than the cosmic base game luigi is significantly faster and those techniques like that like actually jumping in long so i may have already lost this race get stuck in honey but we made two not fast oh i can't believe you go we good jesus is first it just gets harder from there stop hyping this is easy oh i didn't realize we had a player in the chat no actually its not challenging at all i beat him first try no problem stop enjoying the stream

artistic people only watch my channel for my six speedrun strats thats the only reason youre here if yourent here for my frag montage and such
whats wrong with you i meant to do this this galaxy was the first time i died in mario run well i want to try to clear it up here no problem if i can oh no i could have saved it its very dangerous how to buy mario and luigi in this game to collect some of these stars like they are literally blasting themselves into space above a black hole and they miss the star like that and they will just be torn apart by the pressure thats why those spares oh speaking of spares i had planned it i did it again ok so this is louis and the bumble bee villa but we are still saving louis i dont know why they do it like this but instead of having it so louis save mario nintendo was like no we cant have it like like mario in his brother's shadow so luigi just has to save himself from the mansion oh my are you me well i guess there are enough people in the universe for one person to look like me anyway i found a power star let's take it back he just simply doesn't question it let's go home we made it louis got a star with me louis i really struggled at this level last time i didn't 'i did i want to do it first trace well a try was done well i made good use of that why louis no its just a turtle louis did nothing m

we did it, i'm suffering for what i can have every time oh my how hard you have a kick to push yourself like that is actually pretty awesome it doesn't seem to struggle a little harder but when its so no no we kicked, i'm just lowering the tower there we go cuz you gotta make it so complicated as i watch the flow i get heart palpitations oh no it's normal uh i don't know if i agree with that diagnosis there is a doctor in the chat i am a doctor doctor mario it's here i don't need to go to my doctor the only medical advice i take is from mario like like mario mario i am not i don't feel too well i am dizzy when i stand up what would you recommend here let's go if you are about to start doing surgery and just say wow oh here we are just before looking for god it would be just like it's not what you want to hear from your doctor or just like my mom like oh no mario what is it oh we have speed louis louis cos mic louis this is actually v very hard if I remember correctly he is just fearless enough with his skating I have to have pinpoint accuracy is the jump oh bastard you have to live dangerously oh bastard if I hadn't jumped on them there I could have done it but you have a lot less check when you are like this louis what did you do what i understood i have to go i have that time i have to do the long jump again pax activation you have a letter from louis louis brother i have a star but now i can't go back photo shows where I'm help me louis help me take my hand please here's how many stars you need louis just one more so we're just here a moment my god louis did it since the last time we talked you had a star in your pocket we're good to go good for princess peach because pity because she is with me actually will say louis oh she does now she is your girlfriend

louis flawless louis run god yes we had a lot of fun on that oh no we have to watch all the looms die again no don't cheer them up the number of power stars you need to enter another world but you succeed or fail just by attempting the challenge to show something of your character so it's still just another world that's how he describes it so that's actually pretty cool in itself now take your time [__] he's dead after the cut scene is over louis no obviously when we reach the funny number let's stop for a minute so everyone can take it off the system it's almost spring the shot is close see people are anxious and scared this does two things for mario they are as if they canceled it would only be a positive the ignition of spring in daisy spring daisy science has gone too far you bastards oh no you turned into spring louis i'm so sorry oh i hate it take it out of g ame oh god get it get it

i almost died i almost died i hate it i hope green finger can commit more crimes without being arrested for harrison was green toad committing crimes i don't remember it just like writing stories for toads cause we neglected them so much that even toads I'm [__] now mario's cannon is expanding so every character is just a jerk luigi is a psycho mario is a [__] pretty sure waluigi owns a crime syndicate i mean one is actually canon okay what mario character you like best well how luigi must be the best he has as real personality than most of the main cast you know how grandma is just terrified of ghosts its like mario has no personality you want to get like mario nintendo ds or how you wanna get like luigi nintendo ds that luigi is the coolest option you get how that mario is like like what's wrong with you oh co me how simple you can be you chose those louis like who did not know you were a man of good taste so i like the finer things in life how about daisy well if you choose daisy you're wrong just so that's so daisy has a lot of personality it's just a pity none of this is a good god like people people just watch the streams and tune in from time to time we will be like Jesus he [__] hates Daisy like what what how what he did to him is not it's not daisy guilt nintendo relegator deciding hell has come no like that is waluigi's poor fate as god love him he just wants a moment in the spotlight and never will it was like a grand theft auto style game starring waluigi where as you know he's collecting dead from how people in his drug syndicate this is the game i want i would buy that all of us would be as the best as just imagine super mario odyssey right instead of mario is waluigi and then he just has a pisto la and this is the game masterpiece ready for w for wow luigi is almost out of oxygen already and we haven't even done the actual challenge but it's not a good start, he's breeding that asbestos again from luigi's villa, yeah, it is

probably took a few years out of his life 20 packs of 20 super kings a day must be super kings because as the super is in the title louis is just the tower in louis's lungs from his excessive smoke oh no cosmic louis is the smoke of his lungs no, we can't have everything because, like us, we spent too much time talking about louis fucking yesterday, now we can't have everything in relation to louis's lungs, in theory they are musicians and singers all with the voice of a toad, you could just imagine what a classic toad-like song would be like it's like there was the song for mario odyssey cause it's the only one with lyrics like in mario universe here we go off the rails don't you know it's time to raise the sails it's freedom like we never knew you're my superstar no god please no twitch things were toad when well twitch things are over now it's not true you know the toad sings there's a void in the market maybe we can or compete with just like a toad chris christmas album god no my v voice is going can't save you now no it turned back into marriage no i lost it how about a silly christmas album that would be hideous oh would you do better be careful better not to cry ok here it's not okay there's only one way out now i can get through this part without it i gotta be very careful here oh look she didn't need it heckin and proud you're not hurt ok so this is the same but it's fast now so just don't not get crushed is basically the game plan, well I didn't know it could happen, alright, what I thought was the clearance luigi won't move his hand because as if the door of the elevator closed i just need a little more oh i almost did oh i turned too soon this level foreshadowed the iconic character that is guiji luigi made a joke didn't take the long jump i just need of another coin I am on flat and stable ground there is a caress for me to go back oh louis almost slipped in okay so this if I only jump in the center I'm fine we just have to find a good point to jump we go to love it that part of the level you know someday I might play it stop having fun would you like to imagine how to play mario odyssey just cause some people get very angry if you play different than the way it is intended imagine playing mario odyssey but you get moons in a different order than the walk-through strategy

drive that's a war crime like oh you'll be gone for a long time artistic you are [__] now you know other funny voices besides toad and clumsy i mean i can do my how i can do my nerd voice the ricky also the rap voice oh wait can i do ricky rat right now i feel a lot of pressure somebody love my ricky rat voice hi kids this classic kid character please stop i can just be lazy and not defeat the like other comics just do this like a glove unbearable defiance yes it's getting a little risky here they live dangerously we live too dangerously my daughter was encouraging you to kill yourself you can do it and you just broke her heart monster oh I'm so sorry oh no a child is now in trouble is like irish only streaming was cool it wouldn't be so fun if i didn't heal and die fine don't ask me how i got it out i'm really hacking no n i know how i did that jump oh no no oh it just compressed it was going to jump no, this will go bad no no louis why not why because he didn't pick it up louis must move he didn't move just before the luminance melts tree melted there are a lot of star shards if you collect them all and die you can keep collecting the 999s from the fastest metals on the farm just before the luma shop it's oh god how do you mean here so you're saying i should just die over and over how many pieces of star i keep oh my god you keep them all yes this is perfect and as i collect so many pieces of stars i make a living fast enough to do it we take a thousand pieces of stars louis will be traumatized after this well this is what we do on this channel as per the 'use this will be the day i killed louis like 17 times to get some piece of star but for me it's just sunday oh wait for the funny numbers on okay just let me uh o take care of it quickly

let's try again stay alive luigi stay alive stay alive jesus if you count the part where i intentionally strayed from the limit to avoid the funny number we got it first try 120 stars galaxy complete the game beat bolt as mario and luigi 120 stars stage final i did it so many times before god what is this cycle where is he oh bowser ah good man you yourself run over he is a great team player and for the last time uh bowser falls into the sun himself and comes boiled alive i hope you all like it roasted turtle because what happened for dinner if bowser is just starting an acting job if you think about it its ok yeah do you remember the one where you are the center of the universe yeah i would love to do that scene again i know you already have the star ok let's do it just for fun are you still good for tennis on tuesday i know we will go go-karting like sunday ok is there one more thing you can do and thats if you get 10,000 stars u m think or for coconuts to turn into watermelons but like who cares thanks for playing my game luigi says thanks for playing the game owns it now the grand finale galaxy is now open you only get it if you finish the game both like mario than like luigi and collect all 120 stars there is one more star

it's a purple coin collecting marathon at the star festival we're back to the start of the game too the bees are here now the queen says hi can't believe it's the famous louis can i get your autograph oh louis really gets his moment in the spotlight so all the characters from all galaxies made it here even the talking signs made it here it's me billboard your world is such a beautiful place if only you weren't a sign oh low battery mr luigi you i have to hear it is a great job promoting us to royal guards i as commander of the royal guards no one will ever kidnap princess peach louis he was just blinded by the light there it is absolutely like he can't see anymore a very special letter has arrived for you i will read it aloud ok congratulations on saving all the power stars and playing to the end we would like to send you a dimension of the galaxy thanks next time super mario ga staff laxy i sent a pic to your console album so be careful so back in the day this was actually posted to the wii wall is how you got this pic you get a pic louis and rosalina and all the bags and the fact is that there are two there is another reward you get if you do it as mario thank god you came back we saw your brother but we just couldn't bear that i even liked greeting him i don't want to recognize as if he was the main character an ' other image here we are so these these are the prizes you get two images like 242 stars in almost a week we have 100 mario galaxy completed make melons no no i like not to do it no


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