Loser BLOWS UP THEIR HOUSE in Dragon Quest Builders - English

 what's up with everyone i'm doing another dragon horse builders video like a month after the game's release when nobody cares anymore so to add to the hype i'm doing it with ant dude heyo spawn wave it was supposed to be here too but what's up it's happening at your spawn end and i'm filling up a river we put off doing it for a week as spawn gets to the point where it can play online i didn't realize it's still five hours away during this playthrough i will show and make my island as the spawn wave fills a river oops I don't work much in the garden here Anthony I don't know if you saw my video I made recently when I was building my farm no I don't watch your car no you don't watch my videos obviously, I've worked a lot since then

it will take 15 hours before he joins you spawned this is so much fun you should be here eating this delicious bread so last time i made this video all i had was like a kitchen with similar tables but i made it a real restaurant now i have a chef here cooking next door i just put a bunch of tables and she really puts the food on the table it's so good a varied table three loaves and one pasta feel free to take a bath you look a little bit 'dirty I feel offended by them if you want some privacy oh hey close the blinds oh my god well if you want some food feel free to take it these crates in here should contain like 60 salads or something crazy oh wow can I title the video how to take a shower with a dude oh yeah i'll be okay with that apparently you can breed animals i don't understand it yet i mean i know how the circle of life works but this is madness wood its awesome did you do any what besides playing this plus you double him everything I do you beat the game yeah oh my god okay if the things you collect in my game I keep everything you keep uh well if I click collect on this iron he gave me all no no it's sick friend thousand iron rather than build it in one of these areas we find a new place on the island and build how a friendly resort can work with what is a beach achievement made with what material do you think i would think haha like a beach restaurant is just hovering over the water i am thinking that made of pure wood ok well we have some wooden logs so i think this is an interesting twist now i gotta go get a chicken oh really actually oh well yes you still have some time Brittany just said, man, this place is breaking through now oh, I loved Brittany, Brittany's favorite character, that's great, we should have enough materials for that, here n of if we are making it all in wood, we should be fine and you want to do it like in the water in the water I mean we could do it r Leave here because it is as if the moment you come out of the portal you will see it I want to stop my how in the depths I wonder how far you can go proves I haven't tried anything yet it just relies on stamina oh you know what's probably that strange mystical force that keeps you from doing a lot of things

thats what i was thinking but you are also rio eventually run out Stan pile of windows that could be some good vents holy cow uh-oh this doesn't look good no i'm just thinking of a whole place made out of wood but it looks nice inside i don't know if it's thanks to you but i also unlimited

and yes this is my entire this is my entire life I think I'll just make a booth the same size as yours and then we can let our creativity run wild
free yes i mean mine can be a little bigger wow we can set up both of our cabins and then generate a wave could compare the two and say which one is better
oh okay even if he won't see them for a while but that's the thing he has no influence on right now oh yeah we won't tell him whose it's whose yeah okay i like it i think i will mine it's a bit more elaborate with an ingredient i don't think you have i think i think it's cheating no
it's not the comments section that will say whether or not it's cheating you enjoy twice as many subscribers so it doesn't matter if you've won many of these let's say I still have to spend gratitude points to learn crabs yes there are many I have it's not unlocked and that's probably why you see that yes, some of the wood I
i have no access because i have no bark just fascinated by some of these things what the hell is it a color wheel trying to find windows oh you
i had the same idea i did i interesting i was hoping you wouldn't think about it i mean mine would have windows just the closed itself i'm about to grow the forest right now its ok now i get hit by a crab i heard your house yes it is reunited just then it was a good feeling you like oh i don't
come together I messed it up and it all came together yeah someone's squashed into that pro controller over there oh you can hear it oh yeah it sounds like a typewriter man I'm always such rubbish when it comes to building things creatively I don't normally build a square i put things into it and move on with my life yeah i feel like some of these some of these creations have to please people really plan some i've never been good at even though some of the missions are like if we need eight beds and two torches i'm fine fine and i just randomly put eight beds and two torches somewhere oh
for research yes this is a lit for research ok looks like it needs some bark
Bob trees are like huge and are like oh are you real trees I don't know can we go to an island together oh waiting for guests can you come with me then set sail for the weather vane in bloom for three oh this is so beautiful oh god this is going to be a thing all day long when we started this woods it was just like i had a

plan that was all he said this became an all day commitment now this is better than my plan cause my plan was to let you build my track for
me my regular minecart is all that is coming out now huh cuz i was bored doing it myself cuz it took so long ok these great these are the trail trees so we need to destroy so many till you get bored and then we'll be fine, actually I think so
the main thing i usually fall short of and i'm like a man i wish i had more bought a lot of cool things are made with bloggers don't get mad
of this you don't realize how much you need until it's gone do the thing where you like to build under yourself to get to the top of the tree I
I think I did this once because there was one a corn quest a corn quest I don't see a chicken anywhere on this island you can still do this thing
ok now i found i found the chicken before i left here i would like to find out the unique build on this island oh i like to steal them ok so i was
joking around the smaller island and i realized there was a bigger one behind it so i found all i have to do now ok i wouldn't mind another chicken oh there's a chicken hey so we gotta sneak onto that chicken you' see that chicken oh ok i see that would be really sneaky like i pet them and they become friends and there's like yeah you have a friend chicken now oh there it is this is something someone really did right it just happened that he fell here i mean it's my understanding on that he comes our way i'm pointing you can't see there's the blue one i can talk to him i just say hey so actually there's something really cool i unlocked where so if i wanted to keep it i like to draw a dot here whoa and then i draw a dot on the other side and i can choose the h eight and everything and the width and then i say yes and then i really give it like a blue the chicken attacked me he doesn't like you he just told me that i h a crippled good guy i'll give him a good job pen 300 bucks

enough how much you have - thirty - it's perfect it's fun it's probably enough and we have a chicken we can't pick the chicken i mean we can but i'd be very hate trying to find stuff in this huge bag you can organize it you can organize it yourself i know but still not i know where things like i'm looking for mine should be up here in the furniture shouldn't have chairs and shit i'm blind guys you're nearing the end of construction your stuff on the last side of the river no i mean i'm not closed yet so as soon as i get to the island you have to stop building i got a judge i thought it would come time oh bonnie is going to fake mustache that oh and bonnie is if i look different oh wow that looks cool wait how did you realize that there is no 'I don't know I'm not the person asking questions I don't know what I'm doing oh cool I can travel to other islands, don't go multiplayer now, guys

dynamite in this game or some kind of blow up like you could put stuff like someone's house and then blow it up like red faction style im sure why you do something like that i'm just asking a friend that's it yeah no i totally get that what do you say, I feel the loser has to do it

and you'll find a little kitchen and you can take all the food you want out of the the chests there we okay green Gardens I'm warpin jeez you filled all this this is fancy they just sitting here and build you food or make you food the whole time aha that's cool that's the life people think youtubers have people sitting on your hand like ready just to cooking meals whenever you want that's not how it is for you yeah you don't have that going on I don't with you no no of course not of course not spaghetti hey chef just not tonight I'm done I'm not gonna lie at some point I am gonna build a balcony but I won't steal it for the judging you have two minutes oh really I 'm not giving up anyway what if you want to give up that's fine I calling me out yeah actually is this like a permanent residence there is this do you like rent this out look at a B&B hey dude I'm telling you give nice rates on this so

and i watch the crabs go by and then i find out for some reason oh it looks like something happened here oh no my god it happened oh my god i
saving the scarecrow in the middle of the room makes you lose some points it's a bit weird yeah what made you hang the rugs on the wall because it looks cute and it's a great idea for a shack and i'm just not saying that because i did same thing Wow wow what a great idea that's me too
i will wait for you in my shack but you guys have to come knock on my door and i will let you in unfortunately i dont know how to undress like you did but see the
the outside of his place is pretty messed up whoa Wow oh just floating blocks everywhere i mean very unprofessional welcome back to Dragon
Builders of this two cribs with a Z let's go in here let's see what it is hopefully oh I didn't expect you to be good sorry here I am just playing my piano where did you get the piano do you have pianos they ask me how you did it come in here i have a higher life i need a piano where do i go so i had the piano built in the room before the walls were built wow yes i like the big window here thanks please ride with you around the well
you get out of my bed you stretch me i'm just so bored with that he put me in your building no no i don't think so no i like to watch
the neighbor when he's on the balcony sometimes goes out naked thinking i can't see him none of your rooms has a second floor it's a shack i mean you could have like a loft i mean i could but he's already very picky someone build in this shack because you have put a scarecrow up there its weird the disappearing piano i have the benefit of having a nice outdoor area where you can look out and get some fresh air yes
but it's raining right now i haven't decided that yes no-blame god's decision applies oh okay horns you just hit me on the head with your les

blasters would blow up your house Wow ok that's what I remember what you look like I will rebuild yours it was just a table with too many plates a couple of rugs on the wall and then you know a house facade that I can rebuild that bull [__] yes it was so simple no it was just a piano and a glass and this i went in to have fun all the time the moment you saw that scarecrow just laughed at me all the time we had fun you didn't have fun i had fun what is that you can come in here with me oh yes hey it was for this episode of bqp but cribs yes with a Z alright this is the end of this playthrough we had some fun building some shacks did some things thanks to spawn way for finally joining this video at the last minute and what did you do again you found a chicken told me which Shack was better yes yes then you blew me up after I said yours was better wow what a temperature had to be right i wasn't trying to blow you up i was trying to blow up his rifle i happened to be inside the shack and thanks and friend for how we just moved him over he didn't win i am glad to play a part in the competition that i didn't know i would do yes now i have an idea of ​​what to expect for the rest of the game and then i will come back stronger and more creative


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